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Creation Date: January 30th, 2014 06:40 PM
Drakon Drakon is offline
Citizen: SOC-14
My thoughts on Traveller, and stories related to Lemish.
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  #16 New March 14th, 2014 11:23 PM
"Hey we are not strange in the Corridor!

We are the gateway to the Marches; we are the keepers always on watch; we are wealthy because of our trade and strong because of our duty to the Imperium; we negotiate with and defend against the Vargr. We are guardians and friends, gatekeepers and merchants, nobles and common side by side in a small slice of the galaxy.

Hey I think I like that. Maybe I should make it my signature."

Ken at Sunrise, Duke of Plunge. I really like this as well.

Sadly, the future history of the Imperium is not so good. With the addition of at least 3 Archdukes, I am curious if there is might be a "do over" for the whole rebellion period. The coins are dated 1115, and the cards and books are signed by Strephon, so we have a rough date for a start. And it would be pretty cool conspiring with Savage and Ken on how to hold back the Vargr and how we deal with the abandonment by Lucan and Strephon.

Spoiler alert?

Strephon is not dead. If 1248 Out of the Drakness is canon, it was Strephon's body double who got killed, while Strephon was working on the Empress Wave thingy, which proved to be mostly a big nothing.

Hang on, that did not come out right. The Empress Wave had the potential for being a big thing, and devoting the resources to get better answers is obviously in the Imperium's best interest. I am not second guessing the Emperor's actions. I am upset that it was all for naught, that the Empress Wave's affects primarily telepaths. It is no comfort for the hundreds of thousands of Lemishi who perished when the Vargr attacked after the Imperium left.

The Empress Wave could have been an existential threat to the Imperium, but it wasn't. And between the Vargr making an example of Lemish and releasing the Virus, Lemish takes a huge hit, and we didn't have any telepaths. (At least as far as we know)

So can you blame me for wanting a do over?
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