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Creation Date: June 14th, 2013 05:27 AM
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  #17 New August 5th, 2013 04:25 PM
[SBRD] Getting Ready to Begin Play This Week

We are coming up quickly on our intended date to Start Playing the Game, August 8 or 9, depending on exactly when everything comes together. I am working madly on the setting, have several hooks planned to toss out for your consideration. Sabredog is working on the ship and deckplans. The rest of you have your characters prepared to one degree or another.

Here is what I see going on between now and starting play; feel free to ask questions or make suggestions if you have any:

Monday, 5 Aug 2013
- I will finish up details on suggested homeworlds and the pre-game itinerary of the Fortunate Son, so that y'all can detail your character stories to match.
- I will PM each of you with a few questions that need deciding: homeworld and when/where your PC joined the crew, maybe some other stuff.
- Sabredog will finish up the ship and send to me for review, so we can make sure we agree on all details.

Tuesday, 6 Aug 2013
- When Sabredog and I have all details completed on the ship, I will post it and notify y'all so you can take a look at your new home for the campaign, and ask any questions you have.
- I will finish and post the details (such as are known to you) of your entry point into Reavers' Deep sector.

Wednesday, 7 Aug 2013
- I will work over any other details I think of, including the "First Post" as GM telling you what is going on as you await jump exit into the system.

Thursday, 8 Aug 2013 (or maybe Friday if not quite ready )
- I will start the In-Character game thread with the "First Post" I will have prepared
- Y'all each respond with what your character is doing, and we take it onward from there!
- example of play

Player Posts - Dialogue and Actions

For those who have not played Traveller or have not played online, here are some guidelines about how we play the game:

1. "In Game" or "In Character" posts are the meat of the game, when you state what your character is saying or doing (or attempting to do). "OOC" or "Out of Character" posts are the equivalent of players talking around the table, clarifying details of what their character observes or what another character is doing, or asking questions of the GM/Referee.

2. "In Character" posts will go in the "In Character" thread. If you have a minor OOC note, you can include it with your In Character post; if you have a long or detailed OOC note or question, post it in the OOC thread instead.

3. If your character is attempting some action with an uncertain resolution, you can stop there in your post and wait to hear how it turns out, or suggest a few outcomes as in "if X happens, Fred will do Y, but if B happens, then Fred will do C". Don't get too far ahead in your narration, as something unexpected may occur that would change things, or some other player may have some input as well.

4. The orientation of this game is Roleplaying (experiencing the game world from your character's point of view, and stating his/her dialogue and actions from that same point of view), not Roll-playing (determining every probability, bonus, and penalty; knowing the target die roll needed to succeed; then rolling dice). Your PCs don't know anything about skill points or modifiers or dice or Drama Points or any of that stuff. My goal as GM is to assist in immersion into the game world, not talking about a bunch of numbers.

5. Following on to point #4, if your character is attempting some action, you can follow that up in the same post by stating the result of a 2d6 die roll (if it is a complex action or situation, give me 3 rolls of 2d6, just in case there are other factors involved). I expect to be pretty familiar with the skills and background of each of your characters, but I don't mind if you want to include a reminder of what you see as applicable skills or modifiers to your roll (see examples of play). If you do not give me necessary die rolls in your post, I may ask you for them, or I may just roll them myself. The reason for this is that some players have already told me they'd prefer not to mess with any numbers or die-rolling themselves, but would prefer that all be "behind the curtain" so they can stay in character. I expect that as we get on with the game, I will learn who prefers which method, and can adapt.

5-B. Feel free to ask me in OOC how your character evaluates his/her chances at something. This sort of thing is part of your character's knowledge of the game world and of his/her own skills. The amount of detail that I give you back will depend on how much your character would know about it. If your character has applicable experience and/or skills, then your information will be pretty good. If your character is clueless on the subject, I will probably use a "Truth/SomeTruth/NoTruth" roll to determine how well he/she guesses, and will answer accordingly.

6. Posting Style: some prefer to post in in their character's voice in first-person (I do this, I say that), others prefer to refer to their character in third-person (Joe does this, Joe does that). I don't care which you choose; use whichever you like best.

7. You only post what your own character is doing or saying. If you want to suggest action for another character, you can do it in game ("Charlie asks Wilma if she will help him with X.") or OOC (Hey, Other Player, is your character guarding the door?). Dialogue should be written enclosed in quotations, so we all can see what was actually said. Some like to color their dialogue blue to make it stand out; I have found this a pain to remember as a player, so it is optional in this game.

[The example of play was getting very long, so I am cutting it out to a separate blog post here.]

Game Rules

We are playing basic CT, Classic Traveller (Little Black Books and The Traveller Book). I like Rule 68A, and will be using that as a guide when rolls are not specified by CT (which is quite often).

Where the CT rules don't cover a situation (which is quite often), I will make something up. If I make up something that is going to be recurring often, I will make an OOC post about it for questions and discussion. If I decide on any other variance from CT rules, as in grabbing some particular rule from another version of Traveller, I will make an OOC post about it for questions and discussion.

My original plan was to use straight CT combat rules. Sabredog had a question that reminded me that I have really used those rules very rarely when playing, as in college we almost always used houserules or Striker, and here at home recently we have used GURPS or Fudge. I requested comments and suggestions for combat rules at that time, and the only one who spoke up was Sabredog, who sent me some tables to make CT combat easier to figure (sorry, I haven't looked at those yet). I don't expect any firefights right away, but if/when they happen I am currently planning to use CT rules with the tables that Sabredog sent me. If I decide anything different, I will make an OOC post about it for questions and discussion.

GM Philosophy

Although the acronym GM literally means "Game Master", I do not consider myself Master of anything in this game, but rather another Player. As GM, I have more knowledge of what is going on, because I am playing the Universe and all of the NPCs (Non-Player Characters) that the PCs will encounter. I am not trying to play "GM versus Players" or to "win" something against the players - for me, winning is when we are all having fun playing the game.

As GM, I get to be "first among equals" when it comes to deciding a rules question, because I am the one putting in the most prep time to make this game happen, and as Referee I am the one applying the rules to what is happening in the game. That doesn't mean I am the dictator of the game; we are all putting in time and mental effort on this, and it is a cooperative venture. I don't "fudge" rolls for either PCs or NPCs except as noted in the rules on Drama Points (PCs only).

Rule #1: The goal of this game is for all of us to have fun playing the game.

That's it. There is no Rule #2; conduct of the game all derives from Rule #1. Do your best to make the game fun for yourself, and for the other players.

[Further comments may be added here as I think of them.]

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#4 August 7th, 2013 09:19 PM
Fritz_Brown Says:
I *always* carry a flashlight, 550 cord, waterproof matches, and a towel.
#3 August 6th, 2013 03:06 PM
SpaceBadger Says:
Hmm, better carry a flashlight for dark places!
#2 August 6th, 2013 11:13 AM
sabredog Says:
As far as the die rolling goes, I'll let you handle that for me. I agree that in this medium of play it will keep things less mechanistic as a player since we'll be interacting solely in story format instead of around a table. It's so Zork I wonder if we'll encounter a Grue?
#1 August 5th, 2013 08:53 PM
Fritz_Brown Says:

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