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The Man Behind the Curtain Blog Tools Rate This Blog
Creation Date: July 10th, 2007 07:26 PM
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The Man Behind the Curtain
It's a Traveller blog silly
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In Moot Member Blogs The Storm Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #9 New August 15th, 2007 01:34 PM
Well it seems Erin has reared her ugly head in the gulf.
But alas, I can't hold it against her.
The reason why I can't be worried is the rain, it comes.
And the wind.
A break from the unrelenting heat.
Yes, it's more humid, but it's nice to feel a breeze, to know there is water that falls from the sky and that the heat index will not be 110 degrees!

So, I say, Sally forth Erin, charge on! Just as long as she stays fairly tame. We don't want a hurricane..just some delicious tropical mo ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs When Cats Escape... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #8 New August 13th, 2007 10:01 PM
Well it's been awhile since I've posted anything, but the heat just sucks out the will to live.
It has been brutally hot, well over 100f/36C here in Texas for a couple of days.
And this leads me to the title of my entry.

We have indoor cats, they are good cats, but being cats, they are curious. So I have one of the windows wide open and it seems when I was not watching one of the cats, Romeo, a super sleek and strong panther model found his way OUT!
I came back into the room and he wa ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs The woes of life in Texas Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #7 New July 23rd, 2007 08:15 PM
Well it seems things jsut keep piling on. The a/c unit is DOWN. And it seems there won't bet he cashf or it till the start of the month. Bring out hte fans! But boy is it miserable. There is nothign worse than being TOO HOT.
I mean there is a difference when you gout out and mow the lawn or go to the beach etc. You are going out full well that you will, in most probability be hot.
But when you come home, you wanna get cool. DRY air...
I think that is what I miss the most, the D ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs On the Edge of Darkness Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #6 New July 17th, 2007 08:55 AM
He sat.
The bridge was dark, just the tell tale glow from the programs running on the computer's monitor in front of him. He sat. The chronometer on the monitor clicked over, seemingly in slow motion as the minutes seemed to crawl away into the darkness. He sat and he could hear the sound of the air handler blowing what was considered fresh air. He waited for the clunk of the machinery in the air handler to make it's turn through it's pattern. He wiped his hand across his face and he waited. T ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs Design Sequence: An exercise in options Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #5 New July 16th, 2007 12:27 AM
So, recently I have been building things that would seem to be more common that people might buy in the future. Things that would be convenient for people to own and use. But I kept coming across a barrier in the design rules that was holding me up, or in other words was making things that should be small and convenient. Large and well, large. So i started looking at the rules in the T20 Traveller's Handbook and for most of it, it all works fine. But I think I need some smaller components. The ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs Things Rich People would Buy in the Future Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #4 New July 12th, 2007 08:36 PM
So, what other things might rich people own or buy in the furutre? Well some things they might use their vast welath on are services or insurance.

So, here is one, a Road-side service, very much like the Tripple A service.

The World Wide Service Organization is proud to announce a new service to be offered planet wide for road side service. With our new Road-side Service robot, we can answer any call from any location and can arrive in no time at all to help solve all your repair needs i ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs Location. Location, Location Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #3 New July 12th, 2007 04:55 AM
So, I've been working on this location write up and I'd be curious to hear what other might consider important to include in a write up for a location.

Npc's? PHyscical description of te location? more detail? less?
More general write up of the history of said location?

Just trying to get some ideas. I've covered alot of bases, but I don't want to miss anything obvious, just because I've not thought of it...
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In Moot Member Blogs Things Rich People would buy in the Future Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #2 New July 12th, 2007 12:06 AM
So I was watching the movie "Dune" last night and I noticed the little hover lights that followed them around in some of the scenes. And I thought that people would probably have that in the future in the Traveller Universe. So I made one. It morphed somewhat into a multi-use device. Take a look.

Sorry about the formating, it seems the blog does not keep tabs from Office. I tried toline them up as well as I could. If anyone has some ideas on or how the blog can be made to keep formating, let ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs So my first blog Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #1 New July 10th, 2007 07:37 PM
Well here it is. Another blog about Traveller or whatever kind of musings that can be put down on electronic paper in a virtual world.

Yes, yes I can see you rolling your eyes. I am too.

The new forum software and the blog and the wiki software are all going to be very cool and I think it will give people even more reason to come see us here at the Moot.

I've been working on some small things for Hunter lately and I've been trying to get into the habit of writing something everyday. ...More Read More
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