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Creation Date: September 17th, 2011 06:22 AM
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  #59 New June 2nd, 2012 08:25 AM
The room beyond was filled with a soft red light. For such a vital place it was tiny but there was no need for much space here. It was cold, her exposed left hand stung as daggers of freezing air touched the blistered skin. She crossed to the table in the centre. Dalen had been right, she didn't want to see, but she had to. She could see the multitude of wires and tubes, every signal and command passed through what lay in that table. She looked, the table was far too large for what it held, the shell of fifteen year old boy. It looked like he was sleeping peacefully, but was not here, not any part of him. His minds, his being were spread throughout the ship, but not here. She thought how handsome he must have been, before they turned his body into a relay station. She brushed his face with her hand. He was like ice, as frozen as the room. She saw the bolts and straps that held him in place. Some had twisted in the past, tearing flesh and splintering bone, this body was beyond repair.
“Dalen can you hear me?”
“Yes.” His voice trembling.
“Do you know where I am?”
“In control.” She could hear the emotion in him. “What do... I mean... how am...” His voice almost breaking
“You look beautiful, handsome” Kind and reassuring, but truth.
“Do I look like I'm in pain?”
“No, you look like you're asleep, but there is a lot of damage, it's not repairable.” There was no point in lying. “You know what I'm going to try to do?”
A little calmer now “Reach me telepathically, you'll be in my mind?”
She smiled, she had tried to explain “Not quite, joining minds, you'll be in mine as much as I'm in yours.” But she needed to make sure one more time “It means nothing will be hidden from either of us Dalen, everything we know and feel will be shared. It's...” she struggled for the right words “beyond intimate. Is that okay?”
“Yes.” just a simple yes “Will it hurt?”
“Only if you fight it, it can be frightening, some people panic a little.” Almost all people actually.
“Okay.” He sounded a little uncertain, but less than when she'd first told him.

Liadtee lay on the table next to him, taking great care not to disturb any of the lines or wires that kept them both alive. He seemed so small. She embraced the frozen husk, placed her free hand on its check and tried to reach Dalen.

She probed gently searching out his presence. She sensed him near and reached towards him. She let her thoughts lightly touch on his. She felt his mind tense and twitch at the presence of another. She waited giving him time to grow accustomed to her. She could hear the indistinct murmurings of his mind close by. She spoke “Can you feel me Dalen?”
“I can feel something, It's like whisperings?”
“That's my thoughts, our minds are just touching. Now just stay calm and focus on yourself.”
She reached out, one quick push was usually the best. She felt a burning searing pain as he pushed back by instinct. She screamed as he forced her mind out. The frozen body spasmed breaking the connection.

“Liadtee, are you alright, what happened? Why did it hurt so much? Did I do something wrong?” A barrage of questions
“It's okay, it's okay. My mistake, I pushed to fast.” She regained her breath. “You were never tested where you?” Testing for psionic ability was when you came of age at eighteen.
“No.” Liadtee wondered, there had been raw power there, she was not prepared for it.
“Okay, I'll try again, slowly this time.”

Gently, more carefully this time. She let their minds touch. Slowly pushing in, every step waiting for him to adjust to her. She could hear a rushing noise, his thoughts. One last gentle prod and she was through, their minds joined. The flood almost overwhelmed her, the madness of the ship, its facts and figures. Status and control, a turbulent sea of information. She tried to reach Dalen's thoughts but they were too indistinct.
She yelled “Dalen, please concentrate on you, put the ship away, it's too much for me!”
Slowly the bedlam cleared, chaos giving way to order, the pandemonium becoming a distant noise. Finally she was... floating, no, drifting, no, just being in a blackness surrounded by pinpoints of light. “Dalen are you there?”
“I can't see you.”
“I can see you.”
It dawned on her, the lights were stars. This was how Dalen saw himself now, a ship floating in the void. “Think of yourself, as you were before.” Slowly, indistinct at first, a figure formed. Then she was standing in her room facing a grinning teenage Dalen. He had an unkempt mop of black hair, deep brown eyes and his limbs seemed too big for him, but Liadtee thought him quite winsome.

Dalen spoke simply “I'm in love with you Liadtee.”
“I know”
He looked at her “And you love me, but it's different.” he sounded almost heartbroken.
She smiled, she had known she was, probably for a long time, but only realised now “Look closer, love is always different.”
He studied her thoughts and feelings carefully “You love Ciia too, but that's different again.”
“There are others too and they're all different. But keep looking, look for other things, passion and desire.”
“They're there, does that mean you're in love with me?”
She stepped forward and took his hands “Yes Dalen, it does.”
A broad grin covered his face once more “May I kiss you?”
So polite, so bashful “Yes you may.”
They shared a kiss, then Dalen was suddenly filled with questions. “How come we're talking?”
She laughed “We're not, we're sharing. It's just how we think of it.”
“Is this real or just an illusion?”
“It's real, as real as we want it to be at least.”
“How can you be in love with so many people?”
She smiled wryly and gently stroked his face “Did you love your mother?”
“Yes?” puzzled.
“And your father, your sister?”
“Yes, that's a another kind of love?” still puzzled.
“Why should any other type of love be different?”
He understood. He smiled and blushed “Can we... do anything here?”
She returned his smile “Yes.”
“Will it be real?”
Another wry smile “As real as we want it to be Dalen.” She left him time to sense her feelings “But first, one favour. Picture yourself older.”
“I'm not fifteen Liadtee.”
“No, but humour me. Please, Lover.”

(Copyright Andrew Vallance 2012)
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