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Creation Date: June 14th, 2013 06:27 AM
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SpaceBadger's Blog: BBCodes stopped working in this Blog Description, so I moved my Links down to a Blog Entry and made it Sticky, so the latest new Blog Entries will actually be below (following) the Links entry.
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  #55 New November 21st, 2014 10:24 AM
Medical Status and New Game

Neurosurgery to relieve my trigeminal neuralgia is now set for 12 January 2015. Then comes phasing off of my meds (most are too strong to quit cold turkey) and physical rehab to get me back on my feet.

Until then, mostly sleeping a lot with the help of Benedryl because the pain meds are not covering most of the pain; or, if the pain is too much to sleep then I just lie in bed watching TV or movies on Netflix or Hulu. Meds make it hard to concentrate enough to handle online games or participate in forums (at least, not without sounding like more of a loon than usual).

I am trying to keep a little bit of gaming going, here at home with my kids, as the face to face gaming is a completely different pace and interaction from online. I try to get what I need prepped between sessions, then we sit down and play and I improvise as needed to cover what I didn't have prepped, and if they get too far out of bounds I call a halt for the evening. It isn't completely satisfactory as I have some trouble speaking and remembering words, and also keeping track of what has already happened, but the only players are two of my sons and one daughter (with an NPC reserved to be played by another son if he can ever get a weekend off and come home), so they are used to my limitations and we get by with some OOC questioning by me ("Did y'all already talk to Mr. X? Do you remember what he told you?")

The game is a mix of mystery and occult, and they won't always know if their opponent is a real demonologist or merely a mundane criminal using occult trappings. At this point in the game the PCs are purely mundane themselves, having not yet discovered any psychic talents of their own, so any occult aspects to their investigations are puzzling anomalies.

Working title of the game is Lake County Mysteries. It is set in the fictional Lake County, MO, taking in large portions of the Lake of the Ozarks and surrounding rural areas. The starting year is 1976, so there are no cell-phones, no belt-radios, few computers and none of them very mobile. The central organization in the game is the Lake County Sheriff's Department. One PC is the lead investigator for the Sheriff's Dept, another PC is a previous long-time sheriff who was defeated in the most recent election, and the third PC is the President of the County Historical Society and a researcher/writer on local history. (The backup PC for Son #4 is the investigator's partner; it is a fairly small department.)

We haven't been able to actually play much yet, due to problems coordinating me feeling well enough to GM (can't really share GMing due to the mystery nature of the campaign) with having them all available to play. Also, they're waiting on me to mark up a map to show what features are different in-game from the Real World; with that as our guide for what is different, we intend to use Google Maps for the bulk of our map, saving me the trouble of placing realistic hills and woods and rural roads. Plus I am still ironing out some of the homebrew task resolution system, which is a mixture of FUDGE (for attributes) and Traveller (for skills and knowledge). To avoid strict railroad plotting, I am trying out the "Three Clues" and "Node-based Design" systems advocated by Justin Alexander in his Alexandrian blog.

So far they have investigated some animal mutilations, but now a local girl has gone missing and they have a clue tying her disappearance to the animal mutilations, so are racing against time to find her alive before they find her mutilated corpse.

Initial inspirations for me were the Longmire books and TV show (although the sheriff's department in game is larger than Longmire's), Adam-12 (for the daily routine of patrol officers), GURPS Voodoo (not so much the ghetto culture or Voodoo stuff, but the general interaction of spirit entities and psychic talents), Supernatural TV show (early seasons before everybody started dying and being reborn), Twin Peaks TV show, and Criminal Minds TV show. Since the new Constantine TV show has started, I can see that it will also be a valuable source of inspiration.

So now I just need to have a good day when I can concentrate on making the county map, then get some one-on-one time with each player to flesh out some details of his/her PC, then I think we are ready for another game session.
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RSS Feed 2 Responses to "Medical Status and New Game"
#2 January 5th, 2015 03:35 AM
SpaceBadger Says:
Thanks! I was on Neurontin for awhile, first the regular kind and then the XR. Now I'm on Lyrica, which really has a lot of annoying side effects but seems to work best on the trigeminal neuralgia pain (although one of those side effects is a new kind of really bad headache ). However, even the Lyrica has seemed to lose effect over time, which is why I am now lined up for the surgery. I hope you can get your own pain issues under better control.
#1 December 12th, 2014 03:17 AM
Good luck on the surgery. I can truly empathizes with the pain issues. Only real difference is that I use large dose Neurontin to knock myself out when the pistol starts looking too good. If can best your demon, It's a victory for us all. Fortunatos, MuellerBadener

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