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Creation Date: March 1st, 2010 06:15 PM
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Musings of a Knight of the Imperium.
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  #195 New July 15th, 2017 06:43 PM
There's a thought that Star Trek is akin to a religion, or serves as a religion for the most die hard fans.

Could anything be more absurd, or further from the truth?

I think there're religious people who worry about Star Trek fans because that TV show that was briefly produced in the 1960s, tells better parables than anything any religious text can offer. But Trek is not a spiritual guide, though I guess some delusional types might find some strange religious aspect ... but then they aren't fans, and are just nut cases looking for something to latch onto.

I think of all of the fans of Shakespeare who know every line of every play and every poem that's in the Shakespeare portfolio. And how those people (a lot of whom are actors) gleam wisdom and knowledge of the world. You used to see them in talk shows meant for an educated audience, and they'd quote some line from one of the plays in Shakespeare, and the host, if he's on top of things, will reply with the follow up line, or cite the play and ask what the person meant by quoting Shakespeare.

Now, are those people Shakespeare followers? That is to say do they deify Shakespaere? Of course not. Whether you believe Shakespeare wrote the plays are not (I'm of the opinion that he didn't), he was just a man.

Ditto with all the TV screenwriters who participated in Star Trek back in the 1960s.

The similarity comes down to the fact that both sets of media (TV episodes and stage plays) are dealing with malefactors in society, sometimes mixed in with the occasional love story. Unlike Shakespeare Star Trek does not have the U.S.S. Enterprise roaming around Elizabethan England and renaissance Europe.

The same goes for all TV shows. Anyone remember ... CHIPs with Ponch and John? Happy Days? Eight is Enough? MASH? The Outer Limits? Hee Haw? Do you remember any of those those shows from years back? Do you remember Abbot and Costello? Laurel and Hardy? What about the Sherlock Holmes films with Basil Rathbone? Flash Gordon serials? Buck Rogers? Captain Marvel?

One of the reasons Star Trek kept its continued popularity was because of the producer, a former police officer and WW2 veteran, who helped keep the shows reputation alive because Star Trek addressed some of the core features of what went wrong in society

Shakespeare addresses matter of the heart, good and dark alike. And is also interested in justice, whereas Star Trek is more about getting to the core thinking of the "perpetrator" and stopping or reversing whatever havoc they've created. The whole show is like that.

Other more mundane TV shows like Family or Good Times or All in the Family address more everyday social rifts, and dress it up with humor. Welcome Back Kotter or Chico and the Man looked at social rifts and common problems between minorities and the then white majority in the US, and how their problems were similar and that the only thing dividing them were their physical traits, or so the shows tried to present to a still very prejudiced America.

Now, are any of the fans of those shows religious followers of any of those shows? I don't think so. I doubt there's a priest for WKRP in Cincinnati. I doubt there's congregation for One Day at a Time or What's Happening. I tend not to think that there are religious writings for My Three Sons or Hazel or even I love Lucy.

But, if you're a Star Trek fan, as I am, then that's how you are seen, and you are seen as such by the most virulent religious fundamentalists who have a high degree of fear of their own imaginations, and therefore cast their own shortcomings on fans of Star Trek and the scifi genre in general.

Science is a Latin word meaning knowledge, or so I recall. Fiction is defined as stuff that's made up or invented. Marry the two and you get knowledge that is made up in order to tell a story. And that's all science fiction is.

Regrettably in years past, if you've read my previous blog entries, you'll know that I've had the unfortunate experience of being helicopter parented by catholics, and how their ignorance of games, their ignorance of the science fiction genre, pushed them to try and maneuver me away from both; the two very things I probably love most in the world other than my long lost dog and the woman I knew as my mother.

Once again, at one time it had been my hope to take a good portion of the games I played, and turn them into media properties for people to enjoy. I wouldn't own the films, I wouldn't own the games upon which they were based, I wouldn't alter the fiction nor pirate or otherwise mold it so I could claim it my own. I just wanted to share with the every day person some of the great imaginative experiences I had as a boy, as Lucas and Spielberg had done with their films.

That's all.

But this does not mean I'm a star trek cultist or zealot. Nor does it mean that those highfalutin actors who spout off Shakespeare quotes are zealots of either the actor Shaxpeare or whatever author you think wrote the portfolio.

I often get exasperated and angry writing these blogs, but it's important that this one be presented as is for anyone who wants to follow my soap opera. And, rest assured, this is the final chapter of this particular drama.

In the coming years I may make a media splash. I hope it will be constructive to all.
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RSS Feed 3 Responses to "Star Trek, Hamlet & religion"
#3 July 20th, 2017 10:41 AM
Blue Ghost Says:
Magnus; as always your comments are welcome. I'm sorry if my previous comments come off angry, because as usual, I was. But it is kind of funny, because what we have is this ultra rich woman in France overseeing my life, and yet she's locked into this catholicism, and by that I mean the kind that hearkens back to the Roman Empire; i.e. if you don't believe in their deity you're in league with the forces of darkness kind of stuff. So much that, reflecting on my life, this woman tried to set me up with some cultists. What's even stranger is that with all her money and political pull she couldn't find her way to read a science book or take a class (hire a professor) to teach her Astronomy 101. Oh well. Whatever. This may make the news, and I mean international news, but I like my life as is.
#2 July 17th, 2017 04:28 PM
Blue Ghost Says:
Well, I've had a belly full of catholics being asked by this woman in France to come "help me" or befriend me. The most infamous were a couple of Traveller players, one of whom kept trying to tell me about "the devil" or satan, and actively discouraged me from gaming, even during our sessions. Another were some Age of Empires clan members back in 1999 or 1998, one calling himself J_E_S_U_S_Freak, and another was a kid pretending to be an occultist, as this woman in France thought I was due to my atheism. And somehow Star Trek, a simple (yet well put together) science fiction show, in her mind, was some kind of an extension of that. She's a DFB, and I'll let the reader figure out the acronym. But thanks, Magnus.
#1 July 17th, 2017 01:56 PM
Wow. And here I was a latch key kid under a Catholic and closest atheist who still made us go to church every Sunday. Oddly, my family for all its faults was much more relaxed than yours. My dad was a straight up nerd but I didn't get that till I was an adult. Things were strained then so, missed out. I think my mom has at least read some. I know she pointed me at the good stuff as opposed to the BEM stuff I had been reading. Either, we're free now. Oh and they're just jealous of our styling uniforms. And all the alien naughty times.

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