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Creation Date: June 14th, 2013 05:27 AM
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  #5 New July 23rd, 2013 10:34 PM
Hi, y'all. As you may have noticed, I went ahead and chose a name for the campaign: [SBRD] Reavers' Deep, and started a thread in PbP OOC for y'all to post the public part of your character sheets (the part you want the other PCs to know about, in case you are holding back any background details to reveal later).

I was feeling good today and got some work done at the office, but I'm not sure my tired brain is up to writing much on this campaign tonight, so this blog post will just have a few tidbits copy/pasted in from here and there. Some of it may be repetitious, as I know some of this was previously discussed, but don't remember whether it was in blog posts or in the campaign discussion thread or in PMs, and I want to make sure everybody sees.

I scanned my old homebrew extended character generation and wrote a little introduction for it: SB-CT-Extended-Chargen.pdf

This has new rules and service tables for Army, Marines, Navy, Scouts, and Free Traders. My basic idea was to provide a framework of 4 year terms like in Book 1, but adding in some of the cool stuff like service branches and specialty schools from Books 4 and 5 (Books 6 and 7 were not out yet when I wrote these). There is also a Military Police and CID service branch to give some law enforcement skills.

Here is some stuff from that introduction that I thought might be useful for all of you to know, even if you don't use those rules for chargen:
Army and Marine Duties: In this chargen system, it is assumed that the Army provides the bulk of ground and aerospace forces for the Imperium and most individual worlds (yes, there is an Imperial Army). This includes garrisons where needed, putting down rebellions, "police actions" where the Imperium chooses to assist one side or the other in a planetary dispute, and planetary assaults in wartime. The Marines serve as ship’s troops, security forces at Naval installations, and quick response forces in sudden hotspots where Army troops may not be available. Almost every Navy ship of any size has at least a platoon of Marines aboard; larger ships will have company or battalion sized Marine units.

Assault Troops: Both the Army and Marines have soldiers trained as Assault Troops to drop from orbit in assault capsules. Not all Navy ships are equipped w capsules and launchers, but large ships will have this capability, and purpose‐built assault carriers will have multiple launchers for getting the capsules launched in as tight groups as possible. Both Army and Marine assault troops are carried and dropped by Navy ships; the Marines tend to be those already on duty in an area where quick response is needed, whereas Army assault troops will only be loaded up and carried to where a major drop is needed, as in wartime.
Those won't be completely true in this campaign, as depending on what year I end up setting it in, there may not really be much of an Imperium in existence, or any Imperial Army, Navy or Marines. However, this should give you a good idea of how I see things as working in the various pocket empires that you will be operating in, at least the ones large enough to have such forces.

Also, this "is a "small ship" universe, where 5000 tons is a really big ship and is the largest size for commercial bulk transports, and 10,000 tons is the largest Navy dreadnought." Probably even smaller ships for the pocket empires as they don't have the resources of the Imperium.

Speaking of ships, we still need a name for this vessel you will be adventuring in (probably a Type R Fat Trader modified to J-2, or even something a little larger). There was a great thread that I saw recently (actually an old thread brought back by necromancy) with lots of suggested ship names, or y'all can just make something up.

Oh, and that reminds me of another thing, which probably should go in a post on houserules but I'll put it here now so I don't forget. Fuel usage is halved IMTU. This means that most standard ship designs carry enough fuel for two jumps at their maximum range, plus power plant fuel for two months. I think these are more appropriate for ships on a frontier where you may not find good fuel in your destination system. Ships dedicated to runs between core worlds and therefore assured of fuel at each end may be designed with reduced tankage to allow more cargo space, but that isn't the standard.

Also... Combat Rules. I was just planning on using straight CT combat because I figured most everyone was familiar w those rules. Sabredog had a question for me that pointed out to me how little I actually know of CT combat myself, because in college we almost always played w some houserules or Striker, and more recently w my sons we have used Fudge or GURPS. So anyway, I guess I'm willing to hear suggestions on this issue.

All right, I guess I'll go ahead and post this and start looking for historical info on the Reavers' Deep sector and deciding when and where this campaign should start.

Edit: I just noticed that the scans I made do not include the Unfit for Service tables that I had as an alternative to death on a failed survival roll. These were various unpleasant things that could have resulted in either a disability discharge or a dishonorable discharge. The disabilities ranged from severe injuries that dealt a -1 to Str, Dex, and End, to a gun-hand injury that imposed -1 when using that hand, or a leg injury that imposed -1 in movement activities. The dishonorable discharges included various circumstances depending on whether you were simply discharged for conduct, or court-martialed and found not guilty but discharged anyway, or court-martialed and served stockade time before discharge, or court-martialed and escaped from custody with a warrant out for you! I don't see these pages in the folder where they should be, so maybe I need to re-create them. I think it was originally a JTAS article that I modified somewhat.
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