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Creation Date: June 14th, 2013 06:27 AM
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  #47 New April 23rd, 2014 02:04 AM
Juggling Four Traveller Games, Considering More

Still have four Traveller games sorta going, at varying degrees of activity. Let's review and see what, if anything, I need to be doing to move these along:

SBRD PbP: Frontier Trader Fortunate Son adventures in Reavers' Deep toward the end of the Long Night: 3731 AD (GM: Me: SpaceBadger).

PCs are currently split into three groups:
Victor is alone inside the smugglers' port Nexus-Under, waiting for the arrival of the Rescue Team. I gave him info to relay to the others, so we are awaiting a post by Vladika making a report to Fortunate Son, or doing whatever else he wants to do pending arrival of the Rescue Team.

Rescue Team (Bruno, Gayne, Henry, Nero, Heather) have just landed by shuttle on the pads at Nexus-Under, hoping for situation report from Victor before going inside. I posted current situation, so we are awaiting posts by Thanos or ChaosBennett to either wait for that report, or go on into the base, or whatever.

Fortunate Son (Kalos, Speaker, Max, Doc, rest of the crew) have resumed course toward the rendezvous asteroid, concerned about what they will meet there, and possible combat along the way. Awaiting GM info (that means me!) re relative positions of relevant spacecraft, timing of rendezvous, etc. I need to do some math to provide this info, and due to headaches have not felt up to the task. I think I have figured out what all I need to do, now just need to do it. Maybe tonight; we'll see.
Aramis's Space:1889 PbP: Ether Airship Highland Pride and crew are still on the ground, hoping to launch later this day after arrival of more supplies and equipment. So far have been dealing with supply/equipment issues, various interferences with the mission, currently in midst of pre-dawn search of ship for possible bombs, saboteurs, etc. My PC, Sgt Bill Carson, is awaiting response from ATPollard (Jeb) on climbing up to the top of the airship to inspect the solar boiler. Captain McBean is searching the hold. Dunno what scientist Henri and journalist Davey are up to; seems like Davey might want to get a scoop on interviewing the attempted bomber that we now hold prisoner, since he is the only journalist with access to the ship.

Timerover's Space:1889 PbP: After a rousing start with my PC James Laclede addressing a planning committee headed by the Secretary of the Navy, we are still awaiting further posts from the GM so that the rest of the PCs now waiting in the wings can get into the story and we can get underway with our trading expedition to Mars.

Frontier Cruiser Patrols face-to-face game: Not yet started. Planned campaign for me and my sons ErianFrost and ChaosBennett to play at home, without all the delays inherent in PbP. Planning to set somewhere in the 3731 AD Long Night setting in Reavers' Deep and/or Daibei, since I have already developed a lot of history, library data, etc for the SBRD campaign. We've made a few characters (each of us will be playing one officer and one "Special Missions Squad" soldier) but that is all. I was waiting to get T5 to design our ship; I have that now, still at work on understanding ship design. Need to finish remaining PCs, gen up a few necessary NPCs, choose what world we serve, see if their are any gaps need filling in library data (probably more on Twilight Wars and more recent conflicts), design the ship, and come up with ideas for first mission.

So that is four ongoing games, and yet I am considering more...

Have been lurking from time to time in Magnus's Permatic Imperium PbP; starting to seem rather interesting, now they have got through some char-gen and started planning a mission. Still not sure if I am up for learning T5 char-gen to make a character, or trying to learn all of the history/politics of Magnus's setting. Plus the little matter of requesting an invite...

Also have been thinking more about my long-WIP Yet-Unnamed ATU, sort of a mashup of Traveller with 2300AD with some ideas from various SF settings that I like. Trying to grok ship design in T5 has clarified some issues I had with how the setting's FTL and STL drives work, including the distinction I wanted to have between starships, system ships, and planetary interface ships (shuttles). I now have pretty good idea of how I want to implement the Mumble Drive and related tech, am excited that I can keep designs consistent with T5 J-drive designs, so I can borrow ships created by others with minimum modification. Still tempted to do this setting in 3-D starmap rather than traditional hex-grid sectors; next bit of gaming money currently earmarked to acquire Astrosynthesis program for this purpose.

And then I have been re-reading some of my GURPS Traveller books and thinking that although I would not use GURPS rules for it, I sure do like the GTU and related fluff, and it would be fun to run another campaign in that setting...

As if I don't have enough Real Life stuff going on with my disability application and trying to Get My Affairs in Order before the surgery that might fix me or might make me seriously worse-off...


EDIT/UPDATE: So now I am in a fourth online game, for five total including the pending face-to-face game with my boys. Signed up for Magnus von Thornwood's Permatic Imperium T5 Campaign, to start learning Traveller 5. My character, Scout/Ranger Frank Masuda, has just joined the game and is about to learn of his assignment...

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