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Creation Date: March 1st, 2010 07:15 PM
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Musings of a Knight of the Imperium.
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  #594 New September 21st, 2020 02:26 AM
So, this is for my parents and family, and that is I would like to pose this question to all the Citizens of the Imperium, and just gamers in general, old school and young alike:

Have you ever gotten any personal values from any popular media? Notably, have you ever gotten any sense of right or wrong from a television show?

Have you ever gotten any personal values from a novel, a radio program, a comic book, a piece of music or poetry? Has media, in any form ever given you a sense of right and wrong? Has any media ever given you guidance in any life pursuit or just in general?

I want to thank anybody who is willing to give any kind of answer.
Just an FYI, I don't want to wait a day or two for one of the sysops to approve my post for the political section, so I'm going to post here.

All the scifi and fantasy that I watched and read growing up was just that; fiction and fantasy.

Not once did I ever get any "spiritual" guidance from any of the settings or characters that I digested.

Never did I look to them for solace after a hard day's work or some negative encounter like a local bully or something.

I don't seek comfort nor inspiration for personal life matters from any fiction.

Fiction is just that; fiction. It's made up stuff mean to either amuse or entertain. As an author I put some life experience into fiction, but it's mostly just made up.

As per my thread at best media can be a surrogate parent in terms of eating up your time and making sure you stay put and out of trouble. At worst it might offer some examples of how to behave (or how not to behave) in the real world. My old film history instructor stated that he went to Fred Astaire films to see how to interact with women. For me, the best or worst I ever got out of Star Trek was a poor man's military academy; i.e. you get a sense of esprit de corps, see how the crew interacts by saying "yes sir", "no sir", "acknowledged", "affirmative", "negative" and so forth (not how nearly everyone was an officer, save for the occasional crewman in a jumpsuit). As you get older the stories from any TV show, not just Star Trek, tend to reinforce your own positive values, and possibly some negative aspects of character if you disagree with something, but then again stuff you disagree with you tend to ignore.

As per other posts and other web log entries, I've since fallen out of love with media because they are specifically designed to elucidate psychological awareness of sociological elements; i.e. awareness about emotional health, criminality, relations with family, friends and neighbors, and so forth. You'll never see a TV series about a pirate, private store owner and the tribulations of becoming a successful merchant. TV shows about hospitals, family, and police/criminal situations aren't just cheaper to make, they also foster the sociological agenda that drives a lot of film and TV studios.

So, as such you don't see too much of republican or democrat nor conservative verse liberal rhetoric framed in dramas, but the emotional gist of a free living artist confronting a conservative family will be shown.

That's not a big deal to me. What is a big deal, again as per my original thread, is that my biological mother didn't understand Star Trek, didn't understand Traveller and simulation gaming as a whole, thought that shows like Star Trek were a religious cult to me, or that I had somehow been swept up in some cult because religion, to me, is utterly ridiculous.

Again, I wanted to turn Traveller, SJ Games offerings, and stuff from MetaGaming, SPI, Dwarfstar and so forth into visual media. But my efforts were stymied over and over again by my mother and by a person who was prosecuted over seas.

I won't go into details, but this individual really tried to put the screws to me ... possibly out of spite for my biological father, and just as I was seeking treatment for all the BS I had gone through, the law finally caught up to him. This was revealed to me this month. Whatever. I didn't get any money out of it, all my dreams were crushed because of this man and what my mother imagined, yes IMGAINED, that I may have done because of this scum bag.

I've seen more people do violence in the name of religion than I've ever seen people do violence for a lack of it. That's my experience. And my lack of religion does not mean that I substituted it for some popular media.

The universe is, and math and physics (and to a lesser extent chemistry) can only describe how the physical universe works. As to some intellectual reasoning for it is up to each individual to decide for themselves.

I'm not sure what else to add here ... when my good friend Ray (who never acknowleged me as a friend ... which means that in retrospect I guess he never was a friend in the first place) gave me the Star Edition of Traveller for my birthday, it was just more magic for a very magical time in popular American culture. Star Wars and Empire had been out, Star Trek was going to get another movie, personal computers were finally really making serious inroads into homes, which meant that PC Games (and games for Apples) were enhancing the fantasy and scifi experience with a variety of titles. That, and the Terran Trade authority books were popular, as well as the "Science Fiction Fantasy Horror" conventions and Trekkies flocking to the Federation Trading Post.

And as I read about character generation, read Shadows, the low lottery, and went out stare out at the sunset at the Santa Cruz Mountains, even though my academics had suffered greatly because of this man who had interfered in my life, I thought things were hopeful.

They were hopeful because I had read and read or seen so many accounts of people who wanted to go into the hard sciences but wound up making a success of themselves in media by bringing their story telling ability and fantasies to the screen (TV, computer, movie house), and I was sure that I could be one of those if I just worked hard enough. Well, a combination of this man and my biological mother utterly crushed that, and all I can do is shrug my shoulders at it and move on.

This one man may have been sociopathic, my biological mother was certain that it was a lack of religion that was the cause of my ills. My biological siblings were either too stupid or too cowardly to voice objection. And, these scum bags nearly drove me to self destruction because of their absolute ignorance of American pop culture, even to the point of calling Star Trek "satanic".

So, I'm alive. The person causing me all kinds of problems, after FORTY YEARS, has met up with justice. I don't have a media career, which I'm actually thankful for, never saw a frame of anything shot that I wanted to shoot (which I'm actually okay with) ... and have gone from having girls call me up anonymously and following me home when I was in high school up through university to being a fat bald guy who hasn't shaved for a few weeks (I may shave tonight ... who knows, I'm feeling kind of adventurous ... whip out the Barbasol).

My father, before he passed away, said he wasn't bitter for what he went through. Good for him. But I am. And all I can do is bitch about it here and on other forums or web logs. Life is not fair, and as per my film history instructor Bruce Cameron, it gets harder, but you learn to cope and deal with it.

It's a wonderful summer night with crickets in the background. All I need is a decent film and my late dog next to me sacking out on her bean bag chair.

And to the service personnel who've been needling me on game servers, stop now. I don't want to write another effing web log entry.
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