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Creation Date: October 28th, 2017 09:28 PM
Timerover51 Timerover51 is offline
Citizen: SOC-14
My Daily (sort of) Thoughts on Various Topics. Not Politically Correct.
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  #118 New March 28th, 2019 03:31 AM
I never promised that this blog would be totally about Traveller or Space-1889, or politically correct, but more about my daily thoughts, as the title says. If you have been reading either my posts in the forum, or Moot, or here, you might have figured out that I am a fairly conservative Christian, with more than a bit of seminary background. Now, if that sort of background would tend to offend you, you can either stop reading at this point, or read on and either be offended or possibly educated.

I am in a Men's Bible Study on Wednesday nights, which I greatly appreciate, and we are going through an online series on the Book of Hebrews, with the online speaker being Dr. Michael Kruger, the President of Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina. Tonight we were covering Hebrews 10:26-31, which covers that difficult subject called "apostasy". The final verse that we covered, verse 31, is as follows.

31: It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.
You might recognize a slightly different wording of that in Johnathan Edward's sermon, SINNERS IN THE HANDS OF AN ANGRY GOD. That actually was in my high school American Literature book, but I suspect that it is no longer present in high school American Literature books, and probably not college literature books, except maybe at conservative Christian colleges, as it would be far too offensive to the current crop of politically correct books. It is on Project Gutenberg, so as I was not sure where it was on my computer, I took the easy way out and downloaded it again to read. As I read it, what struck me the hardest was that Edward's was not talking about those outside the church, but those who were sitting in his congregation, playing at Christianity, but not really Christians. That was the same thing that we discussed following the video. Those in the church playing at being Christians, and those in other denominations in the process of leading their members astray into apostasy. If you want to get an idea of what areas we were discussing, I would suggest you read the Pauline Epistles, along with Hebrews, and some of the Old Testament laws as well. We also discussed the fact that the writer of Hebrews makes it pretty clear that those who lead their followers into apostasy will face a special and more severe punishment when they stand in judgement. I would not want to be in their position at all when they face the living God. And yes, I believe in a literal Hell and a literal Satan. The Bible does not leave a whole lot of wiggle room for anything else.
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#1 April 5th, 2019 05:36 PM
It leaves plenty room for the scholarly. But for the sake of dsiscussion, say you're right, exactly how do you justify being conservative when Jesus, the Messiah was a straight up hippie who preached loving even people you don't like as well as communal living and the sharing of all property and monies? Sometime I feel like we're reading different books. I don't think Jesus would approve of most actions of people claiming to be Christian. And last, why be afraid of God when the Messiah said to have a persoanl relationship with him? Also, that same God told me to meet them with my head held high as a free man. That doesn't sound like being afraid to me, so if it does exist, I'm pretty cool with my life and have no fear. Why should I, I've done nothing major.

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