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Creation Date: July 10th, 2007 08:26 PM
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The Man Behind the Curtain
It's a Traveller blog silly
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  #2 New July 12th, 2007 01:06 AM
So I was watching the movie "Dune" last night and I noticed the little hover lights that followed them around in some of the scenes. And I thought that people would probably have that in the future in the Traveller Universe. So I made one. It morphed somewhat into a multi-use device. Take a look.

Sorry about the formating, it seems the blog does not keep tabs from Office. I tried toline them up as well as I could. If anyone has some ideas on or how the blog can be made to keep formating, let me know. Well I'm ediitng it and I posted it and it was all messed up. Sigh. So I guess I will have to modify the basic layout of the usual vehicle block.

The Glen-DeHavailand medical monitor and entertainment system GDW-M1E1

Glen-Dehavailand LLC is proud to announce it's newest, cutting edge home appliance. The GDW-M1E1 is a full spectrum entertainment and health monitoring console. The M1E1 can be fully integrated into your homes local area network for ease of use. The consoles on-board computer has unparalleled power in receiving a wide range of entertainment and security options. The fully integrated medical program helps to monitor you and your families health and even can notify authorities if there is an unforeseen medical problem.
The unit has variable lighting features to help set the mood for any function. The 5xi language module has plenty of space for studying languages or for any translation needs.
The Holo display can be used for entertainment and gaming options.
The on-board batteries and GDW-Advanced fuel cells give the M1E1 well over 24 hours of use on a single charge.
Come see your local home appliance dealer to check out a model in action!
Financing available.

See also the GDW-N1E1 model.

Class: device
EP Output: 2
Cost: 58,702.6 Cr
Agility: 3
Tech Level: 12
Initiative: 3
Size: 15 vl
AC: 13
Streamlining: Yes
AR: 0
Pressurized: No
SI: 7
Climate Control: No
Visual: Holo
Drive Train: Grav
Crew: 0
Passengers: 0
Sensors: visual, audio, Olfactory
Cargo Space: .09 vl
Fuel: 1.2 vl
Range: 3840 km Comm.: 2-way radio
Acceleration = 32 kph
Off road = 90 kph
Slow = 80 kph
Very slow = 32 kph
Cruising = 160 kph
Fast = 240 kph
Maximum = 320 kph
Other Equipment:
Program: Intuit Direction-1
Program: Navigation-1
Language Module 5 languages
Program: T/Medical-1
Program: Library Data

Installed Components Size Cost EP Notes
15 vl chassis +15.000 45 Cr - streamlined
Remote Control system -1.4 7 Cr - -
Drive Train: Grav -4.0 46,000 Cr -1.00 -
Power plant: Adv Fuel Cells -3.0 200 Cr +2.00 -
Fuel: 24 hours -1.2 - - -
Batteries: Modern x15 -0.60 4.5 Cr +15 1 hour duration each
Lights: Variable -1.0 25 Cr -0.16 1.5/3m to 9.5/15m area of illumination
Radio Receiver -0.03 50 Cr -0.01 - Radio, 2-way -0.1 75 Cr -0.2 -
Auditory Sensor -0.2 200 Cr -0.01 -
Olfactory Sensor -0.2 1500 Cr -0.01 -
Vodor -0.5 1200 Cr -0.05 -
Holographic video -1.5 2000 Cr -0.10 -
Holo Display -0.1 500 Cr -0.05 -
Computer: See sub sheet -1.08 8900 Cr -0.024 -
Totals -14.91 58,702.6 Cr -1.794 -
+00.09 - +0.206 -
Computer design worksheet Size Cost EP Notes
Basic Computer model/4
Core: Parallel (-1.08) (400 Cr) (-0.024) +20 PP
Total PP 5 Max PP 3
Low Basic Logic (-0.00) (1000 Cr) - -2 PP
Limited Verbal Command (-0.00) (500 Cr) - -2 PP
Program: Intuit Direction-1 - (1000 Cr) - -1 PP
Program: Navigation-1 - (1000 Cr) - -1 PP
Language Module - (1000 Cr) - -5 PP
Program: T/Medical - (1000 Cr) - -1 PP
Program: Library Data - (3000 Cr) - -1 PP
Total (-1.08) (8900 Cr) - -
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RSS Feed 4 Responses to "Things Rich People would buy in the Future"
#4 July 12th, 2007 01:55 AM
far-trader Says:
But I forget myself. Cool adaptation of inspiration Bruce!
#3 July 12th, 2007 01:50 AM
far-trader Says:
I made a SkyBoard in TNE using FF&S a long time ago. Basically a one (or two) person grav flyer in the shape/size of a smallish surfboard. Solar power/charger, short battery, onboard storage.
#2 July 12th, 2007 01:35 AM
far-trader Says:
Specifically the code tags I think.
#1 July 12th, 2007 01:08 AM
hunter Says:
Try using the tags to keep the formatting, should work.

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