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Creation Date: March 6th, 2014 10:23 AM
ThornPlutonius ThornPlutonius is offline
Citizen: SOC-12
Thoughts (as I think to record them) regarding my return to Role Play Gaming.
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  #2 New April 19th, 2014 01:51 PM
I've been immersed in "all things" RuneQuest of late. The "fantasy" genre holds sway in my imagination. With the completion of my desired library of Tekumel material, I will now work to master MRQII/Legend/RQ6 through the RQ6 sandbox "Monster Island". Eventual plan is to run a RQ6 campaign in Tekumel. I think the RQ6 system will nicely support Tekumel's combat and magic, certainly the importance of religions and clans to social position and survival.

Backed the Bethorm Kickstarter campaign. Mr. Dee has been doing some good stuff to breathe life back into Dr. Barker's creation. I've looked at the basic PocketUniverse rules (free pdf of v1). Bethorm will use the unpublished v2 of the PU rules set. I may never use them, though. Time will tell. Judgement reserved for after I have the rules and can study them, try them out. I'm mainly glad to be able to support the continuation of Tekumel as a viable RPG milieu.

Got a copy of Mongoose Traveller. Haven't done more than skim through it. I like the presentation. Noted the basic combat difference from T1. That's about all, so far.

Pull T5 out from time-to-time, read bits, thumb through it, put it back on shelf. Still, aspects of it appeal to me, strike me as almost genius. Been reading the CotI forums. Share much of the frustration with the rules as presented, not necessarily as formulated. Wish the Players Guide isn't such an ephemeral thing, no longer really expected by me. I commend those who are actually making T5 work for them.

Frankly, "Thousand Suns" is looking like a more viable and usable Imperial SciFi system at this time. It certainly has a more affordable entry price. The 12-Degree system has the same elegant feel as the basic T5 mechanics. It feels more polished. It is absolutely better presented.

We'll see what the state of T5 is when I am really ready to do something SciFi.
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