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Creation Date: March 1st, 2010 06:15 PM
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Musings of a Knight of the Imperium.
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  #510 New March 11th, 2019 03:54 PM
Hex 3231 Hef’Kaah!

Hef’Kah (as it’s referred to by non K’Kree) is one of the worlds accessible to “off worlders”, mainly as an example of K’Kree sociological progression and terraforming. Hef’Kah is a “mega-earth” (an old Solomani or Terran term) which denotes a world several times the size of Terra, but still retaining liquid water a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere, oceans, mountains, plains, and all the elements for colonization, perhaps even native species. Such worlds, more often than not, do not have a spinning molten core, or more rather a magnetosphere protecting the world from solar and cosmic rays, keeping the atmosphere and water from being blown off the world, is the result of random chance—there’s no natural law dictating which ones have such a shield, and which one’s do not. Hef’Kah has a magnetosphere, and as such it retains its water and atmosphere, and is hospitable to towards life of all varieties.

This far into K’Kree space there are few to no amenities for visitors save for the “alien zones” or visitor districts which have housing and apartments for alien nationals. Of note that the apartments are large, perhaps even luxuriant by human standards, but that this is a result of K’Kree construction practices than any concept of needing to appeal to alien psychology.

The Fa’Al is a ten story hotel overlooking a sports complex and a marshalling area where the local defense unit drills. A southern facing room will get you a spectacular view of both sports arena, drilling range, and the local bay. The traveller will note that there are no seacraft in the port, as is typical with many or nearly all K’Kree worlds. Boat voyages are not unknown, but the vegetarian nature of the K’Kree does not lend itself to fishing. However there has been some experimentation with harvesting kelp like growth—there has been no comment coming from officials in this field of research.

The sports typically deal with running, though there is a team sport that is akin to a kind of no-touch rugby that uses a kind of tag or flag system of designated a tagged or down player. The rules aren’t translated, and when asked about the game the typical K’Kree will not deem you worthy of such knowledge, though it is interesting to observe from a distance.

Typically it is equally interesting to see the local militia muster on the drill range, sometimes in full armor, other times not, but always practicing a kind of herd formation maneuvers as well as hand to hand combat and target practice. The visitor will note that even from this distance you can feel the tremble of the earth translate through the hotel as the militia thunders across the drill range.

Further beyond are grazing fields and clan or familial areas. Not quite parks per se as the rest of known space sophonts utilize, but a kind of spiritual and societal functionary for meeting and exchanging thoughts and officiating on civil matters. A counsel of elders meets and hears complaints or other matters of import under the gleam of either golden sun or rain drenched overcast.

Hef’Kah is largely unsettled in spite of vast stretches of well groomed grassy plains. Much of the world is unexplored, a mixture of environments typical of any colonizable planet that has a any kind of biosphere, as well as some native fauna that have not been driven to extinction by K’Kree cleansing doctrine. The forests outside a few hundred kilometers of the main star town are typically not maintained, though automation beyond the limit does clear up dead wood and other combustible materials. Corridors connecting cities or hubs are linked by a hyper-grav tram system, though you can hire one of the notorious grav platforms outfitted with artificial turf and no seat nor restraints—you will have to sit on the floor. There are maybe a dozen or so grav vehicle suited for off worlders, mostly left behind by previous travelers.

The hyper-grav “loop” is particularly interesting because it consists of huge domed vehicles that, in spite of their size, are limited to a couple of dozen K’Kree, when in reality, were it not for K’Kree psychology, could hold perhaps many times that. The tram system moves at supersonic speeds, with the ballistic grade dome keeping out the wind, and a lot of natural scent pumped and mixed in with the conditioned air.

Getting back to the natural environment, much of the world is more tropical than temperate, and the polar regions are smaller than on other worlds, though still cold, covered with ice and snow, and subject to all the arctic forces seen on other worlds. Most travelers will or should feel relatively safe traversing the forests or even the less hospitable areas in terms of not coming across predators (again, long since done away with), though natural formations that may pose danger such as cliffs, natural fissures, or desert regions with no water if the traveller is not equipped.

The oceans are essentially unused, as is typical with the K’Kree since most of their society is oriented around grassy plains and stretches of open fields. Therefore, perhaps not surprisingly enough, the pelagic zones are not well researched, and even deeper the oceans are essentially unexplored. The water going Traveller is warned against unwarranted exploration of the oceans due to a lack of data. Stories of mega predators are not widely spread due to a lack of information, but again it is an unknown quantity. And, again, there is little in the way of watersports, though occasionally one will see a small band of human visitors surfing off the very white sandy beaches.

Hef’Kaah could be a resort world if the K’Kree would open up their borders more, but as with all things K’Kree, they have their reasons, and if pressed will become hostile on the matter, perhaps even accusatory and militant. And it goes without saying make sure your crew and guests are eating protein bars and holding to a vegetarian diet.

An interesting and beautiful world, though again because it lies within K’Kree space it will take some time to get to, and once there you will need to adhere to K’Kree societal norms, as with all visits to the Two-Thousand worlds.
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#2 March 11th, 2019 06:19 PM
Blue Ghost Says:
#1 March 11th, 2019 04:26 PM
timerover51 Says:
I figure as a unreconstructed carnivore, I would be death as soon as I was off of a ship. I prefer my K'kree roasted on a spit and then covered with a good barbecue sauce, one that is a tad sweet and tangy. A1 would work as well.

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