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Creation Date: March 1st, 2010 06:15 PM
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Musings of a Knight of the Imperium.
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  #104 New March 8th, 2017 05:13 AM
At DunDracon a couple weeks back I did a Star Wars' miniature game that lasted about 8 hours. There was some adorable little boy who played a racing game with me earlier that day, then continued to hang out with me at the "Star Wars" table ... lots of photos of the setup. If you get a chance, check out the site, I'm sure there are some pictures there.

So, it got me to thinking ... it almost felt like "the gods" of gaming were testing me, so to speak as to whether I'd rather play Star Wars games or settle down and have a family. If I ever had kids I would include them in all my activities. However, my career may not allow too much time for children, but again, if I let them in on my career, then it'll be kosher, so to speak.

At Kublacon last year I couldn't help but marvel at all of the families that were there. Parents with children playing an assortment of games and having a rocking time. That's really the way it ought to be. If dad's a bit on the nerdy side, then you hang with dad and do dad's nerdy pastime, all the while going to baseball, dances and whatever else.

Warning; more dead horse beating. so, as I've publicly stated many times, I'm not a Star Wars fan. I won't go over that again. However, what I do like about the first couple of Star Wars' films was the massive artistry that was injected into them. It got me to thinking why no one was making good serious scifi like 2001, Star Trek, Space 1999 with better onscreen talent, and so forth, but with Star Wars' like production values.

Well, there's the obvious question about how much capital you can raise for a project, and inject into hiring craftspeople who can work wood, wire sets, rig up the hard drives, and make your s__t look good in front of the camera. I say this because when I watched Star Trek back in the late 60s and early 70s, it had that "1950's / 1960's" tinge to it. Space 1999, for all its faults, looked modern, it looked contemporary. Space 1999 had that "this could be" vibe going for it. Whereas Trek, for all of its great story telling and acting, really lacked in the costume department, and the on stage "exterior" planet shots looked like all exteriors shot on stage lit by an army of egg crates hanging from the grid; FAKE (as far as planets go anyway).

So what does that have to do with kids and gaming?

Absolutely nothing. But if I had kids, then I'd probably bring them on the set to work and learn a trade with dear old dad, but also pack them off home when it came time for dinner and homework.

It'll never happen, but that's a thought I've had on occasion. I steered clear of kids and family for a variety of reasons (all personal) and none of them had anything to do with gaming. I fired off an email several years back to a TV personality down in San Diego who I corresponded with on occasion, and flippantly told her that I used scifi to avoid dating.

Eh, not really true. Until I could sort out the personal stuff (which I thought would be nothing more than a stint with a therapist) I would plunge my nose into hobbies I liked; reading, writing, sailing, hiking ... the usual. Giants' games (Clark, Williams, Bonds in 1993 to Panda and Bumgarner a few years back). And so I plunged into a career of local film and video hoping beyond hope to make a Traveller film.

Anyway, I like kids, but mostly other people's kids. My Vargr that I grew up with was a very sensitive and loving canine. It's just too bad she had to be uplifted by Grandfather and his troop, because it did get tiring cleaning up after her. And for all the gaming I did with friends, I never neglected my little Vargr. In fact gaming, whether it was fighting D7s in my Fed CA, sparring with bike gangs on a lone highway or in an arena somewhere in post apocalyptic USA, or even whacking a dragon or two, it actually helped keep my spirit good, and in this way keep my relation with my little Vargr healthy.

Now that I understand a bit more of what Traveller is all about, and how and why it intentionally differed from other RPGs on the market for a variety of reasons, it's a relief to know that it had a societal purpose for educating future guardians of society.

Was I a part of that? Or, better yet, I wonder if I was intentionally guided to the game for the purpose of extracting the kind of education the game is meant to impart. One does wonder.

"The Argon Gambit" ... "Death Station" ... "Nomands of the Ocean World" ... a "video camera" in the equipment list ... a forensic's kit ... well, no, I never wanted to be a cop. Nor did I ever really have politics as a career in mind (regardless of what my "extended family" may have envisioned).

My dream was to make the future come nearer. Traveller seemed like a good avenue to putting some really rocking scifi stories up on the screen. And a lot of the speculative art books that I had in my personal library .. the computer games I played growing up and up to this very day ... and knowing where electronics and camera technology were headed, it seemed like a logical choice.

I'm not sure that having a family would have helped that. I don't really know. I know that this newly discovered extended family that I didn't know about before, have really put a crimp in my style on all levels. Their ignorance probably would not have helped any familial aspirations I had. Goodness knows they've completely torpedoed my stay and dreams about the game this website's dedicated to.

Would a son or a daughter reinvigorate my dreams and aspirations? I don't know. I'm thinking probably not, as having kids might force me into a regular 9 to 5 job, and all that entails. Again, thank you "extended family". I think at best Traveller, had I achieved "the dream" would have been a side thing as I strove to create other material all the while having a wife and kids. Interesting.

But, gaming is part of who I am. I find it interesting that guys have a plethora of hobbies, but I rarely see women buying model trains, gaming material, power tools (though some do), model kits of cars, jet fighters, navy ships and so forth. But walk into a Walgreens or Macy's, and the section dedicated to women's cosmetics is massive. I guess the days of woman shouting "...hear me roar" are over ... if they ever begun in the first place.

Now that I understand Tarveller much better, I can set it aside, though I really don't want to. I know I've worn out my stay many years ago. But when you grow up with something, you grow fond of it. Traveller was never meant to be anything more than a conflict simulator with some scifi adornments to "disguise it", so to speak. I get that now. But I think of all the fans that have come and gone, and it's like I'm not the only one who doesn't have a military or law enforcement background, and yet enjoyed the Imperium for all its worth. And that's kind of how I see myself with it.

It is afterall, just a paper and dice pastime. But it's like reading ... a great set of novels, only reading them with your friends. You like remembering the places you went and the adventures you and your friends had all those years ago. And you'd hoped to add to it. Well, I did ... for a time at least.

No, a wife and kids is not going to heal this. Women are cool, kids are cool, dogs are cool, but that doesn't mean you need to push away your model trains or stamp collection. Even if said pastime was designed for an education in security.

When it comes to kids and gaming, you can have your cake and eat it too. The misses might not get into generating a scout to act as a pilot or medic on your type-S, but your son and daughter will dig it.

Yeah, not really happy about the team of monkies that tried to force me to make a decision between the two
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#3 March 14th, 2017 09:56 PM
Blue Ghost Says:
I guess when I was at the gaming table I almost got the sense that ... I don't know, like I was being tested to see whether I wanted to "remain a little boy" and play with my toys, or grow up. For anyone who's read my previous log entries, you know that I'm not a Star Wars fan even though I really enjoy the films and some of the games. And so it is with movies, true, I have a lot of animation, but I like good serious films that don't delve on emotional issues of couples that can easily be overcome. Whatever.
#2 March 13th, 2017 07:40 AM
Blue Ghost Says:
That means a lot. Thanks for that. It was my intention, like a lot of young gamers, to bring my gaming stories to the big screen. Regrettably what I did not know was that I had some very ultra "D&D is the devil's tool" kind of people sort of watching over me from a distance. And only recently have I been able to ... express my displeasure. And yeah, it's like all I ever wanted to do was bring some really rocking story or gaming concept to Traveller, but now that's out the window. I'll live. I won't like it, but I'll live. Thanks again.
#1 March 12th, 2017 12:43 PM
No and the missus made the decision to not have children due to the career path we were on, which was serving in the USAF. Both of us were in jobs that kept us away from home quite a lot (always separate because were were in different career areas). That path ended in 1994 due to the post-Gulf War 1 draw downs and a new road was taken... We had cats, family, friends, gaming, brewing, cooking and visiting historical sites to build our "security zone." Spent a lot of emotional capital on long distance spoiling of my sisters' children. Not always happy with the decision, but content that it was the right one to make. Only one who ever gave us grief was my father-in-law. What I see in your post is someone who loves gaming, and what it can bring to people. Good on ya.

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