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Creation Date: March 2nd, 2015 02:40 PM
DickNervous DickNervous is offline
I am going to try to update this periodically with stories from the Adventures of the Dread Parrot, the group I am running through the Pirates of Drinax campaign. Hopefully y'all will find it entertaining.
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  #2 New September 9th, 2016 05:27 PM
I really need to do this regularly, and hopefully will do so in the future, but I just had to post the latest adventure of the Traveller group I have been running though the "Pirates of Drinax" campaign by Mongoose using the 1st Edition rules, though slowly moving to 2nd. The posts will not be in chronological order at first, but I will try to put the in-game date on them as I go.

For starters, they have decided to call their "Pirate" band "The Dread Parrot" after a parrot they found on an Aslan slaver ship they captured early on. He is a very colorful sort that only speaks Aslan, mostly curses that would turn the ears of anyone who understands them bright red. I say "pirate" since they haven't done much pirating. Mostly they are just cruising around helping people out and trying to make some money.

Currently they have acquired, through both legal and illegal means, about 5 ships. One is a Gazelle Close Escort called "Death's Delight" which they "liberated" from another group of pirates and that they are now using as their primary ship.

We will start with the Dramatis Personae (aka list of characters) for reference:
  • Yossa: Retired from the Imperial Army (Cavalry) and founding member of the group. Generally provides the muscle, but also computer skills. Played by Chris who has a knack of rolling snake eyes.
  • Lacey: A Pirate from Theev, and founding member, who was with Yossa when this all started. That is another story in itself. Played by Sam (who was absent last session) who has a knack for putting large holes in targets, both sophons and ships.
  • Atticus: Retired Imperial Scout and the primary pilot for the group. He is usually the moral compass of the group. Played by Tony who has never rolled a 2 for a pilot check in almost two years.
  • Saiorse: Another Imperial Army retiree who just joined the group. She also helps provide a bit of morality to the group. She is played by Rob who is in the real army, new to Traveller, and appears to be having a blast.
  • Coricher: Former merchant who also just joined the group played by John, who is new to roleplaying games. He was absent for the last session as well.
  • Boomer: A retired Imperial Marine (Star Marines) who has grav-assisted plate armor, likes to fire his lasers, and is a bullet sponge. He is (occasionally) played by my 15yr old son when I know there is going to be a lot of action.
  • Gaul: Retired from the Imperial Security Service, he is an NPC that I added to the group early on to fill major skill gaps after two of the original players bailed out on us. He is usually controlled by one of the players when they are adventuring.

Date: Early 1107 (approximately 2 in-game years after they started)

The group was at their base of operations in the Wildeman system (TR2819) when they decided that they needed some high tech upgrades. After checking the nearby systems they set a course for Tech-World (TR2624) which has a Tech Level of E to see what they had to offer. With a jump rating of 4 they set course for Exe (TR2823) but something went wrong when Atticus rolled a 2 on his piloting check. That's right folks, it was a misjump. I decided to use a new (and very interesting) cascading table that another player had posted online (I will try to find the source) and had them roll on it. After several rolls the result was that they stayed in Jump Space for an extra 13 days, overshot their target by 1 parsec, and came out of jump inside a "large enough derelict ship." This had me stumped for a minute as I tried to figure out just how big ship would have to be to not be destroyed if something like this happened. I finally settled on a 300k ton Dreadnaught from the 1st Empire of Man that had been torn in half and drifting on the edge of the Great Rift for the last 2,000 years or so.

After determining that they were inside something the crew set out to explore the place. I had placed them in what would have been the primary cargo hold of the ship as it was the only thing other than a hanger area that I through would be big enough. The rear of the ship was nowhere to be found, so there was no power, no drives, etc. However, they were creative enough to use a portable generator or batteries to power up doors so they could get around the ship. When they found the area the was the armory (where they stored the torpedoes, missiles, sand caster ammo, etc) they wanted to know if there were any nukes on board (they need one for a mission they have on another system). I told Yossa (Chris, who never rolls above an 8) to roll. If he rolled a 10 or above there were some still active nukes in a vault somewhere. He rolled boxcars. There were high fives all around the table (except for me). Now something to keep in mind is that earlier in the session he had rolled a 12, then the very next roll with the same dice, a 2. So this time he made sure to switch dice to avoid the same outcome.

So they find a weapons vault with a radiation symbol on it and Yossa, being the guy with the wafer jack and Computer/0 skills decides to hack the panel. Atticus (Tony) uses he Mechanic/1 skill to provide power from a battery pack and Yossa jacks in. He rolls a 2. I smile. He winces. I inform him that he gets a jolt of electricity through the connection and to roll 3D6 for damage and decide that if he does more than his Endurance (12) that he would be knocked into a coma and take permanent damage. He rolls a 14, I smile again. His companions bring his now comatose form back to the ship and eventually get a few nukes out of there and into their own cargo bay. They then start heading to Sperle (TR2824) which is the nearest system.

I inform Yossa that his INT is now permanently 1 lower and to roll a D20 to determine which skill (he has 19) is reduced a level. If he rolls a 20 then none of them are. He rolls a 4. Computer/0. He has not forgotten how to use computers beyond the most basic things. Everyone laughs and Chris nods his approval of the choices the dice have made.

I love this game!
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#1 September 10th, 2016 06:23 PM
Spenser TR Says:
Sounds like good times. And definitely threading the needle, coming out of a misjump inside a derelict - interesting spin.

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