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Creation Date: September 17th, 2011 06:22 AM
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"Searching for Truth, Justice and the Zhunastu Way"
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  #63 New June 5th, 2012 02:45 AM
2nd Edit

She looked on Ciia's broken body, she thought of Firlavas, Arynro, all the things she had seen and done. This was no way to fight a war, it was all so pointless. Suddenly, in an instant, she understood. She laughed as her heart turned to steel.

She bent, closed Ciia's eyes, one final kiss. She reached for her communicator “I'm done here Dalen, I'll gather anything useful and come back.” She thought, raiding Ciia's tomb, it might take several trips.
“Are you alright Liadtee, you sound... different.”
“I am different Dalen, very different. You loved her didn't you?”
“Loved who Liadtee.” She knew he understood exactly who she meant.
“Luammi.” Even with their minds joined it had seemed so far from what she knew of as love she'd never understood, not until now.
“Yes Liadtee I did”
“And you killed her and it turned your heart hard didn't it.”
“Yes.” She knew he'd understood when he killed his love as well.
But Liadtee had an advantage over him, she had an ally, her lover, two could do so much more than one. “We have work to do Lover.”

Liadtee docked the pod with the first load, she'd have to strip as much from the Onda as she could. Food of course, they'd need that, spare parts, robots. Anything that might be useful. Would be good to get a few missiles, those they'd definitely need lots of. But that could be difficult. She went straight to control. She needed to talk with Dalen face to face. She touched his frozen face. There was the slightest hesitation as her thoughts turned to Ciia, then she reached out. No time for pleasant caresses, they had work to do. She saw him, he turned to face her “You're hard.”
“Yes, does it disturb you?”
“No, and you're not going to be a part of it any more.” He really didn't need to look hard, she was burning with passion. He didn't wait for her to ask “Yes, yes I will come with you.”
She could see something disturbing him though “I can't make that out Lover?”
“I'd seen this before, all of this, this world, Ciia's ship. All of it in my dreams.” She peered hard into his mind, could it possibly be. Had they missed that, they'd never tested him and it would not have awoken until somebody touched his mind.
She looked hard, she was stunned by the primal power and mixture of chaos and order that was growing in him. They had missed it “Dalen, you need to sit, I have something to tell you.”

Liadtee finished stripping the Onda, Dalen had used structure robots to retrieve her remaining missiles. It had taken almost a week. She stood in her room looking at the shattered hulk that was now Ciia's grave. “I wish we could bury her.”
“We can, after a fashion my love.”
“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. A few well placed nudges will put it into a decaying orbit. Not quite a grave, more a funeral pyre.”
She smiled, possibly fitting, she had lived a passionate life, a fiery end seem appropriate. “Thank you Lover, I think she would have liked that.”

Pilot Dainras of the Aeersa was waiting, the Lammisas. They were overdue, probably nothing serious, raids tended to be a little unpredictable, but they were very late. Ship spoke “Pilot I'm detecting a hyperspace exit.”
“Where Ship?”
“Ten thousand kilometres off, two seventeen mark three forty two.”
Dainras noted that it was very close and he was nothing if not prudent. “Take us away from it, six G” He crossed to the control couch and took his key.
“It's the Lammisas Pilot.”
Dainras relaxed and returned the key to the safety of his neck. “All stop ship.”
“Pilot, the Lammisas' Pilot wish to speak with you, she says it is extremely urgent.”
Dainras had briefly met this Pilot before, about a year ago. “Well you'd better put her through.” Liadtee appeared on the viewscreen. Dainras addressed her “Yes?”
She spoke calmly and quickly “My name is Liadtee, the ship is Dalen. We are both very sorry.”

Dalen fired with exceptional accuracy, he already knew exactly where to aim. The beam pierced control immediately, killing the ship instantly. He rapidly changed orientation, cutting through the pilot's quarters. It was over in less than ten seconds, not even enough time for Dainras to feel fear. Liadtee looked on a little sadly “It won't be this easy next time Lover.”
“No I expect not. Now what?”
“We broadcast to the settlement. Tell them the truth. That the Fasu are human, just a splinter group of the Synod. That the whole war is just a sham neither side want to win. Just another way of justifying their control.” She considered a moment. “And what do you think of adding in that music Mmunt gave us? A bonus treat for them.”
“You really think anyone will listen?”
She shrugged her shoulders “One or two might, this time anyway.”
He chuckled lightly “Hardly seems worth it, but I imagine they'd appreciate the music.”
“Hey every revolution has to start somewhere. And a rogue ship, the rumours will spread quickly enough.” She knew this was going to be a long job, but they were both patient and they had each other.
“So how long before they manage to hunt us down?” He sounded almost nonchalant about the prospect.
She laughed “How would I know, you're the one with precognition not me Lover.” Precognition, the rarest of all psionic talents and in their situation, the most useful. They'd really messed up encasing Dalen in an instrument of mass destruction without finding out what he was capable of first. More so by putting her with him as a pilot to awaken his full potential. Butterflies.

She surveyed the Aeersa in her headset “Very precise Lover, not much damage at all.”
“Thank you, I was trying.”
“I know, how long do you reckon we'll have to scavenge off it?”
Dalen thought how much she had changed over the past few weeks. Her old naivety gone “Longer than we can afford to stay here.”
“Suppose we'd better get started then.” For the first time in over a year, Liadtee began to sing.
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