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Creation Date: June 20th, 2012 06:35 AM
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I thought I would start using this to share my major ideas about Traveller, post about gaming experiences, and provide links to web pages I like. I have two daughters, Harriet (12) and Charlotte (10) who I game with, along with 2 friends: Duncan who is my age and Mark who is their age. Other players their age may be added as well. I am finding it hard to access my copy of the T5 core rules because I can't get it out of Harriet's hands at the moment who is [i]fascinated[/i] with it.
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  #17 New January 24th, 2017 01:05 AM
As a secondary teacher, you occasionally end up with a year of work overload. The year 2016 was one of those years. But in these school holidays (here in Australia the Christmas holidays of 5 weeks are our summer holidays) I have managed 4 sessions to continue the Traveller Adventure using T5. The players are in the 'sandbox' part of the campaign, visiting worlds based on their wishes and following leads and stories I give them. One useful prompt was the 'Pyramids' patron who is a middle passenger with a list of worlds to visit. They decided their route based on this list of worlds, thinking I had a grand plot design thought up! They are now having fun reading through UWPs and trade classifications and plotting trade routes on the subsector map.

Anyway, each session has settled into a rythmn:
Jump in system
Library Data / Introduce one rules mechanic / World Map issued
Wander into Startown, encounters along the way
Get Entangled In Something (generally pursuing a chance for profit)
Confront That Complication
Get Back to the Starport

Creating a World Map using the T5 rules helped me reflect on the kind of world the players can expect and to set up an adventure or at least a few encounters set against the backdrop of the campaign.

My most recent effort is Violante:


You will notice the continents / oceans have not been placed by simply filling in a particular World Triangle. More on this in a later blog post.

As you can see, it's mostly a matter of plonking down hexes in the correct terrain. At a later time I can produce a 'satellite' style map, or a contour map based on these hexes. But even with this less realistic process, the process can be time consuming.

In Traveller5, each step of World Mapping (p. 433 in the 5.09 rules) calls for placing of terrain hexes within World Triangles. Page 432 says that "Locations for places (Triangles, World Hexes, Terrain Hexes, Local Hexes) and for the placement of terrain can be determined randomly."

I have found that just selecting a random World Hex can be time consuming using the chart and method presented on page 432 because many World Triangles are not nearly as big as the example shown, which is a Size 12. I find myself constantly re-rolling the dice.

I have mapped out individual World Triangles from Size 1 to Size 10 to enable selection of a hex with just one roll.

Note that above Size 3, you roll two or three dice reading each one as the 'hundreds', 'tens' and 'units' as appropriate. For a Size 8 world, this is the classic D66. But note the combinations of a normal D6 with a D3 or D2. A "D26" means the D2 is the 'tens' and a D6 is the units. For a D2, roll a D6 - a 1-3 is read as '1', and 4-6 is read as '2'. Similarly for a D3 (1-2 = 1, 3-4 = 2, 5-6 = 3).

Let's say we are randomly selecting a hex on a Size 7 World Triangle. We roll a red die as a D2 for the hundreds, a white die as a D2 for the tens, and a black die as a normal D6 for the units. The actual rolls are Red=1, White=6 and Black=3; this means we have D2=1, D2=2 and D6=3 for the hex marked as "123".

This is the chart to use for World Triangles of Sizes 1 to 10. Sizes 11 through 15 can be managed with the existing diagram on page 432 with very view re-rolls.

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