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Creation Date: January 30th, 2014 07:40 PM
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My thoughts on Traveller, and stories related to Lemish.
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  #17 New March 16th, 2014 03:10 AM
"Okay, so this tall lanky pink skin is in my face about 'Keeping your visor down' when at battle stations. About how it's going to save my life. Yada yada yada"

Sergeant Khazgho Zen pulled his cigar from the side of his snout, and took a deep swallow of beer. The Baron, his face distorted in an embarrassed smile, said behind his own golden mug. "I just got frocked, just before leaving port. Besides, you were a Marine, and it was my space, my watchstation,"

"And this puffed up arrogant little snipe slams my visor down, almost catching my snout."

"And that is when the Zho's hit." the Baron said.

"And that is when a Zho's missile exploded just outside our space, yeah"

Khazgho agreed. "Our compartment got ruptured, air is rushing out the gash in the hull. Jenkins got sucked out."

"My helmet." the Baron said.

"Your helmet? Wait, you are yelling at him about his helmet not being sealed."
"Yes, my helmet was still on the bench." said the Baron. "My helmet followed Jenkins out the hull breach. I would have too, but this fella here."

"I only grabbed you because I was going to pop your flat face." Humans and Vargrs laughed.

"He doesn't remember, " Khazgho said, "Right after we got pressure back, he is catching his breath and says, 'That's why,...,GASP.... you keep your ..GASP...helmet on, ...GASP...during battlestations' and passes out." The Baroness grinned at her embarrassed husband, as Sergeant Zen barked a long hearty laugh, along with everyone else in the hall.

"Decompression sickness, spent the next week in sick bay, a day and a half hyper-barocially." the Baron said.

After the laughter died, someone asked "What happened to Jenkins?"

"Oh he had his suit on and visor down. We recovered him after the battle. " The sergeant replied.

That is all I got. I don't have an ending. In rolling up the Baron, first term, took 3 points damage, healed 4. And I needed a connection between Khazgho and the Baron.

I look at this for two goals. 1) game supplement that can be canonized, 2) Story ideas. Yes, I am a wannabe author. I have not the courage to actually test the marketability of my writings.
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