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Creation Date: June 14th, 2013 05:27 AM
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  #4 New July 22nd, 2013 03:01 AM
Getting Ready to Play (new PbP game)

It looks like we will have a group of 4 to 6 players for this game, which seems like a nice size to have. So far we have 3 Yes, 1 Maybe, 1 No, and 2 that I have contacted but not heard back from. (Edit: Now 6 players, 2 waiting to hear back from.) (Edit 2: Full 8 players now; WooHoo!)

Once we know who all will be playing, I recommend the following for putting the group together and getting ready to play:

1) Choose Campaign Setting and Initial Activity

a) Setting: Spinward Marches, Reavers' Deep, unexplored sector, or somewhere else? What historic period? (if Marches, I prefer post-5FW)

b) Cinematic Level: I recommend Level Two (ala Firefly) but am willing to GM Level One or Three if preferred by the group

c) Initial Activity: Do you want to be a free trader crew, or explorers, or law enforcer team, or corporate troubleshooters, or spies/special ops team, or what?

d) Direction from GM: How much do you want me to direct/plan your activity? Do you want to play sandbox where you make your own way, or have episodic planned adventures, or story-arc w connected adventures?

e) I think when we have our starting player list I will send y'all a sort of questionnaire on the setting choices, then I will start a thread in the PbP OOC forum where we can hash out the details, then start making and posting characters.

2) Create Characters

a) See blog post re chargen options; ask me if you have any questions.

b) We will have already decided on setting and initial activity by this point, so keep those in mind when making your character.

c) If you want to work together on chargen and have some relationships figured out before we begin, that is wonderful. I think that works better than a bunch of strangers just meeting up and deciding to work as a team.

d) You don't need to reveal everything about your character before the start of the game. Fritz had an idea that I like a lot: each player makes two versions of his character sheet/bio, a complete one for the player and GM, a less complete one to be posted and available to all, to be edited and more detail added as the characters get to know each other better in the game.

3) Start the Game!

a) To kick off, I think when we have our starting player list I will send y'all a sort of questionnaire on the setting choices, then I will start a thread in the PbP OOC forum where we can hash out the details, then start making and posting characters.

b) Depending on what y'all decide on for setting and initial activities you want to do, it will probably take me a week or so to get ready to start. This will also depend on what you decide as far as how much you want me to plan for your activities: sandbox where you make your own way, or planned adventures, or story-arc w connected adventures. I hope that I can be getting most of this ready while y'all make your characters. Then I'll make another thread in PbP In Character forum and we can start playing!

c) I am looking at this being mostly a Play-by-Post game, because I like the laid back, low-pressure, post-when-ready, flow of that type of game. (Edit: It has been suggested to me that we should have some minimum goal for posting frequency so that everyone has the same expectation. How about at least 4/week? I know that when things get exciting we will probably be posting more frequently, but lets say 4/week as a minimum goal.)

d) I wonder if we might schedule some times when we can all be available simultaneously for more intensive activities like combat, either for a more rapid exchange of posts, or voice connection by Skype or something more like the traditional tabletop experience. We don't have to do that, it is just an idea that I thought we might try if all are willing.

Comments? I am new to playing online, so would welcome any comments or suggestions that you guys have. You can either PM me, or just post a comment here in the blog so everyone can see it and we can have some discussion (no comments yet - you can be the first! ).

UPDATE 7/30/2013: This game has now taken form as [SBRD] Reavers' Deep, and currently has a full roster with eight players. To read more about it, you can go to SpaceBadger's Blog, or the [SBRD] Reavers' Deep - Table of Contents.
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RSS Feed 5 Responses to "Getting Ready to Play (new PbP game)"
#5 July 30th, 2013 06:11 PM
subbob Says:
each player makes two versions of his character sheet/bio
Fantastic idea; could be used in tabletop RPGs also. I'm filing that for future use.
#4 July 23rd, 2013 12:52 AM
sabredog Says:
I'm in! Re: Skyping or Teamspeak I have a TS account server set up. I also have Skype. Pretty much anytime in the evening i can be available for live play. I like Fritz's idea on the chargen - it would allow for some hidden backstory for the character between the ref and player if that is something that adds to the game. What kind of characters should we play? And do any of us get a ship in mustering out or just leave that out?
#3 July 23rd, 2013 12:10 AM
Fritz_Brown Says:
One suggestion about playing online is to organize your threads*: one for the actual action, one for OOC (hey look! a forum just for that!), one (might go in the OOC forum here? I'm not sure) or more for resources: to include maps/pics, characters, equipment, etc. If you use OTU, of course, we won't need as many maps and equipment listings - but you will still want some. * I haven't actually explored the PbP (in the regular forums) on here since our 30th Anniversary game was moved. We were actually using some aspect of the software that was a security risk, so Hunter had to close us down.
#2 July 22nd, 2013 03:10 PM
LiNeNoiSe Says:
I'd like to give it a try.
#1 July 22nd, 2013 11:56 AM
atpollard Says:
Sure, count me in.

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