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Creation Date: October 28th, 2017 09:28 PM
Timerover51 Timerover51 is offline
Citizen: SOC-14
My Daily (sort of) Thoughts on Various Topics. Not Politically Correct.
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  #242 New August 29th, 2020 01:49 AM
We finally got away from the tax office (this is the Tax Season that Never Ends) and spent a few days at Shipshewana and the Flea Market. Of course, the days the Flea Market was open were some of the hottest it has been in Shipshewana all summer, so I stayed in the hotel air conditioning while my wife went. She found some good stuff, but not all of the normal vendors were there. Hopefully, it will be back to closer to normal next year. We did hit the furniture stores, and are now trying to figure out how to get a couple of those delightfully comfortable glider rockers that pivot 360 degrees back to Illinois without a delivery cost equal to the cost of the rockers. Then my wife saw a sign about another store while wandering around lost, and we were successful in finding the sign, and then finding the store. It was custom kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. Oh Wow!!! My wife took one look and decided this was what she wanted, and there was no way I was going to argue with her, except to say, this is the place to get it. If you want wooden furniture or cabinets of any kind, get the Amish to make it. The quality is fantastic. The owner very happily took us on a tour of his woodworking shop, and I realized that I needed to do some adjustments when it comes to the Amish. They ride bicycles and use buggies powered by magnificent horses, but the woodworking shop was state-of-the-art. They use the technology that they decide they need.

Of course, we had to visit the Blue Gate Restaurant at least once, more like three days out of four. The fourth day, Tuesday, the line was too long with the Flea Market people hitting it. I like meat loaf. I know, I have very plebeian taste when it comes to food, but I do. My wife makes good meat loaf, and I will ask her to make some in the cooler weather. Our favorite dining spot makes good meat loaf, just not the same kind as my wife. The Blue Gate Restaurant makes good meat loaf, but different from both my wife and our dining spot. I would happily eat all three seven days a week. Then there is the melt-in-your-mouth roast beef, and Amish mashed potatoes, and the dressing. Finest dressing that is not turkey stuffing that I have had. Apple butter, cannot forget the apple butter. Fit for the Norse Gods, the Greek ones are too effete to understand the deliciousness of it. Besides, Greece is not good apple country. I almost picked up a big Mason jar of pickled eggs, but held off. We will be back, probably soon, and then the pickled eggs. Between the pickled eggs and pickled Brussel Sprouts, my wife thinks that I am nuts, but keeps me anyway. We both love the Amish peanut butter spread. Overall, a successful trip, and more to come. Fortunately, it is about 3 plus hours away, depending on Chicago traffic, otherwise, we would be visiting a certain restaurant a LOT more often.
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