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Creation Date: March 1st, 2010 06:15 PM
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Musings of a Knight of the Imperium.
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  #508 New March 5th, 2019 09:13 AM
Back in the day I had an opportunity to work as a mate on a yacht at the local harbor, but begged off for whatever reason (I guess I really wasn't too interested at the time, even though I was sailing). In the last few years I've been looking at so-called "mega yachts", and where I think they're interesting to look at, I think I can safely say that even if I had gazillions of dollars at my disposal that I would not want one, and probably wouldn't want to charter one either, unless I really needed to entertain some people for business or something.

Those huge rich-man playthings are really wonder and marvelous to gawk at. Truly they are beautiful vessels to behold, but it's like an attractive sig-other of your sex of preference; they're high maintenance. Literally. You need to hire and pay a crew to take care of the beast. Still, I'm glad someone makes those things, because they really do seem like art pieces on the high seas.

I've been on a few yachts in my life time, but really have no desire for one. I briefly thought of living on one after the move, but well, no. Where would I park my car?

However, this did get me to thinking about mega yachts in Traveller. There's one listed in the DGP MT vehicle guide, and it is a grav yacht, but she's a little under classed for a mega yacht, more like a Jabba the Hutt sail barge or something. A few years back a couple of map designers tried to make mega yacht maps for Counter Strike. One was really slick with professionally done textures, the other was clearly some fanboy who had basic knowledge of the editor but no real artistic skill.

Some years back when my big revelations about the scifi genre came about, it occurred to me that real world yachts and mega-yachts are probably hired out for law enforcement and probably bigger security operations; i.e. maybe they insert covert ops types for some one off mission or something. That would be a cool intro to a Traveller adventure

I like sailing, but I don't like rough seas. I remember fishing off of what, Cape Cod? During the remnants of a hurricane (Summer of 91 or 92 I think), and lightening arcing across the sky in the middle of the night during high seas, no matter how much light was being shone on deck and on the water, does not for a good time make

I love a nice calm coast, and the Pacific is rarely calm, ergo the reason you don't see many mega yachts here in the bay area, if any at all. Maybe once in a blue moon, and there's a "yacht charter" company that has a "mega yacht" for hire, but the thing is essentially a giant club with a dance floor and chairs on water. It's not luxurious in the least, and looks like a hand me down from the Gold Fleet that ferries people across the Bay between Marin and the Oakland / Berkeley area to San Francisco. In short, as far as "mega yachts" go, this thing is the proverbial rural rusted out pickup on cinder blocks. And I think that's being kind.

No, there's only been one real "mega yacht" that I've ever seen come into San Francisco bay, an that was for a fleet week celebration and air show way back in the early 2000s. It was Bermuda or Cayman flagged, as expected (tax and legal reasons, or so I've been told). It was forced to go up and down the water front along fisherman's wharf because there was no anchorage for it.

I've read a YouTube comment that most mega yachts are "coastal cruisers" and can't really take rough seas. Another reason you don't see them in the Pacific too much.

Traveller yachts, starship yachts that is there's no real sense that they have a real luxury component to them. There's a ball room in one of the FASA yachts, but there's not much beyond that. And the standard 1.5 meter square grip seems to delegate how starship interiors are mapped out, ergo you don't get a lot of detail and variance on luxury suites verse crew quarters (or so that I recall I'll have to dig up my old FASA deck plans to make sure).

And with Traveller yachts I never got a sense of their worth. I never got a sense of what they were for, why anyone would have one, nor what real advantage they had above and beyond a type-S or one of the type-S variants. I bring this up because when you look at your standard cabin cruiser or sailing yacht, you get a sense that a "pro version" is going to be a lot bigger, a lot faster, and a lot more useful. When you look at an ocean liner or a super tanker, or even a big military vessel like a CVN, you get a sense that their size compared to your little boat carries a great deal of gravitas with it. So it is that if you privately owned say a thirty foot sailing yacht, if you were to pass a megayacht either in local waters or out on the open sea, you would be impressed with its size and overall design. But I don't get that sense with Traveller yachts. Nor do I get the sense that they can travel further, farther and faster than a type-S which is nearly the size of a contemporary passenger jet.

I wonder if starship yachts in the 3I come with the outer space equivalent of jet skis, vacc suits for patrons to visit exotic worlds and so forth.

Years ago I used to subscribe to Sail magazine. Occasionally I bought American Motorboat or the other big mag dedicated to motorized yachts, but for me motorized yachts, especially the super huge ones, weren't practical in the sense that unlike a sailing vessel, you were limited to how much fuel you could carry. For sailing vessels there's usually wind, not always, but usually, and you can fish and fry up your meal if so inclined. Fresh water is a problem, but solar stills can sometimes extend your time out on the open ocean. Motor yachts of all stripes are bound to land because of their reliance on petrochemicals. Maybe someday that can change. Who knows?

I guess the other thought I have on mega yachts is that they look bigger than they actually are. That is whenever I see an uploaded video of one the camera is nearly always using a wide angle lens for the interior shots, ergo the passageways for the cabins and to other private spaces are essentially two and a half feet wide, if that. In other words it's cramped living in spaces. Not all yachts, and not every interior corridor, but it is a vessel, and space is a valuable commodity.

You know, for all that luxury living they promise, for all the artwork and plush carpeting and other amenities, I think I can safely say that I prefer my old house and my current office. I've been on ferries, yachts, and a few other things that ride the waves, and they are all subject to tidal forces, meaning that if you're going to have a meal on one, then you need to be cruising calm waters or anchored.

Maybe yachts can be reworked for the game. Just tossing out ideas here.

Prepare to jump. One. Two. Three. JUMP!
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