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Creation Date: March 6th, 2014 10:23 AM
ThornPlutonius ThornPlutonius is offline
Citizen: SOC-12
Thoughts (as I think to record them) regarding my return to Role Play Gaming.
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  #3 New April 24th, 2014 10:55 AM
I am currently reading and enjoying "Of Dice and Men", the story of how D&D came to be and has evolved over the years. I found it hard to put down last night.

Come next month, I think I will buy the Classic Traveller CD-Rom from FFE. Perhaps it is the nostalgia invoked by reading about the origins of the hobby. Perhaps it is my dissatisfaction with the several incarnations that came after it. I seem to have missed out on being able to by the reprints from FFE. So it goes.

I'll be playing Pathfinder again tonight. The regular crew can finally all assemble after a few weeks of one person or the other being out of town for conferences. I still grate at d20 systems, but this is what most folks here are playing. So, I will enjoy the game despite my dislike for the core rule structure.

Whenever I sit down to read Pathfinder rules books (I have Core, Adv. Player, Bestiary 1, and the DM reference), I find myself quickly wanting to return to reading RQ6 or Legend rules. Must persevere, though. If I'm going to play, I need to know the rules. Besides, as Mr. Gygax says, in his book "Roll Playing Mastery", that it is important to know multiple systems in order to understand the hobby and to be able to play well. At least, I think I read that in his book. And, not that I think it is worth doing just because he said so. It makes no sense to be "afraid" of any one system, to be slavishly devoted to a single system. One can miss out on some rewarding play time if one refuses to use any but a single system. Especially if one's preferred system just isn't being played locally.

I do tip my hat to the Paizo business model. They've done with Pathfinder what Wizards of the Coast wishes it could do with D&D. I understand the need for a constant revenue stream to keep the company in business. That said, I do feel rather overwhelmed by the volume of stuff that they've published and now included in their world. Since I have only recently come to the system, I am missing out on lots of references and game culture that the local Pathfinders seem have as second nature. Of course, this is a problem suffered by anyone joining an existing culture. No worries. I'll have them playing RuneQuest in a year or so.
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