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Creation Date: January 30th, 2014 06:40 PM
Drakon Drakon is offline
Citizen: SOC-14
My thoughts on Traveller, and stories related to Lemish.
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  #19 New March 21st, 2014 11:36 PM
1) complete writeup of "Iteit" or "Sylas' Porcupine", send write up to timerover 51 when complete.

2) Finish travel time tables for Lemish system. Finalize orbits, thereby finalizing astrometrics section of the Lemish writeup.

3) Stat out the following:
.....A) "Cambots" small multisensor drone, that flits about and monitors. Visual, IR, UV, possibly even terrahertz range as well. Mostly government but most news organizations have squadrons of drones as well. They are small roughly half meter diameter saucers, fly by gravimetric lifters, rudimentary swarming and remote control capabilities.
.....B) "<Insert Name Here> similar to a cambot, or possibly an additional sensor package to existing cambots, but reads wifi and other communications signals, using them as lightsources, to detect objects through walls. Two parts, 1 will read the signals themselves, a second uses the signals like radar sources.
......C) the "Jack Ryan", a Beowulf class transport to be used as the baronal yatch. The engines have been upgraded to J2 and M2, the low berths and lower crew cabins are removed, and the crew and the baron use the hotel deck. The original T5 plan I had was to Firefly aboard the "Jack Ryan" and adventure that way. However that changed with the barony.
......D) The "Floaty Island". The planetary capital of Lemish is Franklin. The baronal palace was constructed on an old gas mining platform, or "floaty island" and set up 150 meters above the north end of the city.
......E) Think up better names for B and D.
......F) Castle Korsta: On the south shore of Lake Clair, north of Franklin and Lake Roper lies the baronial estate and Castle Korsta. One of the earlier barons constructed a 24th and a half century version of a midevel castle. She has stone walls and towers, modern plumbing and a fusion power plant in the basement. Maybe a batcave of some sort.
(The name comes from the fact that when the wife and I first met, we were both attending navy schools, in Orlando. While we were dating, she was transferred to Corry Station, or Corsta, in Pensacola, on Escambia bay. Being nerdy, and gamers, we wrote back and forth about her being in Castle Corsta, Escambia.
Eventually I rescued the fair maiden, and we've been married 33 years now. )

4) Work up the maps for Khen and Kakulu. Barons get 4 main world hexes and 4 offworld but same system hexes. Khen is next planet out, F572335-C. Kakulu F651410-C orbits Ninagu, the second star in the system. Neither planet is ideal, but two hexes on each. And work out the rest of the baronial holdings.

Each planet will have some baronial facilities, so there will be manors on each.

5) Check on Lemish's population. I am really stuck until I can confirm an increase of Lemish's population multiplier. Right now it is 1, which means that in either or both apocalypses Lemish suffers, a million people are killed, that is a hell of a hit. I have brought to the attention of the powers that be that this should be revised upwards. Obviously I am not unbiased in this matter, but at worse, they will simply confirm that Lemish is all but wiped out.

Until this review is completed, I am a bit stuck. But only a bit. There is a lot of work to be done on Lemish. Increasing the population of Lemish will provide better defensive forces, more resources to protect Lemish, a bigger and better fight. Also mitigates the damage. If Lemish has a population of say 5 million, that gives me 35 patrol boats instead of 7. That and the Blue Whale should put up a decent fight, and makes the devestation a lot less devestating.

6) Neofunctionalism: work out "proper function" so that it does not hang on a whim. Proper Function needs to be as objective and irrefuteable as possible. But working out the logical arguments will rely on a basic set of assumptions, axioms. And then going from Neofunctionalism and Rational Anarchism to a Libertarian Police State.

7) Most of the stuff on Corridor sector is in the DGP. I do not have access to it, so I worry about missing something. How important was Lemish during Milieu zero, or the Vargr campaigns 300 years later? The population figure I have for Milieu zero is 1, meaning nobody, 99 people at most. But a class A starport? So, I need to find more of the history of Lemish.

8) Get a time when the baroness and I are both in second life to take some pictures. Also get ahold of Deeb about using her Suliman for pictures. A friend of a friend has a Marava as well.

Anything else?
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