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Creation Date: July 4th, 2007 07:32 AM
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  #2 New July 12th, 2007 03:27 AM
Crucial News Networks
In Jump to Markham (Old Expanses 3040)

Ewa Boisier reporting from the Marine deck of the Confederation Navy's heavy cruiser Gilgamesh, in jump for the lost worlds of the Old Expanses. Security around this mission is such that I cannot reveal specifics but since the war began the men and women of 732 Brigade of the Confederation Marine Force have been involved in a number of pathfinder missions, leading the main landing force retaking a number of Solomani worlds from Imperial aggressors.

I am embedded with Charlie Company of the Brigade's First Battalion, who like to be known as the Hacks. With me now is the Hacks' adjudant Captain Melodee Yurkovich overseeing the preparations of the unit's Glory combat landers. Captain (oh, I'm sorry, it's Major aboard ship?), the Glory is the workhorse of the Marines and seeing them here in their launch cradles must make one proud to serve in........

The Glory combat lander forms the basis of the Confederation Marine Force dropteam planetary assault tactic. A six ton armoured fighting vehicle designed to drop from orbit under cover of planetary bombardment accompanied by Pride attack speeders, 10 landers will take the 80 fighters of a marine company from orbit to ground much faster than any dropcapsule. Inferior in armour and weaponry to Imperial Marine Grav APC's its high stealth and speed make it very effective in its role and its rapid fire plasma cannon and VRF gauss gun provides ample fire support to the 8 man marine section it carries.

NB The Glory was originally designed in both FF&S 1 and MT design sequence (with slight variations) but I am currently working on a t20 version expect an edit here or in the moot soon.
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#1 July 12th, 2007 03:30 AM
Oh incidentally, this is the Solomani Rim War we're looking at here.

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