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Creation Date: January 28th, 2009 11:59 PM
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  #3 New March 27th, 2009 10:25 AM
The white nova shone forth from more than a dozen strobes set in the ceiling and above the stage. The luminescence shot through the retinas of everyone in the room, everyone with their eyes focused on the Margrave and shut their receptors down. The crowd shrieked like a wounded animal and covered their eyes. The light shot through Remyís eyelids even though they were screwed shut as she felt the winch jerk her into the air. The grapple had caught the girder without notice from the sniper amidst the roar of the crowd and she had engaged the climb a second before the strobes went off. Her arc was rapidly diminishing as she was pulled swiftly towards the ceiling.

The strobes cut off a second later and Remy opened her eyes to see the scaffolding approaching at breakneck speed. The power-winch had been retooled on-ship to give her more speed and it was almost too successful. She slammed into the girder with only one arm to catch herself. The impact sent the girder swinging and knocked her sideways onto the leaning catwalk that led to the sniperís roost. She landed hard against it, on her back, and scrambled to her feet as the whole structure began swaying. The grappleís release took a moment to find with her hand as her eyes shot towards where the sniper could be seen covering his eyes. The digital scope on his rifle may have tried to compensate for the strobes but the worst was done. Remy flipped the release and scuttled along the tilted catwalk with as much speed as she could muster.

Gen-enhanced vision focused and she saw the sniper aware of her arrival, not difficult considering the entire structure was now swinging. He was human, that was not surprising, and dressed in dark chameloflage fatigues. Brown hair and a surprised look on his face as he saw her careening towards him. She had another 10m to go when the grapple line fouled her up. The line had disengaged but was caught up in the scaffolding, enough to send her to her knees. The crowd was screaming now, shifting like a gelatinous monster across the floor as people ran for the exits. A series of sharp cracks was barely audible but Remy knew that the guards had entered the fray.

The sniperís surprise at her charge was over in an instant as she slammed onto the catwalk, taking the brunt of it on her knees. A professional, he swiftly slid back behind the scope of his rifle and strove to finish the job. Remyís hand spun the machine-pistol from under her cloak and let loose. A burst of sound and a spray of 8mm rounds were flung in the sniperís direction. The bullets pinged and whined off the scaffolding and she powered herself back to her feet when she saw the sniper recoil from a close miss. He hadnít taken the shot so the others must have done their thing although they were still interlopers between a crowd of angry people, armed guards and an icon. At least she was 200m above their heads.

The assassin bounced away from the rifle and ripped a handgun from his gear-harness. Remy spat another half-dozen rounds at him, more to foul his aim than to hit anything. It didnít work. Two sharp cracks from his pistol left ripped air only centimeters from her left ear and she spun into a drooping series of girders to get out of his line of sight. Another crack and a spark of impact echoed off near her left side as her hand tightened on the pistol.
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