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Creation Date: September 17th, 2011 06:22 AM
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  #61 New June 4th, 2012 09:05 AM
The destruction wrought on Arynro tainted Liadtee's mood the entire journey home. She spent much of the time in the small garden in her room, dealing with the guilt of so many deaths, so much blood on her hands. It didn't help that Dalen told her as much of it was on his hands too. She'd not visited their world since. But today he'd insisted, he needed to hold her, he was missing her and his sleep had been restless of late. Dreams of destruction and death, he needed to touch her again. He felt her mind touch his, he smiled as she waited. There was no need now, but he liked to just feel her thoughts gently whispering next to his. This he knew this caress was absolutely real. He sensed her presence in his mind, he looked and there she was, as beautiful as always. She immediately shared his distress, his nightmares. “You've not been sleeping well Lover.”
“Just some bad dreams, nothing to worry about.” He should have known lying was pointless here.
“They worry you though.” She held him and stroked his messy hair. It helped her too, she'd not been sleeping well either and she did miss this.
“They'll pass.” A hope more than a fact “as will your's my love. I've missed you.” They held each other. She found she needed this as much as he did, she let herself go, falling into his embrace. She needed him to hold her. They only had a few hours before the other world would call them, but they would be precious hours.

They plunged back into real space at Firlavas, it was just a short stop, pick up their orders, discharge the drive and move on. Dalen felt wrong “Weapons. Please.” He almost barked, the please an afterthought.
Liadtee didn't question and unlocked the ship's vast destructive power “What's up Lover, what can you see?” She could tell he was disturbed by something.
“Nothing, absolutely nothing. That's what's wrong.” But there was more to it that he wasn't say, not yet.
She used the headset to scan, he was right, there was nothing. No signals, no sign of a ship. This was wrong. “What about the settlement?”
He used the ship's sensors to peer at where the homes of over a hundred thousand settlers should be. He found only radioactive ruins. “It's gone, it's been hit. They've been raided.”
A horrible thought came to Liadtee's mind “Is it because of Arynro?” her voice trembling.
He spoke kindly “Not very likely, the timing is off.” She felt better, a little, but she couldn't shake the connection.
“Any survivors?”
“No, I don't think so, too thorough. But we should head to the next settlement and get a relief ship here just in case.”
He thoughts turned to her precious Dalen “Any sign of the guardship?”
He had come on situations like this too many times to be very hopeful. But he disturbed, This exact scene, the destruction, the dead settlement, this had been in his dreams. “I'll look for it.” He was already fairly sure where to look“What can you tell me about it?”
“Not a lot, the Onda, commissioned a little under a year ago.” He found it where he expected “Found it, out by the gas giant. Looks like it's dead.” He already knew it was.
“We should be sure.” Liadtee wanted some shred of light in so much death.
“I'll make a course, be about twenty minutes.” He knew better than Liadtee, there would likely be little there.

They swung towards the remains of the ship. It was just hanging in the blackness of space. Liadtee could see its engineering compartment was gone and massive tears in the hull. She clung to hope. “Anything Dalen?”
Her hopes rose with his reply “Emergency power, but fading” He sounded so grave.
She seized on it “That means it's still alive.” She didn't understand.
“Yes for now, but the fusion plant's gone. When the emergency runs out.” He didn't finish, he didn't need to.
Liadtee finally understood “Is there anything we can do?”
She could hear the pain in his voice “Just one, you need to give me the weapons again.”
She crossed to the control couch, the key in her hand. She stopped “I want to talk with them. Can we do that?” They may not be able to save, but they could try to comfort.
“Yes, I can try.”
He opened a channel “Please help me.” A quiet woman's voice, soft and sweet. Her fear was obvious.
Liadtee fell forward, grabbing the couch for support “Ciia?”
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