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Creation Date: June 20th, 2012 05:35 AM
OjnoTheRed OjnoTheRed is offline
Citizen: SOC-13
I thought I would start using this to share my major ideas about Traveller, post about gaming experiences, and provide links to web pages I like. I have two daughters, Harriet (12) and Charlotte (10) who I game with, along with 2 friends: Duncan who is my age and Mark who is their age. Other players their age may be added as well. I am finding it hard to access my copy of the T5 core rules because I can't get it out of Harriet's hands at the moment who is [i]fascinated[/i] with it.
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  #11 New May 25th, 2014 02:51 AM
We had another session yesterday, and worked our way through "In Search of Longer Legs ..." where the players land at Natoko ahead of the news of the brooch being discovered, and are faced with six weeks to pick up cargo, or a deal to obtain demountable fuel tanks in exchange for taking supplies to prospectors in the Patinir system.

They take the deal, of course, and then go onto the Patinir belt where they are offered an in-system transport job for some of the supplies as a shuttle has gone missing. On the way back they respond to a distress signal and revive a crew member to hear him say "Wolblutn" before leaving Patinir for Pysadi with another cargo.

The session did benefit a bit from mapping Natoko as a Twilight Zone world as I could provide a description that impressed the players.

But overall it wasn't that satisfying because this section of the adventure is very tightly scripted, and I was pretty unashamedly railroading the players. The two kids don't notice so much, but Duncan did agree with me afterwards that there wasn't enough freedom for the players and that at this stage the adventure was an economic simulation. Traveller benefits from sandbox-style play where the referee is kept on his or her toes a bit, responding to how the players are developing the story.

Each of the stops had a certain amount of dice-rolling for picking up passengers, freight and cargo. To simulate the lack of cargo / freight at Natoko, I simply said that the daily roll was weekly instead; this reflected the adventure specifying that the Classic Traveller weekly roll would be the result after 6 weeks not one week.

I took the time to relay to the players how jump works, setting out the necessary Astrogation task, although the Astrogator has Astrogator-2 and Int=9, so automatically succeeds on an "uncertain" task for calculating the jump. Time in jump being 168 hours plus Flux x 2 was worked into the timeline.

Although I don't like how speculative cargo becomes generic in T5 which follows ultimately from Merchant Prince, the rules for speculative cargo are quick when play is getting bogged down in what is basically ledger work.

The encounters in both Natoko and Patinir were role-played out, but I think using the Sensor rules for picking up the distress signal would have worked in some tension, especially around discovering the high levels of residual radiation in the wrecked shuttle discovered by the players. The radio beacon would produce an "alert" (p. 379), and I could make decisions about shuttle design for their likely radio power to determine randomly how far away the players were when they picked up the signal, and then get them rolling a sensor task. This would add some action into approaching the vessel.

The players also want some combat. This is a straightforward way of increasing story tension, and I am sure I can get some into the next stage with beast wilderness encounters on Pysadi.

The next adventure on Pysadi will be more interesting as the players will have more freedom of action planetside.
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