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Creation Date: June 14th, 2013 06:27 AM
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  #35 New December 11th, 2013 12:06 AM
Just looking for a handy spot online to keep some notes about an ongoing campaign as the British in Napoleon Total War (game tends to crash if I alt-tab out, but there is a built-in browser that lets me get to this blog).

Started this game last night, my first solitaire game as previous campaign was a multiplayer with Michael as Austria and me as Prussia. Lesson quickly learned as a wannabe naval power: I find the naval battles boring, but it is dangerous to use auto-resolve as the AI will cheat. I have sea battles set on Easy as I am still learning the system, so when I had a slight force superiority in a naval battle I should have won at least half the time on random auto-resolve, right? Nope, I saved and replayed that battle ten times and never won even once, finally just limped away with the least-bad loss. Now I make sure to always have sufficient overkill in naval battles that I can win even on auto-resolve.

Wish I'd taken some notes the first campaign year (1805), as I had several cool battles (for example Nelson with a superior fleet catching Villeneuve in the Channel and breaking French sea power at least for awhile; now I am raiding French ports to destroy facilities to try to keep them from rebuilding their fleet). On land, the Spanish attacked Gibraltar once, but I hired a decent general (Abercromby) and that, along w artillery delivered from England by Nelson's fleet just in the nick of time, was enough to send the numerically-superior Spanish force crying for Mama (the survivors routed).

My campaign objectives include taking Spain, so I have been working hard to hold Gibraltar, which I started the campaign with. The main difficulty the first year was balancing the budget, keeping enough troops in the field and ships on the sea while not going broke from recruiting costs and maintenance, and also building up economic resources bit by bit to relieve the budget crunch and get some trade going.

April 1806 - Have previously been launching some cavalry raids from Gibraltar to hurt Spanish economy; now finally have enough troops to venture forth under Abercromby to take and hold Sevilla as a forward base for more raiding. My spy in Madrid says there is a full army there (can't yet see what units), so I intend to wait until Wellesley can invade from the northern coast before I have a go at the capital.

Early May 1806 - Nelson's fleet is still repairing in Portsmouth after the fight with Villeneuve. Just got the trading port in Liverpool converted to a military dockyard, which I will upgrade as fast as possible to use as my primary producer of military ships, relatively safe on the Irish Sea (hesistant to upgrade Portsmouth much in case it gets raided by the French if I have to move the protecting forces elsewhere). Small raiding force in Bretagne just kicked some French behinds - I had intended to pull them out again aboard the raiding ship that carried them over, but Bretagne is another campaign objective so I may try to hold it if no major French armies show up in response. Uh-OH! Just saw French fleet of seven ships moving up North Sea coast toward Scotland - either going after my trading posts in North America, or else coming around the northern route to the Irish Sea. How did they rebuild so many so fast?

Late May 1806 - Had to take Dragon off raiding and send it to pick up the three regiments in Bretagne after the French sent a sizeable force to take them out. At least they were able to trash the French naval dockyard at Brest as they were leaving. The French fleet rounded Scotland and headed south, apparently headed for the Irish Sea, so I sent Nelson with a few ships to intercept, although he will be outnumbered unless I can bring home the trading fleets to meet up with him before the battle - mostly merchantmen, but still armed ships and all I have available. Things are looking bleak for Great Britain as a sea power! This time I will make enough saves before the battle that I can rewind and fight it out myself if necessary rather than auto-resolving, although that is still iffy as I am not real good at sea and the battles seem to be long stretches of utter boredom punctuated by moments of sheer annoyance of watching my ships sink.

Early June 1806 - Heh heh, apparently the French fleet in the north was for trading rather than raiding. Moved all of my NorthAm trading ships south to Savannah, and the French bee-lined north for Boston (more AI cheat; they shiould not have been able to see that it was clear). Anyway, Nelson is still headed to reendezvous at Savannah, and if some portion of the French fleet is merchants then my combined Royal Navy and merchants should be sufficiently overpowering to win even a cheating-AI auto-resolve.

Late June 1806 - That French fleet is up to something tricky. Apparently they hoped to find and destroy some of my trade ships at Boston - since none were there, they came zipping back south again. I got Nelson together with the trade fleet, but without enough sailing range to catch the French. If they sail away, Nelson can chase them back to France and leave a guard to watch; if they stop to fight, I think he can beat them even on auto. The army in Gibraltar is progressing nicely, although I would still like to get another fleet to ship them more artillery (they can't make their own) and get control of the seas so that Wellesley can invade from the north.

Early July 1806 - Had to let that French fleet slip away, as pulling the merchant fleet away for war nearly bankrupted me, and without the merchants Nelson did not have enough ships to be sure of a favorable auto-resolve. The French escaped somewhere into the Atlantic; I have a few fast brigs out looking for them now, not to fight but to keep them in sight. My forces in Spain had to retreat to Gibraltar when approached by a stronger Spanish army - I'm still somewhat lacking in artillery, but I hope that if the Spanish attack Gibraltar the defensive advantages will let me send them away bleeding. (Too bad this game won't let you capture enemy artillery; I'd be all set after I beat off that first attack in 1805!)

Late July 1806 - Trading posts are re-established in time to stave off bankruptcy or tax revolt, but the French fleet escaped into the Atlantic somewhere south of Ireland. Brigs are still out searching - one did not find the French, but a Batavian (enemy) fleet instead, and barely escaped. Now I will have to deal with the Batavians as well for sea dominance!

August 1806 - Several sea battles, not much on land except building up Gibraltar armies. Still haven't located that French fleet of 7 ships, although Nelson has now been reinforced and is searching it out to destroy it. Got rid of Spanish fleet along the way - now awaiting another rendezvous to provide more artillery for Gibraltar and will have a look down that way.
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