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Creation Date: October 28th, 2017 08:28 PM
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Citizen: SOC-14
My Daily (sort of) Thoughts on Various Topics. Not Politically Correct.
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  #131 New April 30th, 2019 05:23 AM
I finally won at Russian Rails tonight, even though I started in the East, near the Urals, and never delivered any cargos to Leningrad or Moscow. For once, I had reasonable cards, which likely means that the card deck is geting more thoroughly mixed up. I did extremely well hauling sugar beets and tea, along with cattle from the East to the West. The cotton loads helped a couple of times too.

With respect to Traveller trade goods, I keep getting more ideas the more I play the railroad games. I have reworked the Cepheus Engine trade goods Die Modifier Table, and I probably am going to work on the some more. First question is do I keep it with the eisting format for Trade Goods of basically a role of 2D6 with results from 11 to 66 and 36 results. The Classic Game used that format, but had a greater focus on raw materials, rather than more manufactured goods. Now, more manufactured goods is not a bad idea, especially in the sector that I am building, but a greater variety of raw materials would be good too. I keep thinking about maybe a basic table, but with some items requiring an additional roll for further differentiate them. Say, you roll Animal Products, but then roll again for whether it is Meat, Furs, Cheese, Leather, Woven Goods, or Other (that being whatever the referee wants to dream up). You could have a plaent that is convinced that the ground teeth of an El Paso Megaphont is a 100% effective aphrodisiac or that the abominably smelling fat of the local hippo-equivalent contains a fantastically effective perfurme fixative that cannot be synthesized easily but a ton of fat yields only an one of fixative. Trophies would be good to, as the head of a 30 foot Armored Crush Jaw, again from El Paso, is a terrific trophy, that is assuming that you catch the Crush Jaw rather than the Crush Jaw catching you.

I might toss some ideas on in the Forum and see how they float.
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#3 May 3rd, 2019 05:31 AM
SpaceBadger Says:
Just one more ingredients to stir into your mix, I recall now that in SBRD I decided to use the trade goods tables from GT Interstellar Wars, the GT book about the series of wars by which those plucky Terrans broke the Vilani Ziru Sirka. I'm pretty sure I had a link for it somewhere in the SBRD campaign materials; I'll see if I can find that for you. Huh. I may have to get back to you on that. Here is the link to the SBRD Trade & Commerce Rules, which explains my own modifications to the system, and apparently originally included my table, but the table isn't there. [EDIT: Fixed! It was a broken image; just had to fix the URL.]
#2 May 1st, 2019 05:28 PM
Also rock on for your win and not hitting the big cities out west. Kinda like winning Empire Builder by not crossing the Rockies. Nice.
#1 May 1st, 2019 05:27 PM
Have you looked at T5's Trade & Commerce? It has that ability, to refine down what the goods are.

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