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Creation Date: July 7th, 2007 09:54 AM
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The deranged ramblings of your local friendly Hiver...
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  #3 New September 26th, 2007 06:48 PM
It was in 1095 that final meeting of the T'yarn a Nyoq was held. Six Senior Hiver Manipulators came together at Glea, in the safety and comfort of the Manipulations Club, late at night after the normal daily agenda had been completed. Many times had they met at night; it seemed appropriate to the Hivers to meet then; and prudent.

Those intimates came from a broad spectrum of the Manipulation schemas:
M. Rhodan, with an interest in the effects of terror on Humaniti's mind and psychological state - "Can Humaniti be scared into a long-lasting peace?";
M. Caesar, focussing on the Maniuplation of military forces, battles and wars - "Why should Hivers have to fight? Can we not Manipulate other races to fight our wars and achieve our goals for us?";
M. Lincoln, always looking for common quirks in other races to exploit and Manipulate - "Find a race's weakness, its quirk, its breaking point and exploit it to the full; war will not be necessary.";
M. Loren, aspiring to re-write the history of Charted Space through disinformation and subterfuge - "History is written by the victors; change the victors and you can change the history.";
M. Hari Seldon, specialist in Psychohistory theory, application and evaluation, seeking to perform the ultimate Manipulation - that of an entire interstellar empire - "A gas, when under pressure, heats up; apply that pressure to one of the interstellar polities and I predict it will collapse.";
M. Gruffty, seeker of the Truth through the application of Manipulation - "The Truth will out, one way or another. Let Hivers be the instrument of the Policy of Truth."

The meeting commenced with an agreement to secrecy by all; not one word of any meeting held by the T'yarn a Nyoq would be revealed; not one glimpse of The Plan would be seen by those subjected to it, nor would the outcome be revealed until The Plan had been completed, the data subjected to rigorous analysis and The Plan had been deemed a Success. Then, and only then, would the T'yarn a Nyoq make their Claim of Credit.

M. Caesar: Let us begin. We meet here today to formulate The Plan that will enable all of us to fully apply our skills and knowledge; The Plan will encompass many aspects, not least of which will be the application of Manipulation. Some aspects of the plan may well be abhorrent to us and to the Hiver race as a whole. But we will not falter nor be swayed. Within The Plan will be many smaller Plans; those smaller Plans, we predict, will be greater than the sum of the whole in effect.

M. Rhodan: Agreed. The Plan contains many aspects that encompass all of our individual goals. But we need to agree upon the catalyst, the trigger, the Prime Instance to set The Plan in motion.

M. Hari Seldon: The Prime Instance must be subtle; uninvasive; complex and intertwined. No one path should lead back to the T'yarn a Nyoq. Our way should be clear and uninterrupted. Events should unfold naturally, for all to see. The Prime Instance must have gravity and effect; it cannot be weak and ineffectual. Its effects must be felt throughout the whole of Charted Space but should leave Hivers and our Federation untouched and unblemished by the outcome. The Hive Federation must survive The Plan.

M. Loren: We must be sure to make the necessary changes within all affected cultures to ensure that Hivers remain untainted. This will involve much work and many Manipulations. We should work silently and cautiously. History must not know of The Plan until we are in control of history.

M. Lincoln: Humaniti craves violence; it craves war. Violence has been used to many ends by Humaniti. Look at their history. It is littered with examples across time. Humaniti has the weakest will; it can be broken, inflamed, engorged and directed. Humaniti is the best candidate for the Prime Instance.

M. Gruffty: The Truth will arise from The Plan; The Plan is founded on the Prime Instance. Humaniti will reveal The Truth for all to clearly see and The Plan will come to success. Yet we have not agreed the Prime Instance.

A long silence settles upon the group, used to taking their time in deliberating. After a while, M. Caesar speaks.

M. Caesar: We have considered many forms of Prime Instance. We return each time to the one we find most distasteful. Yet it is clear that there can be no other valid choice.

All: Yes, this is true.

M. Caesar: So it is agreed then. The Final Option is the one we choose as the Prime Instance?

All: Yes, we agree.

M. Caesar: It is done then.

He pauses to allow the decision to take effect.

M. Caesar: Let the Prime Instance be the assassination of the Emperor of the Third Imperium............

To be continued................
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RSS Feed 3 Responses to "Here's where the story ends...or begins..."
#3 August 15th, 2010 03:44 PM
HiverLord Says:
Very nice. Yes, the Hivers did it. But did they assassinate Strephon, or did they release the Virus?
#2 January 26th, 2010 08:40 PM
Come on John, let's have some more.
#1 December 19th, 2008 02:06 AM
M. Thornwood sits quietly in the corner making notes and once again noting the similarity between a good Manipulation and a Human's Conspiracy....

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