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Creation Date: March 1st, 2010 06:15 PM
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Musings of a Knight of the Imperium.
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  #545 New May 16th, 2019 03:46 PM
C squared

Okay, not really, just a little pun. Yesterday Jim Baggot lectured at the Royal Institute, which I believe is a known venue for Christmas Science talks (Sagan lectured there during his hay day), and proposed Einstein's relativity equations as a field theory.

Cutting to the chase time becomes something that's manifested with loop quantum gravity when you do away gluons or quark particles. Then all your left with are loops or knots of "existence". Conglomerating them together you get Penrose weaves, which is a quantum description of space-time, which were later confirmed. Space is made up of loop quantum gravity.

In this framework "frozen time" comes up, and disappears; i.e. time doesn't exist. Fluctuations in space, and as the number of node or intersections in quantum space intersect, time emerges.

Which, as per pervious posts, it may actually be possible to go faster than C, but not in the current framework. And faster than C velocities are possible outside the current universe, and that the initial conditions from the big bang set the speed of light. Which means that the speed of light, if current theory is correct, is variable with each iteration of the universe.

Isn't that cool?

Again, meaning that faster speeds than C are possible, but you need to apart from the fabric of the universe. Ergo the key again becomes how do you separate yourself physically from existence?

For those of you interested in the talk, here's a link (note, he's talking about space as a quantum thing or fabric, whereas I'm taking other concepts and putting them into a possible faster the C scenario based on this research; i.e. he's talking about space, he's not talking about going faster than C);

Or, like I used to tell a friend when we took high school physics, "Remember, if you weighed nothing (zero mass), you'd fly off the Earth."

Anyway, a lot of this is just self congratulatory mental gymnastics. And again, as per my previous comments, it may be possible physically go faster than C, but we may never be able to develop the technology to do so because the universe may not be tactile enough to manipulate so that we could take advantage of the quantum "foam". But hey, stranger things have happened.

Still, it's an interesting thought.
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