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Creation Date: July 15th, 2020 06:28 AM
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  #14 New August 9th, 2020 08:31 AM
And for the first time since Easter, I sat down with a player, face to face and played traveller! I couldn't have had more fun.

Andy, who plays Hagan (a scout), made his way rapidly from Aerfor to Tersta where, he knew, a Scout had crashed and all he needed to do was recover the data cores (or ship) and he'd be rich! Such optimism.

The ship, a type-S courier had crashed at some speed and so was spread over several square kilometres, on a steep mountainside covered in bog, scree and scrub.

The engineering section had snapped off and broken up and there were bits far from the initial impact site. Still, there were some intact Zuhchai crystals to be found in the mess - so that paid the crew! Much searching, and a heavy downpour later, his ship is now sitting in a lake and sunk in the now soft ground. But they have found most of the cores...only the ones still in the front section to go. and so his character bravely strips off and dives into the flooded wreck of the bridge to recover the last part...2-12 nasty piranah like creatures he's forgotten to check for swim out to bit him...well make that just 3 (some roll huh)...and they all make viscious attacks that unanimously miss (highest roll =5). These will, in future be known to science as "Hagan's Nibblers"!

Still not everything went Hagan's way. While he was busy, someone nuked the starport and then chased him away with a 30,000 ton cruiser. He was forced to make an early entry into jump-space to avoid 20 incoming missiles with his comms systems exhibiting strange behaviour that might be attributable to a viral attack...

...What will come out of jump-space? Where? When? That is, of course next week's instalment.


Overall, the addition of "Secrets", "Networks" and various other forms of association have been a great addition to the base character generation and give useful hooks into the world beyond the character. I don't know who came up with those ideas...but well done whoever it was.
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