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Creation Date: March 1st, 2010 07:15 PM
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Musings of a Knight of the Imperium.
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  #591 New March 14th, 2020 09:22 AM
In short you couldn't produce TV or film without some socially positive message, or going after some psychology for the masses.

My thought is that it would have been cool to have shown mainstream America (and whoever else) what you and I did as gamers during our high school and pre-teen years in the late 70s and throughout the 80s as we hit college, university or just went into business. Wow them with an OGRE movie or TV show. Wow them with a Car Wars' movie. Wow them with a Traveller TV series, or, better yet, a monthly series of made for TV movies.

So that's pretty much it. I was raised by sociologists, therapi8sts, school counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists, and I've had enough of their bullshit. I went into film thinking I would escape them, but it turns out that's what media is all about; behavioral science, only on a mass scale.

I really wanted to go into aerospace to do what Space-X is doing now. But the POS who kept interfering in my life kept steering me otherwise. So where I liked Star Wars as a kid, and still think it's entertaining, I see it more as just more anti-Nazi tripe. Again, Nazis are bad guys, but after Tobruk, Hogan's Heroes, The Longest Day, a plethora of Anne Frank films, Dunkirk, The Battle of Britain, Von Ryan's Express, Where Eagles Dare, pick your poison of the library of WW2 films, I'm just burnt out on Nazis. To me soviet communists rank a pretty close second because of their exploits, but comparatively anti-Soviet films are pretty rare.

So eh, personally, I keep my stories politically neutral. If you have Jeffersonian principles going for you and your characters and setting, then you don't need stuff about right or left politics, and people see through that garbage anyway (mostly).

I really wish I could have written for T5. But whatever. I never posted any Star Wars fan fic because I do see it as lending itself towards;

A) A younger audience.

B) A spiritually inclined audience.

My stories lean more towards Star Trek where science is the absolute standard for all things. But poor Trek is like a worn out prostitute that's been passed around among the CBS and Paramount production core.

When Star Wars came out, and Stewart Cowley published his TTA books (which was probably planned, as was the whole Star Wars phenomenon itself), I had a real sense of hope for more of the same. In fact there was talk of a Star Wars TV show on KGO radio, Sunday evening as my adopted mother and I drove through the orchards on the outskirts of San Jose back home, after camping on the beach. But, alas, (and I think it was Lucas himself on the radio) sadly he said "no", and so Space 1999 reruns, Star Trek reruns, and that "new" Logan's Run TV series that had none of the original cast would have to suffice. And even the Stewart Cowley books were a hodge podge of different book covers, and a couple of the "aftermarket" books that were similar and published by Cowley under a different name, again, recycled the Nazi trope. So what to do

Again, it's why I liked the energy of Star Wars, but never got into the characters or the whole Star Wars thing. And when Battlestar Galactica presented its pseudo science thing with really awful lighting and a rich production value scheme hampered by a lead actor whose character constantly had a chip on his shoulder I soured on Hollywood.

And then I got kicked in the teeth for trying to start my career in San Francisco. Largely because everyone had an agenda for my life. And I had so much interference in my life, that when I finally investigated it I discovered people had decided that they were going to try and get me propped up my way. But again I was just too angry at being screwed with for nearly all of my life that, in essence, kicked them in the teeth with a complaint to the Feds last year.

So that's where things stand. I'll never make a Car Wars' film. I'll never make a traveller movie. I'll never make a Barbarian Prince film. I'll never make a Star Smuggler TV series. I'll never make a Trailblazer film. I'll never make a Intruder Alert film. I'll never make a Starfire series, and so forth. Second Empire, Asteroid Zero Four Star Viking the only way I could make a game related film would be if I used one of the WW2 titles from any of the indy game publishers at the time.

And even if someone were to offer it to me now, considering all the BS I had to go through considering all the BS programming that Hollywood put out throughout the 70s and 80s, and yes this is more exhaustion of hearing about Nazis, I simply wouldn't do it.

I lost interest in Star Wars with The Phantom Menace. I was kind of sour on it before because of the afore mentioned reasons, but to have the film maker really make a childish film thinking he was pulling the wool over our eyes, and then putting on the sheen of loving kids I don't know. It seemed very contrived, very condescending, and just more sociologist BS.

Like I stated on other entries, I never liked the industry to begin with. It's deliberately designed to vette problem personalities, but more specifically people who don't have the right political outlook. A lot of "right leaning" types in the industry get steered towards working on police dramas or sports programs. And when I think of all of the independent film makers I saw or worked for, who dumped their life savings or the family fortune into a project they hoped to present to some studio, only to never hear from them again, I just shake my head.

Again, it's why I stayed up here in the SF Bay Area because I knew that NEW tech was coming. But, I had perpetual strong hints of how it's all happening in LA. But even had I gone to LA I would have never been able to produce what I wanted to.

Next chapter; why D&D films are absolute s-h-I-t.
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