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Creation Date: June 14th, 2013 06:27 AM
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  #11 New July 29th, 2013 09:38 PM
[SBRD] Progress on Backdating the Setting

Just an update for the players on my progress in backdating the setting from year 1105 Imperial (Travellermap data) to year -787 Pre-Imperial (that's about 3731AD - I haven't yet figured the Vilani date equivalent w those darn 486-day years ). I chose that as an interesting period for your adventures - enough years after the famous raids of Duquesne and Izanak for them to be legendary, still plenty of other Reavers out there to worry about, Drexiltharan Empire growing rapidly, a few wars going on... Interesting times!

So far I have managed to download SEC data files on the relevant sectors from Travellermap (I'm working on Reavers' Deep and part of Daibei sector), then import that data into MS Access to break up the UWP and PBG strings into individual items that I can more easily read and edit. I've also tested out exporting that sector data as CSV files into Simon Hibbs's StarBase program and found that worked just fine - although I learned enough new things about Travellermap in working there yesterday that I think with the Wiki for Library Data and Travellermap for mapping, I may not need to use StarBase at all.

Here is the "To Do" plan:

1. Add fields to each system data to represent the backdated Pop/Govt/Law/TL numbers - these will all be set to zero initially. Physical data will be the same as in 1105, unless I come up with some special cases where it may have changed over the intervening 1895 years (yes, our setting is almost 2000 years prior to the default Traveller setting). I will have to experiment (or ask inexorabletash) if there is an acceptable method to distinguish between systems that you know are unpopulated (000) versus systems that you don't know whether they are populated or not.

2. Using the maps and some queries to find prime Vilani colonies (they had a preference for "only the best worlds" rather than some of the more marginal ones later colonized by Terrans and Imperials). Work out a pattern of colonization, and look at how the world ended up 2000 years later, to decide on Pop/Govt/Law/TL stats for the UWP in -787. Worlds that don't qualify as Vilani colonies, but seem necessary to support trade routes, will receive small bases or Gas Giant fuel depots. These Vilani colonies should all be very well developed and will be the primary high-population worlds in this area, as the last wave of Vilani colonization ended about -3500 Pre-Imperial, so these worlds have all been populated for about 2700 years at the time of our campaign - these are very OLD worlds compared to the later Terran colonies!

3. As you might guess, the next step is to place some Terran colonies. These worlds were mostly settled in the period from -2404 Pre-Imperial (abt 2113AD) to -1776 Pre-Imperial (2745AD); this was the period of the Interstellar Wars, followed by the Second Imperium (Rule of Man). Fortunately, I actually have some written history to guide me on some of these; others I will place as seems logical in relation to those. Then I again go through the process of looking at how the world ended up in 1105, and deciding what it was like in -790.

4. This may sound like it will take a lot of work and time, but really I can use the Access database for a lot of it, and I have been thinking about the stuff to do "by hand" for several days and have solid ideas what should go where. So step 4 in the process is to get one subsector fully detailed for adventuring, identify other important worlds from steps 2 and 3, and then...

5. Start the game! As part of steps 2, 3, and 4, I will have identified worlds necessary for your characters' backstories and for the story of how y'all came to be in possession of the newly re-named Fortunate Son, and chart a route from there to your first destination in the Deep. That should answer all of the questions that Dave had about how you got to where you begin, and allow any adjustment in backstories and "how we all got together" that y'all want to make. Then we will begin as you await your exit from jump into the first system on your itinerary in the Deep (seemed to me a good starting place, considering the name of the campaign ).

6. But wait, we're not all finished yet! As we continue playing the campaign, I will be detailing more subsectors and fleshing out the current status of various worlds of the Deep. Any of you who are interested in detailing worlds, people, and cultures, please let me know - I expect that during this process I will have plenty of work to do, and will be happy to share out some of it by sending you backdated UWP and other relevant info and letting you take it from there.

Anyway, for the TL;DR Summary: Working on setting, still expecting to begin play about the 8th or 9th of August, would be happy to share the work on further details after that.

Go to [SBRD] Reavers' Deep - Table of Contents

Hint: Please gimme a comment below (or a PM) if you'd like to be sent some worlds or other stuff to work on when it's ready!
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