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Creation Date: June 14th, 2013 05:27 AM
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  #23 New August 11th, 2013 04:20 PM

Current and future updates to the Crew Roster will be in the Characters section at the Campaign:SBRD section of the Traveller Wiki.


[SBRD] Crew Roster w Skills

I needed to make this reference for myself, so figured I might as well post it in the Characters thread, then decided it would be a good reference here in the blog as well...

This will not have the detailed backstories, but I will link back to the appropriate post in the Character thread where each character was introduced. I am pulling 90% of this from those public introductions, intending to keep private details of the characters private, so if I inadvertently include something about your PC that you didn't want public yet, let me know and I will edit it out and I'm sure your fellow players will do their best to forget and not let that leak over into PC knowledge. Please also let me know if I get something wrong, so that I can correct it - some of these characters have had some revision along the way.

This should be everybody except LiNeNoiSe, who is still working on his character.

Hampton Rhodes, Captain and Pilot (played by Sabredog)
6A79AB, Age 38, Human Male
Blade-2, Bribery-1, Gunnery-1, Mechanical-1, Pilot-2, SMG-1, Streetwise-2, Vacc Suit-1

Joined Close Call at age 18 in 3711 AD, has spent the last 20 years moving up through the officer ranks. In April 3731 AD, took over the ship, made himself Captain, and changed the name to Fortunate Son. (More details here.)

Average height and weight with medium brown hair and gray eyes. Hampton gives the impression of having lived hard yet had a decent dental plan. Tends to be what people would describe as , "He's kinda hard to get close to.", but is actually pretty good company when among close friends. Reads history and potboilers in his spare time, as well as trying to learn to paint to pass the time in jump. As mentioned earlier, Hampton was wounded when his ship was under attack by pirates. He limps, but doesn't need a cane - it just hurts a lot sometimes, and depending on the humidity he feels it in his knee and elbow joints.

Kalos Thar, First Officer and Pilot/Navigator (played by ErianFrost)
6A7863, Age 30, Human Male
Mechanic-1, CargoHandler-0, Handgun-2, Bribery-2, Trader-2, Astrogator-2, Broker-2, Ship's Boat-0, Pilot-1, Streetwise-1, JoT-1, Admin-2, Forgery-0, Holdout/Search-2, Gunner-2

Joined Fortunate Son in April 3731 on Zwingle (Daibei 1024). (More details here.)

Kalos Thar has been a Free Trader since age eighteen. Originally hired as a mechanic, he was swiftly promoted to 4th Officer. A series of unfortunate events taught him the value of a good sidearm, the art of greasing palms, and the finer points of making shady deals. Kalos served on several different vessels during his 12 years as a Free Trader, learning the trade and working his way up to First Officer. His last ship was Mercury's Shadow. Kalos had already had extensive experience with smuggling, but was dismayed to learn of some of the things that Mercury's Shadow specialized in: illegal weapons and hard drugs, mostly sold to organized criminal gangs. Kalos wanted no part of the violent criminal gang that was the Mercury's Shadow's Captain and crew. At the next port he jumped ship and found the Fortunate Son.

Donoma Lafitte, Second Officer and Navigator (played by Fritz_Brown)
6A6BA7, Age 34, Human Female
Navigator-4, Ship'sBoat-1, Pilot-0, VaccSuit-1, Engineering-1, Communications-1, Electronics-0, Steward-0, Gravitics-1, Mechanic-1

Joined Fortunate Son as Second Officer and Navigator, 13 August 3731, on Devonia (RD 3125).

Previously First Officer on the Mary Deare, Donoma has her 'tickets' for Apprentice Electronics and Starship Pilot, Journeyman certificates for Interface Pilot, Steward, Ship's Engineer, Gravitics, and Mechanics, as well as a Master's Certificate for Navigation. She has a slight accent that is not likely to be recognized.

Max Black, Chief Engineer and Chief Steward (played by ATPollard)
7A5C53, Age 26, Human Male
Administration-1, Artistic-0, Electronics -0, Engineering-3, Gravitics-0, Liaison-1, Mechanical-1, Ship's Tactics-0, Shotgun-0, Steward-2, Streetwise-0, Vacc Suit-1

Joined Close Call in 3729 on Shiishiga (Daibei 1216), and remained aboard Fortunate Son w Captain Rhodes after the change. (More details here.)

Black hair (very short); Pale skin; Blue/Green eyes. Max wears common grey coveralls, black boots and black tactical webbing with pockets and loops sporting various small common tools always in reach. The only thing unusual about his outfit is the overwhelming ‘military’ character of it … He always seems dressed for inspection. He is polite and somewhat withdrawn around strangers, but friendly and outgoing with anyone who takes the time to get to know him. As a Steward, Max likes to bake.

When in his work uniform, the only unusual feature is the faintest hint of a tattoo at his left wrist and near his collar. When he removes his shirt/coveralls, a continuous tattoo is visible from his left wrist across his upper left chest and back. If asked, he will explain that from his left wrist to elbow represents the achievements of his first term, from elbow to shoulder represents his second term, and his upper left chest and back represent his third term. It is a trait from his clan of Reavers.

Sam 'Doc' Freeman, Medical Officer and Cargo Chief (played by DaveChase)
767AC9, Age 32, Human Male
Medic 4, Computer 1, Admin 1, Ships Boat 1, Gambling 1, Carousing 1, Electronic 1, Vacc Suit 1, Jot 1, Cargo Handling 1, Robotics-0, Brewing(Hobby)-0, Mechanical(MedEquip)-0, Streetwise-1, Electronics(Medical)-0

Joined Fortunate Son in April 3731 on Egarnigun (Daibei 1223). (More details here.)

5ft 8in, brown hair, green eyes, lean but not thin. Average build.
Clean cut, but obviously one who likes to socialize with a friendly demeanor.
Blends into crowds without trying since his looks are average and typical other than the green eyes.

Leo P. Henry, Asst Engineer and Security (played by Samuelvss)
765A47, Age 46, Human Male
Laser Carbine-3, Vacc Suit-2, Blade -1, Gambling-1, Brawling-1, Engineering-1, Pilot-1, Streetwise-1, Tactics-1, Zero-G Combat-1, Snub Pistol-1

Joined Fortunate Son in April 3731 on Egarnigun (Daibei 1223). (More details here.)

"Henry" as he is known does not talk about his past. He is a man of medium build, with more than a few scars. His eyes are disconcertingly of mixed color. That and the logo of a defunct merchant firm on his lower left cheek give him a decidedly asymetrical cast. The term "crooked" comes to mind. He is badly in need of a hair cut, and it looks as if his last was done with the snips out of a metalworking tool kit, though that was not recently enough to remove the last couple of cm or so of his mud brown hair that is still dyed a somewhat sickly purple. Henry wears ship's coveralls of uncertain parentage, that seem a bit too big for him, with a few rough repairs of what are apparently bullet holes. He wears his blade on his belt; it is a ceramic one, in a non-metallic sheath. He is happy to stow this inside his coveralls where it is prohibited.

Gayne Maize, Asst Medic and Security (played by ChaosBennett)
AAA633, Age 30, Human Male
CbtRifle-3, Dagger-2, Brawling-1, Demolition-2, Survival-0, Recon-1, Vaccsuit-1, Zero-G-0, JumpTroop-0, Commo-1, Medic-1, Security-1

Joined Fortunate Son in April 3731 on Zwingle (Daibei 1024). (More details here.)

Gayne Maize was raised poor and uneducated, but enlisted in the Army at age 18 and was quickly chosen for Commando School, where he excelled at combat skills, especially Combat Rifleman, at which he earned both Master Marksman and Master Sniper badges. He earned two Citations for Meritorious Conduct Under Fire and one Purple Heart during his career, which involved numerous special-ops missions behind enemy lines.

Janna Vilshiggur, Steward and Cargo-hand (NPC)
778667, Age 26, Human Female
Steward-1, Cargo-Handling-1, VaccSuit-1, Vehicle(Grav)-1, Shotgun-1

Joined Fortunate Son in June 3731 on Kuguli (Daibei 0624).

Janna has served two terms aboard various Free Trader ships in the spinward region of Daibei sector. She tends to get bored with a ship after a few years and look for a new berth, and ended up on Fortunate Son. As the newest crewmember, she tends to get stuck w the boring or messy "junior" jobs.

Benjamin Chance, Gunner and Cargo-hand (NPC)
795755, Age 22, Human Male
VaccSuit-2, Zero-G-2, Brawling-1, Gunner-1, Cargo-Handling-1

Joined Close Call in 3727, and remained aboard Fortunate Son w Captain Rhodes after the change.

Benjamin was born aboard his family's A2 Far Trader in jump space. He is a natural-born spacer, but unfortunately has not applied himself to learning many marketable skills. A family dispute (which he declines to discuss) left him looking for a job, and he signed up with Close Call as a gunner and cargo-hand. Although a passable gunner, he seems to lack any ambition to improve his skills.

Bruno Kansakarrir, Electrician/Mechanic and Cargo-hand (NPC)
B76894, Age 38, Human Male
Mechanic-1, VaccSuit-2, Electronics-2, Gunner-1, Cargo-Handling-2, Brawling-2, Handgun-1, SMG-1

Joined Close Call at age 18 in 3711 AD, has spent the last 20 years becoming a broadly skilled crewman with a few combat skills, too. Bruno is very big and very strong. His main hobby over the years has been improving his education; he buys self-study courses on various subjects, and also studies the Library Data on every place that he visits. Remained aboard Fortunate Son w Captain Rhodes after the change.

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#3 August 30th, 2013 08:52 PM
SpaceBadger Says:
Hey, while you were at the Wiki, did you happen to test the "GM Only" links? I'd like to make sure those are working (or rather, not working, except for me) before I put in a lot of juicy notes and schemes. Right now it just has the various "non-public" notes that I've received on player characters.
#2 August 30th, 2013 08:37 PM
SpaceBadger Says:
In the left-hand margin of the Wiki page, there is a link that says Upload Image. The uploading is the normal routine, but I don't recall how I got the images into the page afterward - the only one I have done so far is a subsector map of Urlaqqash. Want me to have a go at it w Donoma's image from the PDF, or if you have time to figure it out, I'll keep working on Library Data for worlds and such.
#1 August 30th, 2013 07:27 PM
Fritz_Brown Says:
I like the Wiki entries on characters. How would I insert a pic there, though? Would it have to be in the gallery, then insert it from there?

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