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Creation Date: June 20th, 2012 05:35 AM
OjnoTheRed OjnoTheRed is offline
Citizen: SOC-13
I thought I would start using this to share my major ideas about Traveller, post about gaming experiences, and provide links to web pages I like. I have two daughters, Harriet (12) and Charlotte (10) who I game with, along with 2 friends: Duncan who is my age and Mark who is their age. Other players their age may be added as well. I am finding it hard to access my copy of the T5 core rules because I can't get it out of Harriet's hands at the moment who is [i]fascinated[/i] with it.
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In Moot Member Blogs Using World Mapping in T5 (p. 445 ff.) Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #7 New April 26th, 2014 09:16 AM
Although this is overkill for a world that is little more than a stop-over while fleeing a crime scene, I thought I would map the world to give the mapping rules a go. It would also help with the next session being able to describe some details.

I have posted the map in the image gallery:

Forgive the very rough nature of the artwork - it is little more than laying out the elements required.

Randomly rolling for placement produced a playable result, and I will map the world hex where the town is located for a further use of the rules if I get time before our next session.

Rolling for mountains made me wonder - if it is 1D mountains per triangle, what about smaller world sizes? Is it an intended effect of the rules that the smaller the world, the more mountains it has in proportion to its size?

The chart on page 456 for picking world hexes within a triangle shows that the vertices of the triangle are not included, but edge hexes are. Rolling for which vertice and then rolling D66 and counting from each vertice was time consuming. Given this was a Size 5 world, I just made myself the following chart:

This sped up the process considerably. I'm thinking I might work on a similar chart for each world size in the T5 core rulebook and suggest that the process for randomly selecting a world hex from a triangle be included for each world map template.

Natoko is now taking shape. Inhabited by 600 people who run the starport, the navy base, and a small local economy to support both of them. There are a scattering of families settling into rural life, but nearly all are located in the town. Most of the world is uninhabitable - freezing or baking. The sun sits permanently just on the horizon. Local resources are not being exploited.
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#5 May 6th, 2014 05:43 AM
OjnoTheRed Says:
So, does she know the term Rules Lawyer yet?
LOL. She helps me keep track of rules, for sure! She has designed one sophont so far. I got her to based it on Menorb / Spinward Marches so it fit with our campaign. Very proud Dad, I am! I'll post it somewhere soon. She also started on BeastMaker tables for Menorb out of interest, too. In all seriousness, though, both daughters are interested in a good story and understand that violence is a real risk in Traveller. Duncan, my other friend, also prefers a good plan over naked violence.
#4 May 5th, 2014 03:19 PM
I have tried my hand at the world gen rules in T5 twice now and I am still not sure if I am doing things right. I am enjoying watching you and a couple others take some of the worlds and use T5 to flesh them out. I spent too much time in CharGen and ACS, so I am just learning some parts myself and some times I get lucky and some one has a neat trick that I can use. Also, I am glad that your 12 year old is enjoying the rules. It is nice to see some brand new gamers coming up into the ranks of our tribe. Bravo, Harriet, bravo. So, does she know the term Rules Lawyer yet? >
#3 April 28th, 2014 05:42 AM
OjnoTheRed Says:
I'll have a look for that JTAS article - I splurged on Far Future CDs and I haven't been through them all yet. Thanks for the heads up. I agree, as a busy Referee one just wants to lay hands on what's needed quickly. I thought I would give the mapping rules a workout and see what I came up with. I think what I'm pleased with is that with a bit of learning, the process is quite quick, and lets you lay out a fairly abstract map very quickly, but with enough detail to set the scene and provide more possibilities.. I'm going to refine my techniques for actually doing the maps in GIMP, but I've also had a look the beautiful Lemish maps that Drakon is posting. Tempted to get Campaign Cartographer now. Christmas present to myself, maybe.
#2 April 27th, 2014 08:07 PM
SpaceBadger Says:
The trick of keeping all world hexes the same size, and changing the number of hexes for world size (rather than standard number of hexes, varying hex size by world size) was brought up a long while back in a JTAS article. I remember the author's basic reasoning was that this would allow copies of world maps to be cut out and folded into dodecahedrons (like 20-sided dice) to make appropriately sized world globes.
#1 April 27th, 2014 08:06 PM
SpaceBadger Says:
Thanks for the report on world-mapping. Have not gotten to that in T5 yet myself; there is just so much in T5 that it is a process of trying to learn what is needed right now, and get to the rest later.

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