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Creation Date: July 15th, 2020 05:28 AM
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In Moot Member Blogs Deneb, Corridor and Incursion Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #19 New September 25th, 2020 04:06 AM
It's been a busy week. Trying to set up the background for a Fifth Frontier War game that allows the Vargr Incursions to be played - and then getting that on the wiki - is taking way too much time, but is fun (OK I have a strange definition of "Fun").

After getting all the initial counters drafted and put up on the "Museum of Art" I have realised that the Wiki can't cope with dense images and have had to split them all into smaller ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs Players Return Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #18 New September 17th, 2020 09:23 AM
The game has been on hold while my players have been taking breaks - Turned out to be fortunate as I've rashly started building a Vargr Incursion map and counter set for a 5-FW style game...Must be mad.

And two are now back.

The Hagan Group have been staking out the warehouse to which the Inspections Officer sold their vacc seems they want to get them back. However, their hacker has noticed that someone else is hacking the warehouse and surrounding feeds. And they have called i ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs And that leaves 1 Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #17 New August 28th, 2020 02:50 PM
Sadly my players (well 3/4) are on a break!

The Hagan thread is stuck on Khouth because the authorities have quarantined the computer, a corrupt quarantine officer has stolen almost all of their vacc-suits and they have been billed for the inspection in Dzarrgh Federate money and only hold Domain of Deneb (Regency) cash! (Well I haven't broken the bad news about that yet, but who knows - He will work it out shortly. It's not too dissimilar to trying to use Sterling in Paris in 1943 - The lo ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs Moving along Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #16 New August 23rd, 2020 05:35 AM
The thing about PBEM is that each player's thread moves at a different pace. the John Thread is progressing quickly - Off into the mountains with the vital part for the ships engine; the Hagan Thread is about to change from day to day action to a journey of a couple of months as he heads back to Gabrael (if he can recover his stolen equipment and impounded ship); and the Sarah thread...well who knows. Sadly, the Balthazar thread is on hold due to illness.

I'm quite glad not everyone is going ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs John Drake gets a shock! Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #15 New August 13th, 2020 12:38 PM
The new year for the Character John Drake seems to be landing one punch after another.

First his ship crashes, and now some Droyne has showed up and told him that he's not who he thinks he is, and his parents weren't his parents and there's someone out there who wants him dead (or something). Surely something positive will arrive soon?
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In Moot Member Blogs Face-to-Face Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #14 New August 9th, 2020 07:31 AM
And for the first time since Easter, I sat down with a player, face to face and played traveller! I couldn't have had more fun.

Andy, who plays Hagan (a scout), made his way rapidly from Aerfor to Tersta where, he knew, a Scout had crashed and all he needed to do was recover the data cores (or ship) and he'd be rich! Such optimism.

The ship, a type-S courier had crashed at some speed and so was spread over several square kilometres, on a steep mountainside covered in bog, scree and scrub. ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs It all happens at once Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #13 New August 4th, 2020 12:01 PM
All of my PBEM players in the "Between the Cracks" campaign have got back to me today and the umpires for both campaigns in which I have a role.

Hagan's ship, the Dog-Tag has given up on trying to get his jump-grid relaid as the United Followers of Augurgh has pre-empted all the shipyard spaces for war work. He's heading back to Aerfor with passengers and cargo.

Sarah's preparing for a trip to Mikesh from Khouth as part of a scouting expedition to find out what happened at Caulins Belt. A ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs In between Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #12 New August 1st, 2020 01:15 PM
The latest situation reports have gone out to the what does the Referee do now?

On Gabrael, the jungle beckons, but what creatures will this inflict on the parties?

On Fel, the Government has instituted a belated quarantine. Suddenly the Dog-Tag is having to deal with an outbreak of bureaucrats that the Vargr didn't have before. Not that Vargr Bureaucracies work quite like the Human ones so beloved by the Imperial. Their booked slot at the shipyard has been preempted by the ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs Sarah Kinkaid Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #11 New July 29th, 2020 02:06 PM has been created and is off and running. Having picked up instructions from the dead drop via a cut-out and snuck home via the hyperloop, switching trains, etc she's decoded the chip she has recieved and has been asked to follow up on a query - who destroyed Caulin's Belt. All the Regency has is rumours that the port has gone. Was it the New Ziru Sirka? The Irrgh Manifest? Some form of Federate tustle or (hold breath here) is this the l ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs Character No 3? Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #10 New July 27th, 2020 08:48 AM
Well, possible character number 3 is under development. 2 Army terms followed by 2 terms as an Agent.

One of the bits of making traveller characters that I love is the discovery of the history of the area that occurs while the characters are formed. If this one flies, they have lived through the border years at Ikhaba during the Rebellion...a Vargr raid to explain and a major landing operation at Khouth that has "whatever their name will be" coping with an Urban occupation - and eventually l ...More Read More
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