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Creation Date: June 14th, 2013 05:27 AM
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  #39 New December 25th, 2013 12:14 AM
Merry Christmas from Mother Russia (NTW)

How appropriate, I am at Late December 1805 in my Napoleon Total War Russia campaign, and the wolves are howling outside in the snow - OK, they're really just coyotes, but right now I can just picture them chasing a sleigh through a snowy forest.

Late December 1805

Just about ready to start gobbling up the Ottoman Empire (see, I restrained myself and didn't even compare it to a Christmas turkey - oh, wait...), all I need to do now is recruit another general to send down from Moscow, so I can have two independent armies down there to move about as needed.

Late January 1806

General Sergei Kamensky is on his way from Moscow to Iasi with a fast Hussar escort, but it seems that the Ottomans have been reading this blog as they have just sent a garrison to Bucharest. Hmm, not much of a garrison, mostly peasant levies... I think to make the battle interesting I will attack with a smaller force.

Late February 1806

I need to re-check AI settings, as apparently the AI for the Ottoman general defending Bucharest was set to "Stupid" or maybe "Asleep". Even with a smaller force, it was no challenge at all. My plan of attack worked just as expected, and while the enemy forces did try some counter-maneuvers, none were effective. Almost the only fun I had was using my Cossacks to run down and destroy panicked Ottomans trying to flee the battlefield, and even that loses its entertainment value pretty fast.

I have a spy in a little port city north of Istanbul now, so I can see that there is a full army in garrison there, although I can't see what kind of units they are. I wonder if I will be able to rename it to Constantinople after I capture it? I wonder if General Kamensky, a great leader with many stars, will be disappointed to arrive in this area and find it already conquered by a mere three-star general, my Fyodor Fyodorovich Something?

My trading ships in the Med report that a French fleet is just south of Greece, a large fleet with a midsized army carried aboard (can only see number of units, not types). Obviously en route to invade somebody, but who? Most likely me or the Ottomans, although they could turn north up the Adriatic to go after some of Austria's northern Italian territory, or maybe Venice.

Late April 1806

It really is a long way from Moscow to Iasi; Kamensky is close, should arrive next month. Meanwhile Fyodor has been moving around south and east of Bucharest, trying to hunt down any Ottomans willing to stand and fight a battle rather than show the white flag. Finally Fyodor met Ali Hasan on the road, apparently mistook him for the Buddha, and is trying to kill him. They have approximately equal forces, although Ali Hasan is rated the better general and has two more units of infantry than Fyodor has. Let's see how it goes!

OK, that was fairly interesting. Hilly terrain limited the killing range of my artillery, and some good maneuvers by the Ottoman infantry broke the morale of both my cavalry units and sent them fleeing the field. When I really needed a cavalry counter-charge to break up an enemy infantry charge toward the end, I actually had to send General Fyodor and his escorts to do it themselves! Still, I couldn't agree with the computer assessment of "Close Victory", as although our losses and survivor numbers were similar, mine ended the battle all in good order and ready to keep fighting (except for my cavalry), while all of the surviving Ottoman units had broken and routed off the field. Too bad I didn't have any cavalry left to chase down and destroy more of those as they fled! Bonus: Fyodor finally got another star awarded to reflect his multiple victories; I don't know if involving himself in the combat personally might have also helped with that.

Early May 1806

As General Fyodor and some of his most battered units cross the bridge into Moldova to recruit and re-equip from the supply depot at Chisinau, they are saluted by the arriving General Kamensky and his men. While Fyodor refreshes his army, it appears that it will be Kamensky who heads south with a selection of the best, most experienced troops from Bucharest, to challenge Hafiz Hasan's full army for control of Istanbul.

Wow, that worked out differently than I expected! Kamensky had barely started down the road to Istanbul, when Hafiz brought his whole army out to attack! The battle was on almost the same ground where Fyodor fought Ali Hasan back in April. Different battlefield map, but again the ground was hilly, requiring careful use of artillery.

The battle was exciting and interesting, as two full armies fighting, with the AI actually maneuvering very well, is awfully hard for one human to keep track of. You know that saying that "things fall apart; the center cannot hold", implying that all is lost at that point? In this battle the Ottomans actually smashed the center of my line, destroying one unit of horse artillery and routing several of my infantry regiments. (I really wish that horse artillery had survived so that I could give them an "award" in their unit name; they had almost the highest kills of any unit in this battle (canister at point-blank range will do that!) but were ultimately overwhelmed and wiped out.)

Unfortunately for Hafiz Hasan, in this case smashing my center did not end the battle. I was able to reorganize solid positions at both ends of my line, then pivoted both inward to move in and crush the Ottomans. This time the battle ended with two of my Cossack units destroying the four Ottoman artillery units, then chasing their broken infantry off the field.

Now to check on Istanbul and see if any defenders are left...
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