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Creation Date: August 15th, 2016 09:40 PM
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Many moons ago a group of us sat down to run through a 2300AD campaign that lasted for a couple of years. This is their story. Enjoy. :)
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  #1 New August 15th, 2016 10:26 PM
Irena Taleniekov played by Audrey
Kuodtro (Kale) Tritekaley played by Michael
Yoseph Grosneav played by Dan
Dr. Jacqueline Gautier played by Leslie

April 4, 2298

Aboard Ukrainian orbital mining station, Tithonus 2265

Kale did not actually remember waking up or hitting the ground running. With the klaxon blaring in his ears he spun through the door ready to sprint down the corridor to the pressure suit lockers when he stopped in his tracks. The alarm warning of an atmospheric drop suddenly became muffled as the door to his quarters closed. That was when he could make out the laughter behind him.

The other two were there, Yoseph and Irena, enjoying themselves at his expense. As the newest member of the station’s personnel, Kale expected some teasing and a few practical jokes. But after two months it was getting old.

“Oh, don’t be cross, Kale. We didn’t wake you up for no reason. Come. There may be trouble on the dirigible.”

Kale doubted it was that serious. Otherwise Yoseph wouldn’t be having so much trouble keeping a straight face.

“So what is this trouble?”

“We don’t know. The dirigible his activated its visual beacon, and we can’t raise them over the radio. We are trying to decide whether to go down there or not.”

Reaching the control center, Kale immediately went over to look at the optical telescope’s scan. Through the swirling mists of Tithonus, hundreds of miles below them, the dirigible was faintly visible, the camera doing its best to keep the airship centered as it was batted to and fro by the gas giant’s high winds. And sure enough, its outside strobe light was flashing. But the crew wasn’t using the signal to flash a message. It was just the automated strobe.

“They are not signaling an SOS. Perhaps they just turned it on to tell us their radio is out. How long has it been going?”

“I’m not sure. I just noticed it on the monitor a few minutes ago. They are not saying they are in trouble. They have flown a little low into the clouds, but they are not losing altitude. I can’t tell if they’re having a problem or not. I don’t know if its worth dumping the cargo from the shuttle to fly down there.”

Kale wasn’t sure of their options, either. They were two months into their tour. All the minerals and exotic gasses they had “mined” from the brown dwarf was stored in the tanks of the shuttle. If they were going to fly down to the dirigible they would have to vent that cargo into space to be able to make the journey safely. A very expensive decision, especially if it turned out to be nothing.

“Can we reverse the processor? Suck the tanks of the shuttle dry and store at least some of the material in the pipeline?”

“That’s not a bad idea. At least we wouldn’t lose everything. That shouldn’t take over the better part of an hour now that the material has been processed of its waste. Meet me up in the core and we’ll see what we can do.”

It was then Kale saw the flash on the screen.

“Ugh-oh, we have a problem. The dirigible just launched its emergency life pod.”

“Damn! Looks like all bets are off. Get Katty up here, and that French doctor. They may need medical attention by the time we get to them.”

Aboard Ukrainian transport shuttle, Relief

This was certainly more than Jacqueline had bargained for! A simple experiment. That was what she was doing aboard this pitiful excuse for a space station in the first place. But as the shuttle lurched violently beneath her, jerking her against her restraining harness, it was quickly becoming clear she might have gotten in over her head. The University at Paris had gotten her into this. Her work was cutting edge. The potential for discovery, enormous. But France did not have the facilities she required to continue. So, in a deal with the Ukrainian government on Aurore, the University had rented their facilities orbiting Tithonus enabling her to continue her research. But they had forgotten to mention the rickety station she had been forced to live on for the last few months. Or the feeling her Russian speaking hosts would barely tolerate her. And to think their incompetence could have gotten her assistant, Henri hurt, or worse, was almost too much to bear. She could hardly wait to see Henri’s smiling face as they linked up with the escape pod, with him jovially disregarding what must be a death defying experience.

During EVA of emergency lifepod from Ukrainian commercial aircraft, Thitonus-1

“I’m sorry sir, he’s dead.”

The synthoid’s voice was a simple monotone over the radio speaker, void of emotion.

“My God! It wasn’t Henri, was it?”

“No ma’am. It’s Peyetor. He’s sustained third degree burns to the chest area. It looks like he was just able to get in the pod and jettison it before he passed away.”

“Any idea how he sustained such an injury.”

“Not without an autopsy. He could have been exposed to anything from an energy discharge to a directional fire, like a burning oxygen canister, for instance.”

“Well, bag him quickly and get back aboard. We had better get down to the dirigible to see what the hell is going on and if we can help the others.”

Aboard Ukrainian orbital mining station, Tithonus 2265

“What do you have?”

“The station is being ‘painted’ by active radar. Looks like a small ship plotting an intercept course.”

“I thought the shuttle was docking to the dirigible to try to figure what’s going on down there.”

“They are. This is someone else. And they look like they’re in a hurry to get here.”

“Are they hostile?”

“I don’t know. But they sure aren’t tying to get in touch with us to tell us they’re coming.”

“Crap. Warn the shuttle. And let’s get ready for company.”

Aboard Ukrainian commercial aircraft, Thitonus-1

“Hell! It looks like a tornado hit this place.”

“Who would want to do something like this? This dirigible is just used to help find pockets of exotic gasses. It doesn’t pose any sort of threat to anyone.”

“Well, whoever it was tore this place up in a big way and were armed for bear. See over there. Those scorch marks look like hits from laser fire.”

“Sir, I found the others. Ivan suffered similar wounds to Peyetor’s. But Monsieur Chauvin was bludgeoned to death. Obviously there is no way that could have been an accident.”

“Yoseph, the station is calling. They have detected a vessel closing in on them.”

“Tell them what we’ve found. It's a good bet those people aren’t friendly.”

“We have another problem. There’s a second ship heading our way as well. It's just cleared the silhouette of the planet.”

“What’s their ETA?”

“Forty minutes or so.”

“Good. That’s enough time to leave them a little present.”

Aboard Ukrainian orbital mining station, Tithonus 2265

“How’s the ROV?”

“Shaky. The impact must have damaged the port thruster.”

“Big deal. As long as our friend doesn’t come back.”

“He’s not even twitching. And the impact has sent him drifting towards the gas giant. He can become a permanent resident for all I care.”

“See if you can maneuver the ROV inside his ship. The airlock is open. Let’s make sure he didn’t have any friends.”

“Uh-oh. Be careful what you wish for. Look like he’s got a buddy. And he’s behind some ‘kinda cage. How are we going to get at him?”

“We’ve got to hurry. He can’t hear the ROV in vacuum, so while his attention is still diverted on that panel, send the ROV slowly towards him. Good. Now rotate 180o. Great. Wait until the ROV’s momentum stops. There! The main thruster’s against the cage. Hit it! We’ll fry him with the exhaust.”

“Oh no! The wall!”

The snow on the monitor told of the ROV’s demise.

“Damn. Must have smashed it up pretty good.”

“Wonder if it worked?”

“Looks like it. Check out the external monitor. His hatch is closing and...looks like he’s on his way.”

Aboard Ukrainian transport shuttle, Relief

“So how did you know that other ship was going to dock to the dirigible?”

“I didn’t. Just a lucky guess.”

“Think they set off your booby trap?”


“Should I ask where you learned to make explosives like that?”

“What do you want me to say? I did my duty for the motherland years ago.”

“Well, it doesn’t look like they decided to stay long. They are powering up and heading our way. They are probably really pissed.”

“You’re breaking my heart. We’ve got so large a jump on them, they will never catch us before we get back to the station. And when we get back we should be able to relay a distress call off a passing merchant ship or something. That way we can get a message back to Novia Kiev despite the fact we are in the gas giant’s shadow. It's about time all those warships orbiting the planet earn their pay. I can’t wait until a couple of destroyers round Tithonus to blow these guys out of the sky. Perhaps then Ivan, Peyetor, and Henri will rest in...what the hell is that guy doing?”


“That shuttle Irena and Kale said they drove away from the station. Its plotting an intercept course. I’m maneuvering to avoid it, but its countering. I think it means to ram us! Just a second. Here he comes...Hold on!”

Aboard Ukrainian orbital mining station, Tithonus 2265

“You two OK?”

“Yes, we’re fine. Whoever that was only caught the Relief’s port side wing.”


“Not good. The shuttle is still space worthy, but he’s damaged the aileron, and the flaps. I don’t know if it's safe to make it back down to the dirigible.”

“So what now?”

“Let’s get on the radio. If we can flag someone down, maybe they can get a signal to the planet and get some help up here. What about the other boggy coming up from Tithonus-1?”

“It looks like he changed course to pick up his friend. Apparently their shuttle didn’t fare as well as yours. He’s having to veer a ways off, but that is only going to delay him. If he wants to head back this way...”

“Let’s go then!”

“M’aider! M’aider! Ici station miniere orbital Tithonus 2265 qui demande une reponse au navire marchand non identifie. M’aider! Nous avons grand besoin d'assistance.”

Tithonus, ici Libre Entreprise. Tu blagues! N'est ce pas? Nous ne pouvons pas t'aider. Il y a une bataille en course.”

“What’s he saying?”


“Vous vous repetez. Une bataille?”

“Oui, Tithonus. Une grande flotte ennemie attaque l'Aurore. Maintenant, ils engagent le combat avec le reste de la flotte francaise, de la flotte allemande et de la flotte ukrainienne.”

“He says Aurore is under attack. The fleets are engaging some kind of hostile force right now.”

“See if he can swing around to pick us up. If all hell’s breaking loose maybe we should just get out of here.”

Libre Entreprise, Voulez-vous retourner pour faire une evacuation.”

“Non, Tithonus. Je regrette. J'ai la responsabilite de ce navire et des personnes a bord. Nous devons partir pendant que l’ennemi est occupe a combattre nos flottes. Je ne weux rien resquer. Bon Chance.”

“He’s cut off communication.”

“I know. He says he can’t risk coming back. We’re on our own.”

“We’re in trouble.”

“You think?”

“Those look like cutting torches to me.”

“It isn’t going those two long to cut through the hull.”

“I know. Bring the ROV a little closer. Yes. Perfect. Right towards the one on the right. Great! Now release and fire the ROV’s retros. We’ll let our little package float right along on its own.”

“This had better work.”

“Don’t worry. It's got to.”

The explosion was silent on the screen. Only a brief, bright flash showed the pipe bomb going off outside the hull.

“Good shot! That one is floating off.”

“Yea. It looks like his suit is punctured. Gas is venting from the right side.”

“Now get the ROV out of there, before the other one...”

Snow and static filled the screen before Yoseph even had a chance to finish.

“Crap! What happened?”

“The other one must have seen what happened and opened fire with that laser rifle he had slung. Blasted good shot, too.”

“We need to see what’s going on out there. Do we have another ROV?”

“There’s only one left. We were able to piece it together using spare parts from the two that were in the shop for repair. We don’t know how well its going to work, though.”

“We don’t have a choice.”

It was then the pressure alarm sounded.

“Do you see anything?”

“You’re looking at the same monitor I am. What do you think?”

“Bring the ROV down the corridor. He’s got to be there somewhere.”

“I don’t know, he’s had some time to find cover.”

“True. But since he cut through the bulkhead, that section of the station is exposed to vacumn. His oxygen supply can only last so long.”

“Look there. See that? Scorch marks. Looks like he was trying to cut through that bulkhead to the next section. That means he’s got to be around there somewhere...”

Once again, the picture was interrupted by static.

“Christ! Not again! I’m going down there!”

“What? You can’t! That’s got to be a highly trained, well armed soldier out there. He’ll mow you down!”

“We don’t have a choice. If we just stand here he will just keep coming, cutting through bulkhead after bulkhead until we don’t have anywhere left to run.”

In the silence of airless space Yoseph could only hear the sound of his own breathing reverberating inside his helmet. In the distance he could see the wreckage of the ROV, obviously shot from behind. He could not but help glance behind him. The intruder could be anywhere. But the only thing that greeted his eyes was the rows of doors stretching down the corridor. The intruder could be hiding behind any one of them.

Looks like we’re going to have to do this the hard way.

“Irena, I’m going to start down at lock #3 and start working my way down to you. Be ready. If I flush him out, he may head in your direction.”

I hope.


The first door slid silently open as he approached. Assault rifle at the ready, Yoseph held his breath as he swung around the frame ready to fire.

Nothing. Nothing at all.

And nothing happened when he tried the next door.

And the next...

And the next...

When the door did open on the intruder Yoseph was so surprised he could not help but fire. His finger squeezed the trigger of its own accord. The gun rattled to life in his hands. He no longer held his breath. He had simply quit breathing.

Reflex caused him to step back, seeking the shelter of the door frame as sparks lit the coordor.

“Stateroom thirteen! He’s in stateroom thirteen! He’s got a laser. Get in here! We can pin him down in there.”

His mind awakened, his heart beating in his ears, Yoseph backed down the coordor, crouching down in the frame of the next stateroom. Covering the door to thirteen, Yoseph was caught completely by surprise as the intruder jumped out and almost without aiming, fired.


Yoseph lept, but not in time. He couldn’t hear the explosion, but he felt his body thrown sideways. He could feel the pain in his side. And he could hear the air beginning to leak from his suit from the small tears caused by the shrapnel.

Getting his bearings, he struggled to his feet to see the intruder duck back into thirteen as Irena came through the forward hatch firing. Moving quickly he ran to the door before it could close, his fingers priming the last of the homemade explosives he had fashioned. A quick toss into the room, and he stepped aside. The five second fuse seemed like an eternity, but, with his heart hammering in his chest, Yoseph was rewarded by a barrage of...foam rubber?

“Crap! Irena keep a look out for this guy. He is a slippery one! He threw the stateroom’s mattress on top of the grenade I just tossed in. Stay there and cover me.”

Yoseph barely got the door open to thirteen when he could feel the next explosion reverberate through the deck plates. Peeking in, Yoseph was met by incoming fire from the stateroom’s head.

“Irena, get back. He’s blown a hole in the partition between staterooms. He’s coming your way.”

Yoseph’s warning came just in time. Just as Irena retreated back towards the hatchway, the intruder burst through stateroom twelve’s door. But they both were ready. Irena fired, grazing the intruder’s shoulder. Whirling on her, the invader did not notice Yoseph kneeling down, bracing himself. As if in slow motion, Yoseph squeezed the trigger. The rifle silently flashed to life. Spent cases bounced off the deck plates soundlessly. The intruder jerked uncontrollably...staggered...then fell forward, unmoving.

Relief overcame Yoseph. He felt his body relax, almost go limp. It was then he noticed the flashing red warning light on his pressure suit, and the tears venting his oxygen into space.
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RSS Feed 3 Responses to "Game Session #1 -- 2-20-00"
#3 August 20th, 2016 08:50 AM
ManOfGrey Says:
Referee notes: Well, obviously I am planning to play through the “original” invasion of Aurore by the Kafer in 2298. “Historically” in 2300 AD the Kafer attacked Aurore, destroying the human fleet in orbit there. Within a few months, human forces will counter attack driving the Kafer off, relieving the besieged human colonies, and stranding thousands of Kafer troops on Aurore who will continue to cause trouble for the colonists for years to come. This scenario, I think, will work out well. Since the characters are on an isolated mining station, it is plausible they can avoid the initial bombings and landings of the Kafer. Fairly fresh, they can start organizing resistance troops to hold the Kafer at bay until naval reinforcements arrive. This will give them a good chance to “interact” with the Kafer, perhaps beginning to learn how this alien species acts and thinks.
#2 August 20th, 2016 08:48 AM
ManOfGrey Says:
Scenario ideas: Well, I think the next order of business is to get our heroes off the station. While they may elect to ward off attack after attack, they are essentially under siege, with limited food and air. To say nothing of how staying on the station is excruciatingly boring. I think I can “trick” them off the station. Since they have “captured” one of the Kafer’s transport shuttles, it is only a matter of time before the Kafer consider it overdue and begin looking for it. Kale (Michael) has taken a great interest in the shuttle, trying to figure how it works, and try to decipher clues about the Kafer and their language. I think if the radio started speaking in some alien language, and he was unable to answer, should clue him in that company is going to be calling, and it might be prudent to find themselves somewhere else.
#1 August 20th, 2016 08:44 AM
ManOfGrey Says:
Referee cheating: Only one little thing. Originally I had only a single Kafer shuttle in mind when I started the scenario. I went ahead and added the second since the players decided to split up. I couldn’t think of a way to make things exciting for both the players on the station as well as those on the dirigible. Altogether, I think things worked out well, though.

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