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Creation Date: June 14th, 2013 05:27 AM
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  #50 New June 25th, 2014 03:36 AM
New Games and Old

Wow, just got into a new Traveller PbP over on Obsidian Portal, and am having some fun! I'm afraid I stunned them at first with the amount of material that I wrote and questions asked over a sleepless night and day and night, but tonight the other players have been coming out of the woodwork and it appears that my PC is about to meet up with the rest of the crew of the Free Trader (A3) Maverick.

So now I need to learn yet another Traveller system: Mongoose Traveller is what they are using for this game, and while I have the Core Rules on PDF, I've never played it. Found some oddities in char-gen; for example, I was trying to make a guy qualified as Pilot and Gunner, and my first thought (since I didn't want to go Navy ) was a Free Trader. But guess what? In MgT, Free Traders can't learn the Gunner skill - so no wonder the Free Trader Beowulf is always in trouble! I thought maybe a Scout, but it turns out that MgT Scouts also can't learn Gunner. Looking over the other careers, it turned out that the best fit for what I wanted, providing a good variety of spacer skills, was... wait for it... Pirate!

So I asked if I could use the Pirate career to make a guy who was never really a pirate or any kind of serious criminal, just a Free Trader who tended to favor those high-profit "small package" cargoes, got the go-ahead, and made a guy with two terms in Drifter, seven terms in Pirate, now a retired Captain bored with retirement and looking to get back into space... I think he is gonna be fun to play, although his physical stats got whacked with the Ageing stick a couple times, he got some Dex back in mustering out (he got a LOT of M.O. rolls!) and still has all his Int as well. Loads of skills, as you might expect with that many terms, but somehow I only got two of them up to skill level 3: Streetwise and GunCbt(SlugPistol). Then tonight I made a "Connection" between my PC and one of the others, a nice touch that not only provided an intro to the group but also gave us each a free skill point - so now I also have Pilot(Spacecraft) up to level 3 as well, which makes me feel much safer as a Pilot, and I'm sure the crew will appreciate it, too!

Still working on the Wiki for Dark Age of Dunland, also over on Obsidian Portal. This is primarily to be an organized reference of the setting background, since I first made it up for a solo campaign for Michael (ErianFrost) some years ago (first in GURPS, then Pathfinder, then a homebrew). Now Michael is using the same setting for a game that he is GMing for me, Chris (Chaos), and another son, Jesse, so we thought it would be good to pull all the history and geography of the place out of my head and into a form that Michael can use, and will let us collaborate on the current setting and recent history.

This was originally just to support our tabletop game, but I shared it around and there has been some interest from some friends in other place (son Cody in the Army, a friend of his and honorary son who is also in the Army, and oddly enough, my eldest daughter's ex-boyfriend with whom I still keep in touch), so I may end up running a PbP in that setting also.

More to come, just saving now to avoid loss to doggie-editing while away from keyboard...

Back now, and all seems OK, except some scrolling... no malicious editing that I see, although it is hard to keep the doggies off the keyboard when making a run to the fresher.

Older games...

SBRD (Reavers' Deep) seems to be heating up again with the joinder of a new player, SType, who is taking over the NPC Harris Niven. That lets him team with Vladika's character Victor Rotha to do some Streetwise info-gathering, while we await the return of Thanos, who was playing Bruno Kanshakiir (hope I spelled that right, those Vilani names always throw me). ChaosBennett is also with the ground team, but unlikely to post unless there is combat, or he thinks of a funny comment to contribute. We still have three stalwart players out on the good ship Fortunate Son (ErianFrost as Captain Kalos Thar, ATPollard as Chief Engineer Max Black, and Timerover51 as working-passage substitute-Pilot Speaker-to-Humans), but unfortunately there is not much action for them at this time. Sabredog (Hampton Rhodes), Samuelvss (Leo Henry), and Fritz_Brown (Donoma Lafitte) are all still on hiatus, and we mourn the loss of our friend DaveChase (who played Doc Freeman) to cancer on 3/26/2014.

Aramis's Space:1889 game may be showing some signs of activity, although GM Aramis is still stressed to the limit by his wife's health problems.

Timerover's Space:1889 game got a new temporary home in the SBRD subforum; I'll be moderating while Timerover51 continues as GM.

Magnus's Permatic Imperium T5 game also is showing signs of coming back to life, as we have all managed to post a couple times in the past few days; let's hope that the current crew of Frank Masuda (me) and Baronet Valdemar Martel (pendragonman) can get off the ground soon aboard the trusty Type S Vargr's Grin.

I guess that only leaves the long-lived tabletop Pathfinder-houseruled game of Orcs & Goblins that Michael and I take turns GMing for me, Michael, Chris, and Jesse (although we have a "special guest star" role waiting for Cody the next time he is home), plus a new tabletop Traveller campaign Frontier Cruiser that Michael, Chris, and I have planned, which is on hold until I figure out T5 ship-design rules well enough to design the eponymous frontier cruiser.
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#1 June 29th, 2014 05:34 PM
Damn, I got a link and everything. Sweet. And speaking of I shall be posting before bed, I think you might like and hate me for it though.

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