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Creation Date: July 16th, 2007 05:15 AM
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  #9 New June 13th, 2011 04:46 AM
I've been running the old WEG d6 Star Wars lately. I've been none too easy on my players; and 2 of the 3 have been spending more Character points on ship improvement and roll boosts than on their characters... So the climb has been slow and steady.

And they bought a new ship rather than try to fix the old one. So, it's a brand new YT1210.

Well, I've got them dirtside on Ord Mandell, the Junkyard Planet. Steph's character Mack is looking for some droid program chips - blank or blankable, not picky - and blows her streetwise (7 with a 1 on the wild die...). So, in a fit of nasty improv, I have her witness a teen sith apprentice be dropped off by a Lambda class shuttle. (Yes, I borrow a memorable mission from The Force Unleashed.) She is well hidden (21), and he's not looking, so she hides. Once he goes down and into the "dungeon crawl," she calls for help from the other PC's, who are an Ithorian Scout named Loris, and one droid, R2-L5; R2-L4 is an NPC also owned now by the party. They've borrowed R2-D2 and C-3PO to work on the ship, putting in some improvements. (Rogue Squadron is assigned here at the moment, so Skywalker is present, and the PC's earlier in the campaign brought Biggs into the Alliance... and they fought at the Battle of Yaavin.)

So, after Mack calls them, she heads down into the tubes, trying to figure out how to keep this red-blade jedi from getting whatever it is he's after.

Loris tries to fly the ship. He rolls a 7 with a 1 on the wild die, as well... 5's good enough to take off, but not to land... I let him fly it over, but blow the landing... crashing into the lambda waiting for the young sith apprentice. Peter, playing Loris, comments that saving the other PC is a viable use for a force point... and that if it kills anybody, it's a darkside point. I affirm this. I then ask, "You want a force point anyway?"

Peter, thinks a moment, and I point out it applies to the hull and damage rolls, and note that both ships are about the same size, and it's going to be a rough crash... and ask, "You want a force point on this turn?" He nods...
So he rolls the massive pile-o-dice for damage to the shuttle, and I wiff on the shuttle's 3d hull roll. 38 vs 12. BOOM, no more shuttle, no more pilot nor techs aboard. He rolls for the ship, and I roll the damage, and no damage to the ship at all... and even if he'd not rolled double, the ship would have survived. So I hit him with a dark side point for using the force to kill. (Note: I also tell him not to mark it as used... he didn't quite pick up on that, I think, until later.)

So the shuttle goes BOOM; R2-L5 rolls the shields to keep the ship safe from the kaboom, and the boom also gets the young sith running back up topside. R2 takes over the guns, and shoots. Galen (the sith) makes the lightsaber rolls to deflect the shots. (With 5D of lightsaber and 3D of sense...) He then charges the ship.

He basically forces his way aboard, having hung on despite R2-L5 having tried hard to shake him off, and Loris having tried to keep him from opening the airlock. He senses Loris' Darkside point and notes that Loris also is able to resist force suggestions. (Galen blew the rolls, but Galen doesn't KNOW that.) Galen, having been told by Vader to help the Rebels, senses this is a darksider rebel. (He blew a roll... and it's good story... so...)

Loris burns a forcepoint to make a heroic (38) willpower roll to self-hypnotize and compartmentalize off the secrets of the Rebellion... Sure... It's even dramatically appropriate.

Galen decides to present this Loris to Darth Vader as a potential fellow student. (He really hopes to be allowed to train him himself.) But it's been established in play that Loris served under Gen. Kenobi in the Clone Wars... So when presented to Vader, Darth Vader says, "It's been a long time, Loris." (Peter apparently decided on the spot that Loris doesn't quite see the connection between Vader and Skywalker...)

So, vader and Loris briefly talk, and Vader offers to use Loris' help to restore order and ecological protection to the Universe... And much to my surprise, Loris accepts Lord Vader's offer to be the additional apprentice.

The droids get sent back with the ship, so as to make it so that Loris is alone with Vader for an extended time. Loris is spending 6 weeks learning to Sense the force.... From Vader.

And Vader knows and is using Loris to keep the rebels strong so that, when the time is right, he and his apprentices can take out the Emperor. (Almost directly from TFU.)

This is probably one of the weirdest things I've done in a Star Wars game.
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