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Creation Date: March 1st, 2010 07:15 PM
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Musings of a Knight of the Imperium.
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  #598 New November 20th, 2020 12:39 PM
Originally Posted by Werner View Post
What if I were to run an Alternate Earths campaign set in the Terra System with the Traveller setting substituting for Homeline. The Third Imperium is funding parachronic research from a base on Luna, instead of parschronic projectors they have wormhole drives, which are similar to jump drives except they move sideways in time to the same system they are in but in a parallel universe.

What sort of starship would be best, scout ship or free trader. Only one starship can visit a parallel Earth at a time, because a wormhole connects two and only two universes, in their natural state they are microscopic and it takes something similar to a jump drive to stretch its mouth so a starship can pass though, the wormhole is otherwise stored in the wormhole drive when not in use.

The same starship can visit more than one universe, but must first pay a visit to the Luna research base to swap wormholes, each drive can only hold one wormhole at a time.

All the Alternate Earths from the two Alternate Earths GURPS world books have wormholes stored at the Luna Research base, in addition there are wormholes connecting to the Interstellar Wars, the New Era, and to Twilight 2000, 2300 AD, GURPS Middle Ages, Homeline, and a Ringworld alternate set about one million years in the future, since only one starship can visit each universe at a time, the Imperium has a policy of keeping a low profile. Imperium Agents have met Homeline Agents, and have had some rather unfriendly encounters with Centrum.
I'm out of Traveller. I hung out here long enough to wait for T5 and to see if I could get a license to publish, but Marc Miller only replies to select emails. But Mister Werner's idea is what I was going to post on the GURPS thread. I didn't because of racial politics involving a significant number of the parallel Earths in both the 3E Parallel Earth's supps, as well as the 4E Infinity Inc.

I've got a handle on what happened with my gaming back in the 1980s, 90s, and more recently the 2000s. It was interference from my mother and her personal security because real men are not Star Trek fans, nor gaming "nerds" / "geeks", in spite of the many career military and martial artists who participate in field operations and combative sports. And, in spite of Kirk, Spock, and the rest of the crew mixing it up with various parties. And, in spite of the fact that I had to interfere in fights and prevent assaults on people.

FYI, said interference goes back to before my "adopted" father passed away, came from various sources; select individuals within the services, possibly Russia (a bunch of Syrian kids threw rocks and wood chips at me in 77 to find out "who I was"), and my mother's or parent's personal security, possibly Saudi Arabia, possibly the UK. I know it sounds out there, but I don't care.

As I've stated here and elsewhere I wanted to turn Traveller, Car Wars and a few other games into films. I was not the first to have this notion, but, at the time (1987 to 1992) I was probably the best of anyone situated to create an independent venture with a proof of concept film to be shot locally here in the Bay Area.

I'm out of film. I only went in there because the math was proving too daunting for natural dyslexia, and possible medication of my food by possible individuals from the afore-mentioned nations. I don't know for sure, but I'll find out. That, and my "friends" were instructed not to game with me "too much". That is in retrospect I was allowed only to game at certain times and only so much. Which really put a crimp in my writing, desire and ability to turn games into films. It'll be done by someone else, not me.

After realizing that Star Trek, Traveller, Buck Rogers, and a host of other science fiction properties are essentially police allegories, and given the harassment I've gone through, I've lost a lot of love for both the genre and film as a whole. I actually wanted to go into the "space industry" to take a shot at what Elon Musk is now doing, but the only game in town was NASA, and you had to essentially be a Valedictorian with a military record to do anything really significant with NASA. Ergo, I went into film and tried to indulge in my favorite pass time of gaming in order to better turn those games into films. But, thanks to my mother and family as a whole, that's a dead horse at this stage.

I was treated pretty badly by some select individuals on various forums, a lot of which may have been harassment consented by law enforcement and health care sourced from overseas (Saudi Arabia and India, and locally here from Stanford and UC Berkeley).

My father wanted me to fill his shoes when the time came. I stated I would as much, but a lot of that is mitigated by the poor treatment I received online and at various real world venues. A lot of it, I suspect, came from senior leadership in my parent's security. Said individual has a very "traditional" and "medieval" outlook on child rearing, and this person's thought stem from the Middle East ... regrettably.

So, what this all means is that all my aspirations for games are done. I've got most of the adventure seeds that I wanted posted in the Alternative Traveller section, as well as GURPS Traveller. I honestly wanted to write for the game, but that desire got soured once I realized Traveller's source material; real world security cases and issues. And also that mass media, today, is gamed for sociology to keep out politics and to keep out a lot of negative messages. My inner Thomas Jefferson and John Adams says that that's wrong, but they're not alive to protest it, and even though I was raised as an American, I am not one, and therefore my inner Thomas Jefferson shrugs my shoulders at the gaming of mass media.

In short I just as well have not picked up SFB, Traveller, Car Wars and all the other games I played and wanted to shoot as films.

I had my computer read back some of the fiction I posted. It turns out I'm not a half bad writer. But I only ever got one or two compliments ... possibly because I bent the rules a little for the OTU (ships dogfighting in a gas giant atmosphere as opposed to screaming on a parabolic course ... Aslan with polearms instead of dewclaw combat ... oh well ... it's my version of the OTU).

Anyway, I'm glad some of my seeds have inspired someone to start a game. That's why I posted them.

So, my personal dramas are over, the powers that be know all of what needs to be known and who did what and why. That doesn't help achieve any of my goals, but then again it doesn't matter because I can move onto other things I want to do. Again, I went into the arts because I was having issues with learning disabilities. I'll see if I can address that this time around, and get some stuff accomplished.

Thanks for reading.
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