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Creation Date: March 1st, 2010 06:15 PM
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Musings of a Knight of the Imperium.
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  #511 New March 14th, 2019 01:44 PM
George Lucas and ILM story. I'm sick and tired of telling it, but apparently there's been A LOT of MISCOMMUNICATION between people allegedly trying to get my career back on track, and what I was shooting for.

Way back in 1990...maybe 1989, erm… 88 I'm thinking, I worked on a Sun Micro industrial that was a Star Trek parody with Kevin Pollack doing his then famous William Shatner "Captain Kirk" imitation, dressed up in a classic Star Fleet uniform, and spewing Kirk-ish Trek witticisms; i.e. "That's why I sit in the middle" kind of stuff.

The sound guy, a tall guy with a full beard and moustache, maybe somewhat balding, I can't remember, was pretty affable, and, of all people, kept breaking up in laughter on the set. The sound guy. Let that sink in.

Anyway, he and I got to talking, and we got onto the subject of scifi, Star Trek, Star Wars and all the rest. And I told him I thought working up at ILM or Lucasfilm would be a pretty cool thing, and how I wanted to take the games I played (like Car Wars, Traveller and the rest) and turn them into screenplays and movies (with the owners' permission of course). And I flat out asked him what it took to work up there.

Well, the conversation never got beyond that as work called us to the set, but at the end of it he gave me a phone number of a supervisor.

Here's what I thought would happen; if I followed through with the phone call, I would give this guy the soundman's name, and maybe get put on a list of people who got called for work, as is the case in the SF media scene; i.e. networking. I thought I might get hired as a grip, dolly grip, PA, or even a stage manager (an entry level position despite the name; you sweep the stage, make coffe, tell jokes, get contracts signed, and tell people where to put the grip truck and park their cars).

To work up at ILM though you really needed to be an engineer or high level tech; automotive, computer, or a very talented artist with oils, sculpting and the like. It's how Jabba, Yoda, Luke's light saber and the Millennium Falcon were conceived, and eventually fabricated on many levels.

I was none of those. I'm still not. But apparently the family sold someone up there on my scientific and technical skills. I've read a lot on astronomy, a lot on physics, I can build a ream super-fast computer, and do some things on the car if I can have access to a jack (I don't trust jack stands … I keep having visions of them tiling over, giving out, and crushing me as I work on the vehicle).

In short, I was not then, am not now, qualified to work there except in the most menial or low end jobs. And now that I'm middle aged and in okay to poor health, I can't even do those.

What to do?

Absolutely nothing. As usual, my plans got botched by forces I didn't know about until a couple years ago, and so with people f_cking with my life from afar, I think I can safely say that I'm glad this whole episode is over with.

But, every time I think about it, I get extremely bitter. Had I not been f_cked with, I probably would have slogged through with my plan, would have gotten somewhere, and gone onto achieve a bunch of other goals.

So, I eat fast good and play online games with the occasional post of writing to keep from getting angry.

I've complained about the biological mother unit in previous entries. Big deal.

Maybe now I can get on with my life, minus all the things I wanted to do with it. Whatever.
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