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Creation Date: August 2nd, 2007 09:01 PM
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Citizen: SOC-14
"We really need to work on improving standard ship rations...two men we're just tossed in the starport brig for the food. Another thing is Imperium Navy leave. What is this converting liners into traveling Universal Space Operas. USO? entertainment thing with a bald old man and a big nose that tells bad jokes? Military crew wants to be on a planet with dirt under there feet or claws. They want fully stocked BARS, people moving about, entertainment theaters, football, golf, churches and air! Remind them what they're fighting for!"
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  #1 New January 21st, 2014 11:32 PM
Depot Command: Today, a move of the 40 year old Achilles SHL-12, INS Blue Whale from the Mothball fleet to Lemish as it's new highport left Depot system. The former INS Blue Whale had jump drive and low berths removed for re-use. Typically, these vessels will be refurbished, however, INS Blue Whale did not pass her annual jump inspection after a collision 2 months earlier. The ship is not deemed safe for long term jump operations. INS Blue Whale is accompanied by two Fleet Tenders in a standard jump assist.
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#1 January 24th, 2014 05:05 PM
savage Says:
Depot Command, Corridor Sector: 1105.22 The completion of Deployment of two retired Achilles SHLs, and a Tiananmen battleship which has been converted into Porozlo's Highport (SPIN2715). This enormous facility will provide the local government future defense. Porozlo's Planetary Defense acquired two BB-11 battleships to strengthen the system defense. Porozlo yards have announced intention of building BB-11s for lower tech worlds.

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