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Creation Date: September 17th, 2011 06:22 AM
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  #62 New June 4th, 2012 09:16 PM
The soft voice responded “Liadtee?”
“Yes Ciia, it's me, I'm here.” She placed her key back around her neck.
Dalen cut off the communications “Liadtee, please, we can't save her, if we don't act she'll suffer terribly.”
“I can't do it Dalen, I can't, it's Ciia, Ciia's in there.” She was trembling with emotion.
Dalen tried to reason with her “She'll die a horrible slow death if we don't.”
“I love her Dalen, don't you understand, I love her too. I can't let her die, any more than I could see you die.”
“I do understand Liadtee, but she'll die whatever we do. We can make it painless, it's all we can do for her. It's the only way we can save her.” Reason, he had to get through to her.
She was beyond reason. “No! I won't, my heart's not hard like yours.” She spat the words as an insult. “Open the comms again.” He was wrong, there was, there had to be a way. She just had to find it.
“Now! Damn you do it now!”
He knew she was lost, she had to see it through. He opened the line again. Ciia sounded even more terrified, desperate, alone “Ciia, where did you go, you left me, please don't leave me, I'm scared.”
“It's okay Ciia, I'm here now. I'm coming to get you.”

Liadtee guided herself through the dark hulk of the Onda, Ciia's body now. She'd told her to kill everything that didn't keep her alive, lights, plates, life support. The air was still and she could move easily in free-fall. She was nearing control now, the damage didn't seem too bad here, there was still hope. She knew Ciia had lost two minds, but that left one intact. Yes Dalen was wrong, there had to be something. The heavy armoured door, it would resist almost anything but a direct hit. She didn't have the access code, but she did have breaching charges. She hoped they'd be enough. “Dalen, where do I put the charges?”
“Pack them in the centre, keep four back for the airlock.”
“How long have I got?”
“The power will fail in about two hours, you need to do something before then.” He sounded distant, melancholy almost. He was wrong, she knew what she was going to do now. Ciia hadn't been bound long, she was sure there was a chance.

She placed the charges and retreated. Even as far as she got, she was knocked off her feet. Back to the door. Yes a breach, small but she'd fit without the suit. Through the hole and onwards. No need to worry about sterilisation, just blow the airlock, two charges per door. The concussion from the first left her stunned, her ears bleeding, senses reeling.
She heard Dalen “Liadtee you have time, don't rush. It will do nobody any good.”
Again, but this time she retreated outside. She worked her way back in, the air still heavy with dust and smoke, freezing now. She paused “Ciia can you hear me?”
“Yes.” the fear in her voice was evident.
“I'm here Lover, I'm here.” She entered control and rushed to the table.

Liadtee collapsed in uncontrollable tears. Reality had fallen upon her with its full unfeeling force, Ciia had been ripped almost in half, there was nothing left to save. She sat on the floor and wept.
She heard a voice “Liadtee, where are you?”
“Yes I'm here Ciia, I'm next to you.”
“You're crying, why?”
“Yes, I'll be with you soon Lover.” She stood, she bent over what was left and kissed her frozen lips. She heard another voice, Dalen.
“Are you alright?”
“Yes Dalen, I'm sorry, you were right.” She knew what she had to do, she placed her hand on Ciia's check and reached for her mind.

Liadtee had joined with Ciia many times before, she knew the touch of her mind. She saw a park on a bright summer's day. The place where they'd first declared their love. She smiled at that and looked for Ciia. She was there, tall and lithe, long blonde her, crystal blue eyes, that smile. She missed her. Ciia looked on her, the bright smile turned to dismay. She sat heavily on the grass as she saw what Liadtee had seen. She held her head in her hands and cried.
“I am sorry Lover, I thought I could...”
“I know you did Liadtee, I know.”
Liadtee sat next to her, guided her head onto her shoulder and gently caressed her hair. “It'll all be alright Lover. It'll all be alright.”
Ciia laughed through her tears “You forget Liadtee, I'm sharing your mind too. And I'm a bloody medic.” Ciia looked at her and took her hands “I'm going to die. If you disconnect me I die painfully from my wounds, if you don't I die in agony as my brain slowly fries when the power runs out. You've come here to kill me so I don't suffer.”
Liadtee looked away, she couldn't bear to face her
“It's okay” She turned Liadtee's face to hers and kissed her. “It's what I would do lover.” It was the first time Ciia had ever called Liadtee lover.
She sighed accepting her fate “I don't want to die alone. How long have I got?”
“Dalen says about two hours.”
Ciia chuckled “Your new lover, you must tell me all about him. But two hours.” She grinned “You know there's something I always wanted to do in this park.”

They lay on the soft grass in each others arms bathed in the warm summer sun. They talked of memories, times spent together. Ciia told her of her Pilot. Her name had been Virciar, a devout woman, but kind and caring. That was something at least. Liadtee told her about Dalen. Ciia approved of him, she wished she could have met him. Finally they just lay, watching one another silently. They lay till Ciia winced in pain.
“Liadtee it's time, the power's failed.”
“Just a while longer Lover, please.” Liadtee wanted just a few more precious minutes
“No, please, it hurts already and it's going to get much worse very soon. I don't want to die like that, I want to go with some peace. Now Liadtee, please.”
Liadtee was crying “I'm sorry Lover.”
Ciia held her and wiped her eyes “Don't be, I'm glad you found me, glad of this final time, I'm not afraid any more. I love you Liadtee.”
“I love you too Ciia.” They shared a final kiss as Ciia let herself go. Liadtee stilled her mind. It was like telling her to sleep. She felt her gently slipping further and further away. She could feel a kind peace overtaking her lover. She could not keep the tears away.
Ciia whispered “Goodbye Liadtee, I love you.” A butterfly settled on her face, her eyes fluttered for a moment. There was a flash of light and Liadtee was standing in the dark ruins of control.
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