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Creation Date: July 4th, 2007 06:32 AM
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  #3 New December 6th, 2007 07:48 PM
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Less than 12 hours to projected jump exit.
Markham (Old Expanses 3040)

Gaspar Pemms is the executive officer aboard the Gilgamesh, born on Mastiff in Diaspora, his world was one of many forcibly reintegrated into the Imperium. Commander Pemms, your story is one of many repeated by Solomani peoples throughout the Sphere, loss of home and family to the iron fist of Imperial aggression, do you see our mission here as one of vengeance?

Vengeance? Certainly not. Liberation of all Solomani from the yoke of Sylean slavery is our aim. They treated my Dolphin cousins as animals, poisoned the seas and raped my planet of its resources but I feel no bitterness, just sadness that the Imperial claim to represent all sentient species when they are little better than Vikings.

So are you looking forward to the coming campaign, Commander?

I would say I am. The chance to cleanse Mastiff and her neighbours from the pollution of Imperialism and to bring freedom and democracy countless millions of Solomani souls, human, dolphins and others, is not to be scoffed at. The Party has already identified many elements planetside that have contributed to the oppression of this world and will be summarily dealt with.

The Gilgamesh is liberating Markham first, what resources are dedicated to this operation?

Markham is a bit of a sideshow to the main event Miss Boisier. By the time this broadcast is syndicated back to the newsfeeds back behind the lines the Expanses will be ours. Markham has a population of over 900 million, a major naval base and a large starport. Gilgamesh is serving in the 5th Fleet. We have 2 battle squadrons, 3 cruiser squadrons and an assault squadron. The plan is simple and used many times over. The BatRons will neutralise the opposition, one CruRon will seek out and destroy orbital and ground defences, another will provide a rearguard reserve. We are the Forlorn Hope. Our brigade of marines are to achieve a beach head, seizing the starport and naval facilities in a rapid strike making way for the AssaultRon to land the 15th Shock Army. A difficult task in a peculiarly marine environment. We anticipate a hard won success. The 17th, 9th and Freedom Fleets will leapfrog us to Stad......

The Gilgamesh class assault cruiser is a tech-D, J-4, 50000 ton light Interdiction Cruiser designed for independent and fleet operations alike. It is heavily armed with an nPAWs spinal mount, missile and cPAWs bays. It also carries a squadron of thirty 20 ton Arbalest fighters, two 200 ton assault shuttles and a flight of five 50 ton modular cutters. There are two companies of marines on board with their Glory combat landers and Pride gunships. Although the Gilgamesh has only been in service for ten years a replacement design has already been laid down. It is generally felt in fleet circles that the Gilgamesh although useful for fleet ops is poorly outgunned when compared to the Azhanti High Lightning class in Imperial rosters. This one was designed under T20 rules using Falkayn's spreadsheet but still needs a few tweaks to get it right. Struggling to create an image for it but I've got a few sketches together.
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