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Creation Date: March 1st, 2010 06:15 PM
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Musings of a Knight of the Imperium.
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  #614 New April 14th, 2021 02:08 PM
Gaming sessions can bring out the worst in people. We've all witnessed some pretty underhanded tactics in warsims or reprehensible behavior in RP sessions. Personally during one D&D session our cleric, with his plus 1 mace, perpetually hung to the rear for every encounter. His excuse was that "I'll heal you" by invoking his god's healing prayer. Anyway, I got so angry that I had my 100 strength character grab him by his clerical robes, and throw him towards that pack of undead skeletons that had been conjured from the earth by some magical trap left behind by whoever.

My characters have mowed down Vargr and human pirates, fought off bands of orcs (presumably they all had families), gutted cars and intentionally gunned down the surviving crews attempting to escape, finished off numerous starships in a variety of space combat games, and so forth. That doesn't make for very good story telling when conveying the ideas of moral philosophy.

So you try to conjure good stories, or look for a basic story or story structure that fits with the ideas you want to convey. Truth be told not every story needs to have a moral point. The better ones do, but not always. Sometimes you're there just telling about the fight or the race or the Thing-X that happened to you, which can be exciting in and of itself.

And so it is that I had issues with a lot of online RPing or people who power gamed at face to face table top sessions. But, they are games, and not real life, so whatever. You really do get to know a person based on their game play.

So, things like Car Wars, Traveller, SFB and everything else, are essentially tableaus for you to work with or on. Starfire may have the Terrans fighting the Kahante Empire, but there's no real moral framework there unless you assign some motivator to one or both of the parties involved.

So, again, games aren't good morality generators, but they can reflect your character in terms of how you play. When you go to a professional sport of any kind you don't assign a morality to that basketball team, football team, baseball team, race car, golfer or whoever or whatever else is competing in front of you. But people get emotional when they hear about their star athlete having multiple affairs or are a drug addict or beat their wives. So there's a kind of implicit morality that people carry with them wherever they go. I guess it's part of the reason few games have been translated to mass media.

Anyway, just some more thoughts about games in general and our personal values. Take it for what it's worth.
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