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Creation Date: January 28th, 2009 11:59 PM
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  #2 New March 27th, 2009 01:01 AM
Seriva slid down through the open grate in the back of the theater. The polyline threaded down from the roofspiral harness criss-crossed the matte black bodysuit along with her gear-clips. The winch made no noise as it increased friction at the end of her drop. She touched down in the back section of the old theater and crouched on her haunches. Slipping her NV’s up on her head, she flicked the safety off the gun in her hand. The grate shaft was covered from view by a section of splat-wall that had fallen against it. A good shove would send it forward, at least she hoped, and the back area of the stage would lay before her. The roar of the crowd had been muted on the rooftop but she could feel it now echoing through the structure. She slid down onto her rear and placed her feet against the broken wall. The splat-wall wasn’t designed for longevity and it should give way.

A check of her chrono showed only 14 more seconds before the lights came back on. The two Humani guards were visible through a crack in the rubble and she could see the Margrave, backed by her two minders, in the spotlight. She kept her eyes away from it and slid back into cover, closing her eyes to cover any loss of vision. By now, Kestrel would have positioned himself under the stage, she reasoned, and Marcus was somewhere out in the crowd. With Remy, the four of them were the only ones inside the building.

The seconds flipped by quickly and she opened her eyes to check the chrono.


She screwed shut her eyes again, gripped the gun, centered her feet against the moldy splat-wall and waited for the lights to come on.
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