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Creation Date: March 6th, 2014 10:23 AM
ThornPlutonius ThornPlutonius is offline
Citizen: SOC-12
Thoughts (as I think to record them) regarding my return to Role Play Gaming.
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  #4 New May 15th, 2014 11:55 PM
Getting deeper into Pathfinder. It is good to be able to use multiple systems. It is what is being played by the folks available to play. The story telling aspect is key, what transcends and gives life to any rules set. Existing play base will afford opportunity to get back into GMing and build trust (if I deserve it) when I offer different styles of play (Traveller, RuneQuest, Bethorm). D20 still kind of makes my skin crawl, but the play is fun and that is what counts. Also, I continue to become more impressed by the work that has gone into the Pathfinder world.

I now have the CD-ROM of Classic Traveller goodness. Pity the Aslan aliens volume is full of "GDW Library" stamps in random places (including covering a few bits of text and a couple of table entries). It is like some bored employee or employee's child just half-halfheartedly stamped random pages without really paying attention to where the stamp was landing. At least one can squint and make the covered text out. Shame a better copy wasn't available for photocopying. I'm enjoying seeing and reading the supplements that I didn't obtain when they were in print. Good to have backups of my Traveller books, now. Next: Traveller 2300 CD-ROM.

I didn't know about Alternity until recently. I'm guessing it is some form of D20 since it was the last TSR RPG system. Found inexpensive copies of GM, Player and Setting guides. I am looking forward to seeing what it was about. Seems to still have a loyal following and might have been bigger if the Star Wars RPG had not been released.

I think T5 is starting to make sense, or I am letting go of the expectations and preconceptions that have been in my way. It really is a bare-bones tool kit with just about every tool one will need, but none of the pregen work done to make its use easier. Not for folks wanting/needing extensive hand-holding.

Received samples of the Traveller 5 dice with my Classic Traveller CD-ROM. Those are some large dice. 19mm. They are well made if not as artistically appealing as I had hoped.
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