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Creation Date: July 10th, 2007 08:26 PM
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The Man Behind the Curtain
It's a Traveller blog silly
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  #7 New July 23rd, 2007 09:15 PM
Well it seems things jsut keep piling on. The a/c unit is DOWN. And it seems there won't bet he cashf or it till the start of the month. Bring out hte fans! But boy is it miserable. There is nothign worse than being TOO HOT.
I mean there is a difference when you gout out and mow the lawn or go to the beach etc. You are going out full well that you will, in most probability be hot.
But when you come home, you wanna get cool. DRY air...
I think that is what I miss the most, the DRY air. Yes, the air is cold, but it's DRY. Anyone who has lived in Texas and Houston in particular, you know about the humidity.
It just sucks the energy out of you. It's robbing me of my will to write or even sit in front of the computer, even with a fan blowing on me and the window cracked to let the hot air go.
So the real problem is, if it was just me, I could stick it out, go to firneds houses for cool air etc. But there is my mom. 70+ years old who is suffering too. I feel bad. I mean it hard enough to be old in the USA nowadays and do it without a/c. She's trying to weather the storm.
Even the cats and the dog are looking at us wondering WHY it is warmer than it should be.
So folks, count your blessings and keep the maintencne up on your air-handlers.

*too hot to think*
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#4 July 23rd, 2007 11:16 PM
Fritz_Brown Says:
Pshaw, I worked all summer in our garden the year we had over two weeks of 113+F in a row (DFW area). It was so hot the frogs jumping into the pools were being boiled alive. Even the mesquite trees were wilting.
#3 July 23rd, 2007 10:39 PM
Bruce Says:
No in the Gulf coast FT it's a WET heat. I am looking into a window unit. I know we don't have the cash right now for even the damn service call. The problem is the a/c people KNOW you need a/c here in Houston. But I've been rooting around on the internet and I think I can get a compromise window unit for my mom's room for about 100 bucks US. I can then get one for my room about the same...and with those two blowing. we might be able to keep the house adequate. if i had cool, dry air to push around, the internal a/c unit's fan could push it around. It's the outside unti that is being flakey. It comes on for 20-30 seconds and then kicks off. I just have to convince my mom. For some reason she has an aversion to them. *Shrug* And I feel for you too man. 113 is HOT...I think it was in the 90's today here. or close. but without a way to dry the air, it is almost useless to have fans even. Bruce
#2 July 23rd, 2007 10:21 PM
far-trader Says:
I feel for you Bruce, and the elders and furrys more so, it sounds brutal. I just spent the last half hour finally putting the window ac in my computer room (second story of an old house). Why do I always wait for the hottest day? I was literally dripping sweat doing it, it was like being in an oven but the fans weren't doing anything anymore. I gotta finish fixing up the basement and move down there for the summer. Hope things improve for you and yours soon Bruce. Take care and hydrate.
#1 July 23rd, 2007 10:21 PM
far-trader Says:
Man I feel your humid heat even up here in the frozen tundra of the Great White North I think it was 45 stinking degrees Celsius with the humidex today. That's what (google converter)... 113 degrees Fahrenheit. We don't get many like this (at least we didn't used to). I understand Texas gets more and hotter but it's usually a dry heat isn't it Had to split my post, too wordy

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